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AEM Parts and Accessories

AEM has been engineering performance parts for cars, trucks and SUV's since 1990. During these past 19 years, they have spent a fortune engineering some of the finest, highest quality parts our industry has to offer in both their AEM and their Brute Force product lines. AEM pioneered the Cold Air Intake for sport compact cars, invented the air bypass valve and V2 induction system, created the first hybrid intake systems for cars with engine swaps, created the first stand-alone programmable engine management system that uses a factory wiring harness, and was the first to introduce a gauge with a built-in wideband UEGO controller and gauge readout in one unit. In 2004 AEM acquired the business of DC Sports to combine the best engine breathing solutions from air filter to exhaust tip. In 2006, AEM proudly introduced the DRYFLOW Synthetic air filter, long tube headers for trucks and SUVs from our BRUTE FORCE division, a laboratory-grade Thermocouple Amplifier, digital gauge displays and the Serial datastream Gauge from our performance electronics division.

AEM has been tested by some of the leading websites and publications. These include Car and Driver, Motor Trend, Road and Track, Turbo, Sport Compact Car and many others. These reports are independent examples of why AEM consistently raises the high bar with their products. AEM and Brute Force performance products are not only on daily drivers but under the hoods of several of the best racing teams in the US.

AEM Dryflow Air Filter Wraps

AEM Boost Controller Solenoids

AEM Tru Boost Controllers

AEM Analog Boost Gauges

AEM Digital Boost Gauges

AEM Tru-Time Adjustable Cam Gears

AEM Coolant Temperature Sensors

AEM AQ-1 Data Loggers

AEM Engine Position Module Distributors


AEM AEM Infinity Plug Play ECU for US Spec 2001-06 BMW E46 M3 ECUs

AEM Analog EGT Gauges

AEM EGT Sensors

AEM AUX PLUG EMS Accessories

AEM Serial Gauge EMS Displays

AEM EMS Connector Kit EMS Harnesses

AEM EMS Engine Management Stand Alone

AEM EMS-4 Programmable Engine Management Stand Alone

AEM Infinity Engine Management Stand Alone

AEM Series 2 EMS Engine Management Stand Alone

AEM Analog Methanol Flow Gauges

AEM WaterMethanol Injection Flow Gauges

AEM Fuel Computers

AEM High Volume Fuel Filters

AEM In-Line Fuel Filters

AEM 10 Channel Peak Hold Fuel Injector Driver Boxes

AEM Fuel Injector Fittings

AEM Analog Fuel Pressure Gauges

AEM Digital Fuel Pressure Gauges

AEM Components for Fuel Pressure Regulators

AEM High Volume Fuel Pressure Regulators

AEM High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pumps

AEM Fittings Fuel Rail Accessories

AEM High Volume Fuel Rails

AEM AQ-1 Lead Wiring Harnesses

AEM ECU Patch Harnesses

AEM Infinity Harnesses

AEM High Output Ignition Coils

AEM Pencil Ignition Coils

AEM Coil On Plug Ignition Systems

AEM Twin Fire Ignition Systems

AEM Intake Air Temperature Sensors

AEM Map Sensors

AEM Mild Steel O2 Flanges

AEM No Weld O2 Flanges

AEM Analog Oil Pressure Gauges

AEM Digital Oil Pressure Gauges

AEM Analog Oil Temp Gauges

AEM Digital Oil Temp Gauges

AEM Pressure Sensors

AEM Thermocouple Amplifiers

AEM Analog Transmission Temp Gauges

AEM Digital Transmission Temp Gauges

AEM Analog Voltmeter Gauges

AEM Digital Voltmeter Gauges

AEM Analog Water Temp Gauges

AEM Digital Water Temp Gauges

AEM Water-Methanol Injection Filters

AEM Water-Methanol Injection Fittings

AEM Recirculation-Style Water-Methanol Injection Pumps

AEM Water-Methanol Systems

AEM Water-Methanol Tanks

AEM Analog Wideband Kits

AEM Failsafe EMS Display Wideband Kits

AEM Inline Uego Wideband Kits

AEM Uego Wideband Kits

AEM Uego Sensor Install Kit Wideband Sensor Accs

AEM 4-Channel UEGO Wideband Sensor Controllers

AEM Wideband Sensors