Apexi Price List

A'PEXi, technically known as A'PEX Integration, Inc. was founded in Japan in 1992. A'PEXi started as a small tuning parts manufacturer and is now one of the biggest names in performance automotive parts. A'PEX Integration is but one of the members of the A'PEX Group of Companies. The A'PEX Co. includes companies that focus on street performance and all out race performance with A'PEX Integration and A'PEX Racing Co., respectively. To maintain responsibility, A'PEX Designing Solutions also addresses environmental consciousness by implementing emission standards in commercial vehicles. With almost two decades of manufacturing experience, A'PEXi is definitely not a fly by night operation. They design and manufacture a wide array of parts for an equally wide array of vehicles. From intakes and exhausts to one of the industry's first fuel management systems, A'PEXi has something to offer every driver.

One of A'PEX's main goals has been to actually get products to consumers. With so many JDM brands, wait times of up to half a year are not uncommon. How can a brand evolve and serve their customers better if it's nearly impossible for those customers to buy a brand's parts? In A'PEX's efforts to grow, they've realized this and you can easily find any A'PEXi product you desire. To further facilitate availability, in 1997 A'PEXi opened their US headquarters in Orange, California. A'PEXi prides themselves on their commitment and passion for the automotive tuning world. As an added benefit, their efforts in product development, racing and tuning knowledge help bring the Japanese and English tuning cultures together.
402 Parts by Apexi
Air Filter ShieldsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Aluminum Air Filter Shields316738(2002 and up) WRX170.99170.99
316739(2002 and up) STi170.99170.99
316741(1995-1998) 240SX210.00189.58
316740(2003-2006) EVO170.99170.998
Air FiltersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Power Replacement Air Filters413962 115.00103.82500-AA26
4964893 115.00103.8265mm Flange
380663 65.0058.6880MM Flange
131592 69.0062.29OD 140 ID 75
131591 69.0062.29OD 160 ID 65
131590 69.0062.29OD 160 ID 75
16397 69.0062.29OD 160 ID 85 (Filter May Require use of apex adapter)
Air IntakesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Power Air Intakes131598(2004 and up) xB139.00125.49
308445(2007-2008) FIT169.00152.57
131600(1990-1993) Miata199.00179.65
131601(1994-1997) Miata179.00161.60
228704(2004 and up) TSX260.00260.00
2862(1990-1996) 300ZX119.00107.43
2801(1992-1995) Civic150.00135.42
2802(1992-1996) Prelude199.00179.65
1616(1989-1991) RX-7189.00170.63
1617(1993-1995) RX-7425.00383.68
16404(1995-1998) 240SX199.00179.65
29221(2002 and up) WRX142.99142.99
508159(1990-1996) Q4589.0080.35
508160(1997-2001) Q4589.0080.35
16403(1993-1998) Supra159.00143.54(Aftermarket airflow meter only)
2803(1994-1997) Accord159.00143.544 Cyl.
131599(2004-2006) Echo139.00125.49Echo Hatchback (Canada Market Only)
131595(2003-2007) EVO229.00229.00EVO
404271(2008 and up) EVO199.00179.65EVO X
2864(1995-1999) Eclipse199.00179.65GST
5079494(1993-1996) STi179.00161.60JDM Ver.1-2 EJ20G Only
5079495(1993-1996) WRX179.00161.60JDM Ver.1-2 EJ20G Only
392935(1991-1992) Supra149.00134.51JZA70
77559(2002-2005) Civic209.00188.68Si, Hatchback
2805(1996-2000) Civic159.00143.54SI/EX
131597(1995-1999) Skyline320.00288.89Skyline GTR 33/34
403874(1989-1994) Skyline89.0080.35Skyline GTSt R32
131596(1994-1998) 240SX150.00135.42SR20DET
47271(1991-1993) 240SX209.00188.68SR20DET
394095(1994-1999) MR2205.00185.07SW20 Turbo (Jspec)
2646(1986-1992) Supra159.00143.54Turbo
2647(1991-1995) MR2199.00179.65Turbo
2804(1994-1999) Integra140.00126.39Type R
77560(2002-2006) RSX209.00188.68Type S
Boost Controller AccessoriesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
AVC Type-R Pressure Sensor Boost Controller Accessories29217 180.00162.503 Bar Replacement
5460 89.0080.35Standard Replacement
Boost Controller HarnessesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
AVC-R Boost Controller Harnesses56506 29.0029.00
Boost Controller SolenoidsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Boost Controller Solenoids2879 149.00134.51
Boost ControllersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
AVC-R Boost Controllers372615 607.99607.99Black w/ Blue Face
692 607.99607.99Silver Case w/ Blue Face
Boost GaugesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
EL System II Series Boost Gauges433251 249.00249.00(KPA) Black 60mm (Black Bezel)
9370 217.99217.99(KPA) Black 60mm (Silver Bezel)
9371 217.99217.99(KPA) White 60mm
N-1 Damper Type ExV Coilovers376527(2000-2006) S20001,290.001,164.58AP1/AP2
376529(2003-2007) EVO1,290.001,164.58CT9A
376526(1994-2001) Integra1,290.001,164.58DC2 (All)
307408(1996-2000) Civic1,320.991,320.99EK
111917(1993-1995) RX-71,190.001,074.31FDS3
376525(2005-2007) STi1,290.001,164.58GDB
307409(1990-2005) Miata1,320.991,320.99NA6C/NB8C
111898(1989-1994) 240SX1,290.001,164.58S13
376530(1995-1998) 240SX1,290.001,164.58S14
376531(2003-2008) 350Z1,605.991,605.99Z33
GT Race Use Only Downpipes209608(1991-1998) 240SX359.00324.10
12260(1995-1999) Eclipse439.00396.32(GST) 60.5mm-70mm Pipe Dia. (FWD)
12259(1995-1999) Eclipse499.00450.49(GSX) 60.5mm-80mm Pipe Dia. (AWD)
12265(1995-1998) Skyline729.00658.13BCNR33 GT-R
12264(1990-1994) Skyline729.00658.13BNR32 GT-R
12266(1999-2002) Skyline729.00658.13BNR34 GT-R
77558(2004-2006) EVO459.00414.38EVO VIII, 65mm Pipe Dia.
368121(2008 and up) EVO429.00387.29Evo X
N-1 Race Use Only Downpipes12268(1995-1999) Eclipse299.00269.93(GST) 60mm-70mm Pipe Dia. (FWD)
12269(1989-1994) Eclipse299.00269.93(GSX) 60mm-70mm Pipe Dia. (AWD)
12267(1995-1999) Eclipse299.00269.93(GSX) 60mm-80mm Pipe Dia. (AWD)
EGT GaugesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
EL System II Series EGT Gauges9381 236.99236.99Black (60mm)
9382 236.99236.99White (60mm)
EGT SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
EGT Sensors355254 119.00107.43Series 2 EL, EGT
Engine Management Stand AloneVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Power FC Engine Management Stand Alone5092261(1993-1995) RX-71,250.001,128.56(Ver. I-III) 13B-REW
413794 375.00338.54Commander - Universal
4964117(1999-2002) Skyline1,290.001,164.58GT-T 1999-2002 ER34/RB25DET, D-Jetro
4964116(1993-1998) Skyline1,290.001,164.58GTS-t 1993-1998 ECR33/RB25DET, D-Jetro
360271(1993-1996) Silvia399.00360.21S14, D Jetro
Exhaust SilencersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Super Exhaust Silencers687 75.0067.71GT Spec & N1 Turbo (Tip size 115mm)
1155 75.0067.71N1 Dual and N1 NA (Tip size 90mm)
Removal Tool For Exhaust Silencers12283 60.0054.17Removal Tool
ATS Exhaust Silencers111875 240.00216.67For use with 115mm ID tip with over 70mm of straight pipe
111876 240.00216.67For use with 90mm ID tip with over 80mm of straight pipe
Control Valve Exhaust Silencers302812 199.00179.65ECV, Flange-Type; 67mm
302811 179.00179.00ECV, Pipe-Type; 80mm
367974 179.00161.60ECV, Pipe-Type; 95mm
380362 45.0040.63REPLACEMENT CABLE
Exhaust SystemsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
N1 Exhaust Systems1505(1995-1999) Eclipse850.00767.36(GS) 60mm Pipe Dia. w/silencer (Will work with RS, NT)
1504(1995-1999) Eclipse899.00899.00(GS-T) 70mm-74.7mm-85mm Pipe Dia. w/silencer
1503(1995-1999) Eclipse626.99626.99(GSX) 80mm-85mm Pipe Dia. w/silencer
5093183(1994) J3060.0055.002 door with v6
368008(2004-2009) Legacy1,499.001,353.262.5GT-70mm to 75mm to dual 60mm w/115mm Tips
1506(1998-2001) Impreza569.99569.992.5L RS (60mm Pipe Dia.)
16301(2001 and up) IS300569.99569.9960.5mm-65mm Pipe Dia.
1498(1992-1996) Prelude569.99569.9960mm w/silencer
131574(2005 and up) 9-2x569.99569.9965mm-65mm-80mm Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip Dia.
16293(2002-2007) WRX569.99569.9965mm-65mm-80mm, 115mm tip
4964725(2004-2007) STi569.99569.9965mm-65mm-80mm, 115mm tip
131584(2003 and up) 350Z1,050.00947.92DUal L/R 350Z 70mm-80mm Pipe Dia. 60mm x 2 Tip Dia.
131583(2003 and up) G351,050.00947.92Dual L/R G35 Coupe 70mm-80mm Pipe Dia. 60mm x 2 Tip Dia.
1494(1992-1995) Civic569.99569.99DX 2dr/4dr (60mm Pipe Dia. w/silencer)
2729(1996-2000) Civic569.99569.99DX Coupe (60mm Pipe Dia. w/silencer)
72677(2004-2006) EVO616.99616.99EVO VIII
16298(2001-2005) Civic750.00677.08EX Coupe (60mm Pipe Dia. w/silencer)
1493(1992-2000) Civic569.99569.99EX/Si 2dr/4dr (60mm Pipe Dia. w/silencer)
4964726(2004-2007) STi1,390.001,254.96EXTI 65mm-80mm Pipe Dia, 115mm Tip
4964118(2002-2007) WRX1,390.001,254.96EXTI 65mm-80mm Pipe Dia, 115mm Tip
4964128(2003-2008) 350Z1,035.991,035.99EXTI 70mm-80mm Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip
4964127(1993-1995) RX-71,090.00984.11EXTI 70mm-95mm Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip
4964119(2003-2006) EVO1,390.001,254.96EXTI 70mm.-75mm.-85mm. Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip
4964120(1989-1994) 240SX1,290.001,164.68EXTI 70mm.-75mm.-95mm. Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip
4964121(1995-1998) 240SX1,290.001,164.68EXTI 70mm.-75mm.-95mm. Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip
4964126(1993-1998) Supra1,390.001,254.96EXTI 85mm-95mm Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip
1496(1994-1998) Integra569.99569.99GSR (60mm w/silencer)
1502(1994-1997) Integra569.99569.99GSR 4 Dr. (60mm w/silencer)
2730(1990-1994) Eclipse597.99597.99GSX (70mm-74mm Pipe Dia. w/silencer)
4964123(1989-1994) Skyline1,390.001,254.96GT-S - EXTI 85mm-95mm Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip
4964124(1995-1998) Skyline1,390.001,254.96GTR - EXTI 85mm-95mm Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip
4964125(1999-2002) Skyline1,690.001,525.82GTR - EXTI 85mm-95mm Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip
4964122(1989-1994) Skyline1,390.001,254.96GTR - EXTI 85mm-95mm Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip
1495(1992-1995) Civic569.99569.99H/B (60mm Pipe Dia. w/silencer)
1499(1996-2000) Civic569.99569.99H/B DX (60mm Pipe Dia. w/silencer)
131581(2002-2006) Sentra569.99569.99SE-R Spec V 60mm Tip Dia. 115mm Tip Dia.
315478(2007) Civic750.00677.08SI coupe 60mm Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip dia.
131580(2002-2005) Civic569.99569.99Si HB 60mm Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip Dia.
16297(2002 and up) RSX569.99569.99Type S (60mm w/silencer)
1500(1997-2001) Prelude569.99569.99V-TEC (60mm w/silencer)
GT Spec Muffler Series Exhaust Systems104816(2000-2009) S2000999.00901.8860mm Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip Dia.
131548(1986-1992) RX-7799.00721.3265mm-75mm-85mm Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip Dia.
131550(2004-2006) EVO1,050.00947.92Evo 8 70mm.-75mm.-85mm. Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip Dia.
12244(1992-1995) Civic1,150.001,038.19Hatchback (60mm Pipe Dia. 115mm Tip Dia.)
N-1 Dual Exhaust Systems77551(2003 and up) Tiburon1,150.001,038.194Cyl/V6, 60mm Piping, 115mm Tips
111955(1989-1994) 240SX999.00901.8860.5-65mm x2 Piping, 2 90mm tips
111956(1995-1998) 240SX999.00901.8860.5-65mm x2 Piping, 2 90mm tips
12211(1986-1992) RX-71,250.001,128.4765mm-(60.5mm-65mm) x2 Pipe Dia. 90mm x2 tip
12212(1993-1995) RX-7699.00631.0470mm-(60.5mm-65mm) x2 Pipe Dia. 90mm x2 tip
Hybrid Megaphone Exhaust Systems368009(2008 and up) STi1,150.001,038.19 Dual 115mm Tips-Axle Back System
388524(1985-1986) Corolla999.00901.88AE86: 54mm-60mm Piping
N1 1 Piece Exhaust Systems62779(1997-2001) Prelude569.99569.99Type SH (60mm w/silencer)
Worldsport 2 Exhaust Systems112068(1998-2002) Accord850.00767.364 cyl 4dr, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112054(1994-1997) Accord799.00721.324-door, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112055(1990-1993) Accord829.00748.404-door, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112080(2003-2007) Accord799.00721.324cyl Coupe, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112061(1998-2002) Accord899.00811.604cyl EX, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112183(2003 and up) 61,299.001,172.714cyl, 60mm Piping w/ Dual 100mm Tips
112083(2002-2006) Altima799.00721.324cyl, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112104(2001 and up) IS300799.00721.3260mm Piping w/ 100mm Tip
112078(2000 and up) S20001,199.001,082.4360mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112053(1992-1996) Prelude799.00721.3260mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112045(2002-2007) WRX850.00767.3665-80mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112046(2005-2006) 9-2x850.00767.3665-80mm Piping, 100mm Tip
4964724(2002-2007) STi850.00767.3665-80mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112084(2002-2006) Altima1,399.001,262.996cyl, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip (Dual)
112086(2003 and up) 350Z999.00999.0070-75mm Piping, 3 60mm Tips
112181(2000-2005) Celica649.00585.90Celica GTS, 60mm Piping w/ 100mm Tip
112052(1996-2000) Civic799.00721.32Coupe DX, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112065(2001-2005) Civic979.00883.82Coupe EX, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112047(1992-2000) Civic799.00721.32Coupe EX/Si, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112085(2003 and up) G351,199.001,082.43Coupe, 70-75mm Piping, Dual 60mm Tips
112100(1998-2005) GS3001,299.001,172.71Dual 65mm Piping w/ 100mm Tips
112179(1998-2001) GS4001,299.001,172.71Dual 65mm Piping w/ 100mm Tips
112044(2004-2006) EVO899.00811.60EVO-8, 70-75-80mm Piping, 100mm Tip
103666(1994-1997) Integra799.00721.32GSR 4-Door, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112050(1994-1999) Integra799.00721.32GSR, 2DR, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112043(1995-1999) Eclipse850.00767.36GST, 70-85mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112042(1995-1999) Eclipse999.00901.88GSX, 80-85mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112049(1992-1995) Civic799.00721.32Hatchback, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112056(1996-2000) Civic799.00721.32Hatchback, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112062(1988-1991) Civic899.00811.60Hatchback, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112079(2002-2005) Civic799.00721.32Hatchback, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
411572(1994-2001) Integra799.00721.32LS/GS/RS 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112102(2000-2005) MR2649.00585.90MR2, 60mm Piping w/ 100mm Tip
112058(1997-2001) Prelude799.00721.32SH, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
367971(2007-2011) Civic799.00721.32Si Sedan-105mm Tip
112082(2002 and up) Sentra749.00676.18Spec V, 60mm Piping, 105mm Tip
112063(1998-2001) Integra799.00721.32Type R, 2DR. 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112064(2002-2007) RSX929.00838.68Type-S, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
112067(1998-2002) Accord1,199.001,082.43V6 4-dr, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip (Dual)
112081(2003-2007) Accord1,299.001,172.71V6 Coupe, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip (Dual)
112059(1998-2002) Accord1,350.001,218.75V6 Coupe, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip (Dual)
112066(1998-2003) TL1,099.00992.15V6 Type-S, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip (Dual)
112106(2003 and up) 61,299.001,172.71V6, 60mm Piping w/ Dual 100mm Tips
112057(1997-2001) Prelude799.00721.32VTEC, 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
NOIR Exhaust Systems228641(2003-2007) EVO759.00685.21
228645(1992-1995) Civic759.00685.21EG- Hatch
228640(2005-2006) 9-2x799.00721.32EJ20 Turbo Only
228639(2002-2007) WRX799.00721.32EJ20/25
268172(2004-2007) STi799.00721.32EJ25
228647(1996-2000) Civic759.00685.21EK Hatch
382552(1992-2000) Civic759.00685.21EX/Si Coupe
382556(2000-2001) Integra759.00685.21GS-R
228646(1994-1999) Integra759.00685.21GS-R
382554(1994-1997) Integra759.00685.21GS-R Sedan
402172(1995-1998) 240SX729.00658.13KA24DE
382555(1994-2001) Integra759.00685.21LS/Type R
382553(1997-2001) Prelude789.00712.29Non SH
382559(2006 and up) Civic739.00667.15Si Coupe
382558(2002-2005) Civic759.00685.21Si Hatch
382560(2007 and up) Civic739.00667.15Si Sedan
228642(1989-1994) 240SX729.00658.13SR20DET
382557(2002-2004) RSX850.00767.36Type-S
Honda Fit Exhaust Systems308442(2006-2008) FIT399.00360.21
308444(2006-2008) FIT599.00540.76
Racing Sport Evolution Exhaust Systems4964239(2013 and up) FR-S1,450.001,377.50
4964240(2013 and up) BRZ1,450.001,377.50
394096(2009 and up) GT-R3,500.003,159.9885mm to 50.8mm to 60.5mm with 123mm Tips
Bomber III Exhaust Systems388529(1985-1986) Corolla599.00540.76AE86: 54mm-60mm Piping w/90mm Tip
Fuel ComputersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
AFC Neo Fuel Computers227440 445.99445.99SAFC & VAFC In One box
Fuel Pressure GaugesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
EL System II Series Fuel Pressure Gauges9395 284.99284.99Black (Fuel Pressure)
Gauge AccessoriesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Gauge Accessories12333 14.9914.99works with RSM, S-AFC, V-AFC, AVC-R
Gauge Control UnitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
EL System II Series Gauge Control Units9391 84.9984.99Control Unit
Gauge HarnessesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
El Systems Meter Splitters Gauge Harnesses12286 15.0015.00Splitter A (150cm)
12285 9.008.13Splitter B (15cm)
EL Gauge Harnesses374109 109.0098.40Boost Pressure Sensor
355311 119.00107.43EGT
12381 169.00152.57Fuel Pressure
12378 169.00152.57Oil Pressure
12379 79.0071.32Oil Temperature
12377 79.0071.32Water Temperature
Smart Accel Throttle Controller Harnesses472105(2004-2012) RX-870.0063.2013B-MSP (SE3P)
472167(2008-2012) Highlander70.0070.001AR-FE/2GR-FE (GSU40/GSU45)
472165(2007-2012) FJ Cruiser70.0063.201GR-FE (GSJ15W)
472158(2003-2009) 4Runner70.0063.201GR-FE/2UZ-FE (GRN215W)
472178(2007-2012) Tundra70.0070.001GR-FE/2UZ-FE (GSK51/UCK51)
472170(2011-2012) iQ70.0070.001KR-FE (KGJ10)
472085(2002-2006) ES30070.0063.201MZ-FE/3MZ-FE (MCV30/31)
472171(2008-2012) iQ70.0070.001NR-FE (NGJ10)
472180(2007-2011) Yaris70.0070.001NZ-FE (NCP91)
472174(2004-2009) Prius70.0063.201NZ-FXE (NHW20)
472179(2007-2012) Tundra70.0070.001UR-FE/3UR-FE (USK51)
472092(2007-2012) LS46070.0070.001UR-FSE (USF40)
472172(2003-2008) Matrix70.0063.201ZZ-FE (E130) Excluding XRS Model
472163(2003-2008) Corolla70.0063.201ZZ-FE/2ZZ-GE (NZE121)
472121(2011-2012) tC70.0070.002AR-FE (AGT20L)
472122(2004-2010) tC70.0063.202AZ-FE (ANT10L)
472119(2008-2012) xB70.0070.002AZ-FE (AZE151L)
472176(2006-2012) Prius70.0070.002AZ-FE /2GR-FE (ACA31W/ACA36W)
472161(2003-2006) Camry70.0063.202AZ-FE/1MZ-FE (ACV30)
472162(2007-2011) Camry70.0070.002AZ-FE/2GR-FE (ACV40/ACV45)
472166(2004-2007) Highlander70.0063.202AZ-FE/3MZ-FE (MCU20W/MCU25W)
472096(2007-2012) RX35070.0063.202GR-FE (GSU30W/GSU35W)
472160(2005-2012) Avalon70.0070.002GR-FE (GSX30)
472086(2006-2012) GS35070.0063.202GR-FSE (GRS191)
472089(2006-2012) IS35070.0070.002GR-FSE (GSE21)
472177(2005-2012) Tacoma70.0063.202TR-FE/1GR-FE (GRN/TRN)
472159(2010-2012) 4Runner70.0070.002TR-FE/1GR-FE (GRN280)
472090(2008-2012) IS F70.0070.002UR-GSE (USE20)
472093(2003-2007) LX47070.0063.202UZ-FE (UZJ100)
472120(2008-2012) xD70.0070.002ZR-FE (ZCP110L)
472173(2009-2012) Matrix70.0070.002ZR-FE/2AZ-FE (E140)
472164(2009-2012) Corolla70.0070.002ZR-FE/2AZ-FE (NZE141/NZE144)
472175(2010-2012) Prius70.0070.002ZR-FXE (ZVW30)
472094(2008-2011) LX57070.0070.003UR-FE (URJ200)
472091(2004-2005) LS43070.0063.203UZ-FE (UCF30)
472097(2001-2009) SC43070.0063.203UZ-FE (UZZ40)
472108(2008-2012) Lancer70.0063.204B11/4B12 (CY4A)
472106(2006-2012) Outlander70.0063.204B12/6B31 (CW6W)
472088(2006-2012) IS25070.0070.004GR-FSE (GSE20/GSE25)
472140(2007-2009) Legacy70.0063.20DOHC NA - EJ20 (BL5/BP5)
472147(2004-2006) Legacy70.0063.20EJ20 (BL5/BP5) NA
472143(2006-2007) Legacy70.0070.00EJ20 (BL5/BP5) Turbo
472138(2007-2009) Legacy70.0070.00EJ20 (BL5/BP5) Turbo
472146(2004-2006) Legacy70.0063.20EJ20 (BL5/BP5) Turbo
472135(2007-2012) Impreza70.0070.00EJ20 (GH7/GH8)
472124(2000-2007) Forester70.0070.00EJ20 (SG5) NA
472125(2005-2007) Forester70.0063.20EJ20 (SG5) Turbo AT
472127(2003-2005) Forester70.0063.20EJ20 (SG5) Turbo AT
472137(2008-2009) Legacy70.0070.00EJ25 (BL9)
472142(2006-2007) Legacy70.0070.00EJ25 (BP9)
472144(2004-2006) Legacy70.0063.20EJ25 (BP9)
472149(2008-2009) Outback70.0070.00EJ25 (BPH)
472126(2005-2007) Forester70.0063.20EJ25 (SG9) Turbo AT
472136(2010-2012) Legacy70.0070.00EJ25/EZ36 (BM9/BR9)
472123(2008-2012) Forester70.0070.00EJ25/FB20/EJ20 (SH9/SHJ/SH5)
472133(2008-2012) Impreza70.0070.00EL15 (GE2/GE3)
472151(2006-2007) Tribeca70.0070.00EZ30
472145(2004-2006) Legacy70.0063.20EZ30 (BLE/BPE)
472141(2008-2009) Legacy70.0070.00EZ30 (BLE/BPE)
472152(2008-2011) Tribeca70.0070.00EZ36
472150(2010-2012) Outback70.0070.00EZ36 (BRF)
472333(2011-2012) CT20070.0063.20H (2ZR-FXE) - Hybrid Only
472132(2008-2012) WRX70.0070.00Hatch EJ20 (GH6)
472134(2007-2012) STi70.0070.00Hatch EJ20 (GRB)
472130(2008-2012) STi70.0070.00Hatch EJ25 (GRF)
472168(2005-2007) Highlander70.0063.20Hybrid 3MZ-FE (MHU28W)
472169(2008-2012) Highlander70.0070.00Hybrid 3MZ-FE/2GR-FXE (GSU40/GSU45)
472070(2007-2012) Civic70.0063.20Hybrid K24Z (RE3/RE4)
472069(2006-2012) Civic70.0063.20Hybrid LDA (FD3)
472071(2011-2012) Civic70.0063.20Hybrid LEA (ZF1)
472156(2006-2012) Swift70.0063.20J20A (YA41S/YB41S)
472061(2009-2012) TL70.0063.20J35Z6/J37A4 (UA8/9)
472058(2007-2012) MDX70.0063.20J37A1 (YD2)
472154(2007-2010) Swift70.0063.20K12B (ZC71S)
472153(2011-2012) Swift70.0063.20K12B (ZC72S/ZD72S)
472067(2006-2011) Civic70.0063.20K20A FA5 (Si - Sedan)
472065(2007-2011) Civic70.0063.20K20A FD2 (Type-R)
472066(2006-2011) Civic70.0063.20K20A FG2 (Si - Coupe)
472059(2007-2012) RDX70.0063.20K23A1 (TB1)
472062(2009-2012) TSX70.0063.20K24Z (CU2)
472063(2008-2012) Accord70.0063.20K24Z/J35 (CP)
472060(2005-2012) RL70.0063.20KB1/2 (J35A3/J37A2)
472072(2007-2008) FIT70.0063.20L15A (GD3)
472073(2009-2012) FIT70.0063.20L15A (GE8/GE9)
472098(2007-2012) CX-770.0070.00L3-VDT (ER3P)
472101(2005-2008) 670.0063.20L3-VDT/VE (GG3S/GG3P)
472064(2010-2012) Insight70.0063.20LDA (ZE2)
472104(2006-2012) Miata70.0063.20LF-VE (NCEC)
472157(2006-2012) Swift70.0063.20M15A (YA11S/YB11S)
472155(2006-2010) Swift70.0063.20M16A (ZC31S)
472118(2007-2012) Versa70.0063.20MR18DE (C11)
472114(2009-2012) Cube70.0063.20MR18DE (Z12)
472117(2007-2012) Sentra70.0063.20MR20DE/QR25DE (B16)
472113(2007-2012) Altima70.0063.20QR25DE/VQ35DE (L32)
472068(2006-2011) Civic70.0063.20R18A (FD1)
472131(2008-2012) WRX70.0070.00Sedan EJ20 (GE6/GE7)
472129(2011-2012) STi70.0070.00Sedan EJ20 (GVB)
472128(2011-2012) WRX70.0070.00Sedan EJ25 (GVF)
472139(2007-2009) Legacy70.0070.00SOHC NA - EJ20 (BL5/BP5)
472107(2010-2012) Outlander70.0063.20Sport 4B11 (CW4W)
472109(2008-2012) Lancer70.0063.20Sportback 4B11 (CX5A)
472077(2003-2008) FX4570.0063.20VK45DE (S50)
472084(2006-2010) M4570.0063.20VK45DE (Y50)
472078(2009-2012) FX5070.0063.20VK50VE (S51) *Without ICC
472115(2009-2012) Maxima70.0063.20VQ35DE (A35)
472075(2003-2008) FX3570.0063.20VQ35DE (S50)
472079(2003-2006) G3570.0063.20VQ35DE (V35) Sedan
472116(2009-2012) Murano70.0063.20VQ35DE (Z51)
472082(2006-2010) M3570.0063.20VQ35DE/VQ35HR (Y50)
472111(2003-2008) 350Z70.0063.20VQ35DE/VQ35HR (Z33)
472074(2008-2012) EX3570.0063.20VQ35HR (J50)
472076(2009-2012) FX3570.0063.20VQ35HR (S51)
472080(2008) G3770.0063.20VQ35HR (V36) Sedan
472081(2008-2012) G3770.0063.20VQ37VHR (V36) All Models
472083(2011) M3770.0063.20VQ37VHR (Y51)
472112(2009-2012) 370Z70.0063.20VQ37VHR (Z34)
472102(2005-2008) 670.0063.20Wagon L3-VE (GY3W)
472103(2005-2008) 670.0063.20Wagon LF-VE (GYEW)
472110(2008-2012) EVO70.0063.20X 4B11T (CZ4A)
472100(2011-2012) 270.0070.00ZJ-VE (DE3AS/DE3FS)
472099(2011-2012) 270.0070.00ZY-VE (DE5FS)
Head GasketsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Metal Head Gaskets16468 Celica250.00225.69(3S-GTE) 88mm (T=1.1) 88-96 ALL TRAK (4WD) for 86-88mm pistons
16469(1991-1995) MR2250.00225.69(3S-GTE) 88mm (T=1.1) for 86-88mm pistons
16470 Celica250.00225.69(3S-GTE) 88mm (T=1.5) 88-96 ALL TRAK (4WD) for 86-88mm pistons
16473(1991-1995) MR2250.00225.69(3S-GTE) 88mm (T=1.5) for 86-88mm pistons
16471 Celica250.00225.69(3S-GTE) 88mm (T=1.8) 88-96 ALL TRAK (4WD) for 86-88mm pistons
16474(1991-1995) MR2250.00225.69(3S-GTE) 88mm (T=1.8) for 86-88mm pistons (Special Order)
16472 Celica250.00225.69(3S-GTE) 88mm (T=2.1) 88-96 ALL TRAK (4WD) for 86-88mm pistons
16475(1991-1995) MR2250.00225.69(3S-GTE) 88mm (T=2.1) for 86-88mm pistons
16455 Integra240.00216.67(B16B) 82mm (T=2.1)
16456 Accord240.00216.67(D15B) 76mm (T=1.1)
16449 Civic240.00216.67(D15B) 76mm (T=1.1)
16454 Skyline299.00269.93(RB26DETT) 86mm (T=0.8) T/T
16458 Skyline299.00269.93(RB26DETT) 86mm (T=1.1) T/T
16459 Skyline299.00269.93(RB26DETT) 86mm (T=1.5) T/T
16460 Skyline299.00269.93(RB26DETT) 86mm (T=1.8) T/T
16450 Skyline299.00269.93(RB26DETT) 87mm (T=0.8) T/T
16451 Skyline299.00269.93(RB26DETT) 87mm (T=1.1) T/T
16453 Skyline299.00269.93(RB26DETT) 87mm (T=1.5) T/T
16452 Skyline299.00269.93(RB26DETT) 87mm (T=1.8) T/T
16461 Silvia249.00224.79(SR20DET) 86mm (T=0.8)
2842 Silvia249.00224.79(SR20DET) 86mm (T=1.1)
16462 Silvia249.00224.79(SR20DET) 86mm (T=1.5)
16464 Silvia249.00224.79(SR20DET) 86mm (T=1.8)
16463 Silvia249.00224.79(SR20DET) 87mm (T=0.8)
16465 Silvia249.00224.79(SR20DET) 87mm (T=1.1)
16466 Silvia249.00224.79(SR20DET) 87mm (T=1.5)
16467 Silvia249.00224.79(SR20DET) 87mm (T=1.8)
73113(1993-1998) Supra375.00338.542JZ 88mmX2.1mm thick
16448(1994-2001) Civic240.00216.67Type R (B16B) 82mm (T=2.1)
Intake Air Temperature SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Intake Air Temperature Sensors508161 95.0085.77Intake Air Temp. Sensor
360274 25.0022.57Intake Temp. Sensor Harness
N-1 Mufflers4964063 245.00212.28Inlet Dia: 2.5", Canister Dia: 5.5", Canister Length: 14", Tip Dia: 90mm
4964062 265.00229.61Inlet Dia: 3.0", Canister Dia: 6.25", Canister Length: 14", Tip Dia: 115mm
4964061 285.00246.94Inlet Dia: 3.5", Canister Dia: 6.25", Canister Length: 14", Tip Dia: 115mm
414041 340.00294.59Piping: 60 mm Inlet Tip: 105mm
WS2 Mufflers455116 340.00306.97WS2 Bullet NA (70mm)
455117 340.00306.97WS2 NA (70mm)
Noir Mufflers455115 340.00306.97Noir NA (60.5mm)
455114 340.00306.97Noir Turbo (80mm)
Oil Temperature SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Oil Temperature Sensors355313 79.0071.32Series 2; Oil Temp
Performance MetersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Performance Meters916 261.99261.99GP
1769 85.0085.00Optional G-Sensor
12386 35.0031.60Optional Shift Light
Suspension ToolsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Suspension Tools16310 5.005.00Damping Adj. (Hex Wrench) for N1 Suspension
16305 30.0030.00Spanner Wrench For N1/WS Suspension
Temperature GaugesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
EL Electronic Temperature Gauges1005 325.00281.60(60mm) White (Oil)
EL System II Series Temperature Gauges9373 217.99217.99(Oil Temp.) White (60mm)
9378 217.99217.99(Water Temp.) Black (60mm)
9379 217.99217.99(Water Temp.) White (60mm)
Throttle ControllersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Smart Accel Throttle Controllers4964244(2013 and up) BRZ70.0070.00Harness
4964243(2013 and up) FR-S70.0070.00Harness
4964245 199.00199.00Main Unit, Must purchase Vehicle Specific Harness
Turbo TimersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Turbo Timers190012 135.00121.88Black Auto Timer
357047 150.00135.42Limited Edition Black with Blue Led
917 113.99113.99Silver Auto Timer
Water Temperature SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Water Temperature Sensors355312 79.0071.32Series 2; Water Temp