Gerard Lemongello's 1993 Toyota Supra
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1993 Toyota Supra pictures and images by Gerard Lemongello | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Gerard Lemongello
Dyno:424 whp / 418 wtq
1/4 mile:
Engine:Unorthodox Racing pulleys
Camshaft:HKS 264 intake exhaust cam shafts. Unorthodox racing cam gears
Intercooler:Greddy 4 row
Intake:HKS Mega Flow
Exhaust:Stillen downpipe. HKS super dragger exhaust and muffler
Electronics:Greddy boost control/Fuel cut
Tire:Racinghart CX type multipiece 18 X 9 Front, 18 X 10 rear. Michelin Pilot 235X40 Front and 265X35 Rear. TRD sway bars Front/rear TRD strut brace
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