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89   Toyota Supra Pictures

   mario32910's 89 Toyota Supra
  • Dyno: 300, 200 ft-lbs
  • Body: hard top
  • Motor: 1jzgte jdm swap - with hks spark plugs - metal head gasket - arp head studs - hks ssq blow off valve...
  • Turbo: stock toyota twin ct12a turbos.......adjusting boost with turbo x controller
  • Nitrous: none...
  • Cam: stock cams with hks adjustable cam gears
  • Intake: hks power flow intake
  • Transmission: stage 1 exedy clutch
  • Intercooler: custom 4" core fmic with 3" outlets with custom tubbing
  • Exhaust: flowing from an hks down pipe through custom 3" piping to end at the hks carbon fiber ti exhaust
1987 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Adam34925's 1987 Toyota Supra
  • Body: CFX Front bumper, CFX CF hood, CFX CF headlight covers, CFX CF intercooler block off plate, clear fr...
  • Motor: Soon to come is a custom 3.4L or 3.5L Custom Toda stoker kit, 1mm oversized Toda valve trane w/5 ang...
  • Turbo: T04 T04B .60AR turbo, 50mm external wastegate, equal length turbo manifold.
  • Nitrous: After full build, 250 shot direct port NX Nitrous system. Soon to come NX intercooler sprayer kit.
  • Cam: soon to come 272 deg Toda Cams.
  • Intake: 4" aluminum w/removed MAF sensor.
  • Transmission: Custom 5-speed manual soon to come with upgraded 1st and 2nd gear and final drive, stage 4 twin plat...
  • Intercooler: GodSpeed 24"x12"x3" core intercooler, 3" custom mandrel bent aluminum intercooler piping, HKS SSQV B...
  • Exhaust: 3" mandrel bent stainless exhaust from the turbo, no cat, no resonator, 3" inlet to 4" outlet Hyomei...
1994 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Zebastian1934's 1994 Toyota Supra
  • Body: Rmm frontlip
  • Motor: Brand new shortblockassembly, hks manifold, hks gt wastegate, hks camgears, unorthodox pulleys, flui...
  • Turbo: T72 phr stage 2+
  • Nitrous: special
  • Cam: special 272
  • Intake: custom made race intake veilside style with spec throttlebody. 30 bigger than stock
  • Transmission: Getrag 6speed, rps carbone carbone
  • Intercooler: Hks Type R
  • Exhaust: custom made swedish stainless steel 4" from downpipe to end and with a 5" tip
1983 Toyota Supra Pictures

   drjess's 1983 Toyota Supra
  • Dyno: 140
  • Body: stock 1983 MK2
  • Motor: 5M-GE
  • Cam: stock
  • Intake: stock
  • Transmission: w58
  • Exhaust: stock, just added a dual chrome exhaust tip.
1995 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Jason13476's 1995 Toyota Supra
  • Turbo: HPF63
  • Intake: 4" KN
  • Intercooler: Horsepower Freaks 3 row
  • Exhaust: HKS
1988 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Gerardo51527's 1988 Toyota Supra
  • Body: Gerard's 1988 Toyota Supra has not been dynoed yet. It has a 3.0L powerplant and a 5 Spd tranny. It ...
1997 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Ahmedsupra's 1997 Toyota Supra
1994 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Nathan65767's 1994 Toyota Supra
  • Body: Blitz sides and rear. Explosion front. Enkei wheels, Brembo big brakes up front. K-sport coilovers.
  • Turbo: Precision Turbo's 72 GTS.
  • Transmission: Stock Getrag 6 speed
  • Intercooler: HPF 3 row
  • Exhaust: HPF Goliath
1988 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Khris14768's 1988 Toyota Supra
  • Dyno: 477, 505 ft-lbs
  • Body: CFX Carbon Fiber Front Lip and JDM tail lights waiting to be put on.
  • Motor: Fully ported head, Ferrea +1mm oversized valves, springs and retainers. 3mm HKS MHG, .040" overbore ...
  • Turbo: HKS Ball Bearing GT 3040 turbine. Custom manifold adaptor plate with HKS 50mm external wastegate. ...
  • Nitrous: Coming soon...
  • Cam: Coming soon...
  • Intake: HKS 3000 pipe with ported intake manifold.
  • Transmission: Completely rebuilt R-154 transmission with heat treated forks and billet steel thrust washer. RPS 3...
  • Intercooler: HKS Intercooler with custom 2.5" polished aluminum intercooler pipes with HKS Super Sequential blow ...
  • Exhaust: Apexi Apex-i N1 3" exhaust
1989 Toyota Supra Pictures

   BoostedSupra's 1989 Toyota Supra
  • Dyno: 565, 557 ft-lbs
  • Body: Bomex Type 1 Lip,Bomex Rear Skirts, Kaminari Side Skirts,Volk Racing GTC,Wilwood 4 POT Calipers, 13 ...
  • Motor: JE 40 over forged pistons/rings, Crower Billet Rods, HKS 2.0mm MHG, ARP Head Bolts at 100lbs, Cleavi...
  • Turbo: SP63 SP63 .68 A/R
  • Cam: Unorthodox Cam Gears, WebCams 244's Intake/Exhaust
  • Intake: 2.5inch Piping from Turbo to FMIC, 2.75inch Piping from FMIC to Throttle Body
  • Transmission: RPS Stage 3 Max 3200lb, RPS 6 Puck Sprung Clutch
  • Intercooler: Apexi Apex-i GTR 3 Row FMIC w/ Custom End Tanks
  • Exhaust: Apexi SP Exhaust Manifold, HKS GT W/G, SP Down Pipe, SP Midpipe, Apex-i GT Spec
89   Toyota Supra Pictures

   Michael24049's 89 Toyota Supra
  • Dyno: 350
  • Body: 17" REV wheels, clear corners, IS300 blue :
  • Motor: EGR Blockoff plates, Titan 1.4mm Metal Head gasket, ARP Head Bolts
  • Turbo: Ct-26 wth T04E 60 trim compressor upgrade
  • Cam: 86.5 NA Exhaust Cam, CamKN Breather Kit
  • Intake: D/C Intake, Lexus AFM
  • Intercooler: Horsepower freaks intercooler setup wth greddy RS BOV, Flexalite Electric Fan Kit
  • Exhaust: Custom made 3in Downpipe/elbow, HPF 3in Test Pipe, Apexi N1 Tip
1994 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Reid30234's 1994 Toyota Supra
  • 1/4 mile: 12.67@115.51 mph
  • Dyno: 393
  • Body: I body matched the whole stock black trim
  • Motor: The engine has an HKS intake with a "Max Air" box around it. It also has Denso Iridium plugs 2 heat ...
  • Turbo: OEM turbos with Electronic True Twin Conversion
  • Intake: HKS Short pipe with the yellow foam mushroom filter
  • Transmission: The beefy Getrag tranny baby!!
  • Exhaust: Greddy Full Titanium exhaust 10 lbs and the Rod Millin Motorsports 3" Downpipe
1997 Toyota Supra Pictures

   irvind97's 1997 Toyota Supra
  • 1/4 mile: 13@113 mph
  • Body: trd f lip
  • Motor: 245/40/18f 245/45/18r
  • Turbo: stock twins
  • Nitrous: n/a
  • Cam: stock
  • Intake: k/n
  • Transmission: stock a/t
  • Intercooler: 4row
  • Exhaust: 4in catback
1988 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Michael27021's 1988 Toyota Supra
  • 1/4 mile: 11.86@123.9 mph
  • Dyno: 512, 502 ft-lbs
  • Turbo: T3T4
  • Intercooler: HKS
  • Exhaust: HKS
1989 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Joe54's 1989 Toyota Supra
  • Dyno: 518, 491 ft-lbs
  • Motor: JE +.040 Forged Pistons
  • Turbo: Custom Header and PTE67 .68 A/R P-Trim
  • Cam: NA Cams
  • Intake: Custom w/ KN Filter
  • Transmission: R154, ACT HD PP w/ HPF Disc
  • Intercooler: Custom 24" x 10" x 4" Core w/ 2.5" Piping
  • Exhaust: Custom 3.5" Downpipe w/ Tanabe Hyper Medallion 3.25" Catback