APM Racing Price List

APM Racing was established in 2005. Collectively they have over 50 years of automotive experience. APM Racing is located in Southern California 25 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles. Their facility consists of 25,000 square foot warehouse that ships our products to a worldwide customer base. APM Racing is the market leader and innovator in design, function and overall performance. They design, develop and manufacture all their brake system products in house.

APM Racing products are well renowned for quality, fitment and performance in the world wide market. Our product lines have been tried and tested and are utilized in SCCA Pro World Challenge, Red Line Time Attack, Super Lap Battle, SCCA Club, NASA, and grass roots track events. APM Racing got their start in grass roots racing and will always stay true to the racing spirit and will continue to listen to the needs and wants of end users.
26 Parts by APM Racing
Brake RotorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Front Brake Rotors4963950(2004-2010) STi300.00270.002 Piece - Left
4963951(2004-2010) STi300.00270.002 Piece - Right
435189(2003-2007) EVO130.00117.00Left
435191(2008 and up) EVO160.00144.00Left
435193(2002-2010) WRX110.0099.00Left
435195(2003-2010) STi130.00117.00Left (Dual Pitch)
435192(2008 and up) EVO160.00144.00Right
435190(2003-2007) EVO130.00117.00Right
435194(2002-2010) WRX110.0099.00Right
435196(2003-2010) STi130.00117.00Right (Dual Pitch)
Rear Brake Rotors435212(2005-2007) STi110.0099.00 Left DM J Slot
435214(2008-2011) STi110.0099.00 Left DM J Slot
435211(2003-2004) STi110.0099.00 Right DM J Slot
435200(2003-2007) EVO100.0090.00Left DM J Hook
435202(2008 and up) EVO130.00117.00Left DM J Slot
435204(2002-2005) WRX90.0081.00Left DM J Slot
435206(2006-2007) WRX90.0081.00Left DM J Slot
435210(2003-2004) STi110.0099.00Left DM J Slot
435208(2008-2011) WRX90.0081.00Left DM J Slot
435209(2008-2011) WRX90.0081.00Right DM J Slot
435215(2008-2011) STi110.0099.00Right DM J Slot
435213(2005-2007) STi110.0099.00Right DM J Slot
435207(2006-2007) WRX90.0081.00Right DM J Slot
435205(2002-2005) WRX90.0081.00Right DM J Slot
435203(2008 and up) EVO130.00117.00Right DM J Slot
435201(2003-2007) EVO100.0090.00Right DM J Slot