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Adam Sweeney's 1987 Toyota Supra
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1987 Toyota Supra pictures and images by Adam Sweeney | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Adam Sweeney
1/4 mile:
Engine:Soon to come is a custom 3.4L or 3.5L Custom Toda stoker kit, 1mm oversized Toda valve trane w/5 angle valve job.
Camshaft:soon to come 272 deg Toda Cams.
Transmission:Custom 5-speed manual soon to come with upgraded 1st and 2nd gear and final drive, stage 4 twin plate carbon clutch, unorthodox racing flywheel.
Turbo:T04 T04B .60AR turbo, 50mm external wastegate, equal length turbo manifold.
Nitrous:After full build, 250 shot direct port NX Nitrous system. Soon to come NX intercooler sprayer kit.
Intercooler:GodSpeed 24"x12"x3" core intercooler, 3" custom mandrel bent aluminum intercooler piping, HKS SSQV BOV.
Intake:4" aluminum w/removed MAF sensor.
Exhaust:3" mandrel bent stainless exhaust from the turbo, no cat, no resonator, 3" inlet to 4" outlet Hyomei muffler.
Electronics:Greddy E-Manage piggyback engine management unit, APEXi AFC NEO. For Stereo, Eclipse touch screen deck, MA Audio 6.5" component speakers in front and in back, 2 10" subs in custom molded box, false floor w/1 800 watt RMS mono block MA amp, 2 400 watt RMS 2 channel MA amps, MA 2 Farad capacitor, battery relocated to the back, pair of Tenzo R racing seats, harness bar, 3" 4-point racing harnesses, etc...
Tire:225/50R16 tires w/Borbet racing rims. 19x8.5 front 19x10.5 rear Racing Hart rims soon to come. ET Streets
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this is what my engine looked like two years ago, before i joined the military.