Cosworth Price List

Much like other extraordinary companies, Cosworth began their legacy in a small workshop. In 1958, Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth formed Cosworth in that small work shop in London, UK. Soon after, their success forced them to move to a larger facility in North London where they began developing the Ford 105E engine. 2 years after their formation, Cosworth won in the Formula Junior category at Goodwood. Since then, Cosworth has been a force to be recognized in the world of F1, CART, WRC along with many other forms of racing. With their many years of experience in the racing world, Cosworth has begun manufacturing parts for passenger vehicles such as Subarus, Nissans, Mitsubishis and of course Fords among others. Their product line mostly consists of only the highest quality in engine performance. From full long blocks to oil pumps to bearings, when someone hears the name Cosworth, they know you aren't cutting any corners. The fact is, Cosworth is one of the most respected brands in the world and when buy their parts you're not paying for a name. You're paying for top quality.

Cosworth has facilities in both the UK and US. They have been at their Northampton, UK location since 1964 which now consists of 11 factories that are some of the most technologically advanced in the world. Their US headquarters was initially formed in Torrance, CA to provide support to customer teams in the US. The Torrance facility offers a fully stocked warehouse along with design and fabrication abilities.
397 Parts by Cosworth
Air FiltersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
High Flow Synthetic Air Filters367687(2003-2008) 350Z45.0045.00
367688(1998-2007) Impreza45.0045.00
367689(2000-2008) S200045.0045.00
367690(2007 and up) FIT45.0045.00
367694(2008-2009) STi45.0045.00
367695(2006-2008) IS25045.0045.00
372158(2005 and up) tC45.0045.00
367696(2006-2008) IS35045.0045.00
367692(2003-2007) EVO45.0045.00
367699(2008 and up) EVO45.0045.00
372156(2002-2007) RSX45.0045.00
372157(2003 and up) RX-845.0045.00
372159(2002-2011) Elise45.0045.00
372160(2000-2011) Exige45.0045.00
367697(2000-2007) Tundra45.0045.003.4L & 4.7L
367693(2003-2009) Legacy45.0045.00All Models
367691(2004-2009) 345.0045.00All Models
367698(2005 and up) Miata45.0045.00MX-5
372155(2008 and up) G3745.0045.00Two Filter Required
Block Off PlatesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Air Pump Block Off Plates367704(2006-2008) WRX83.0083.00
367705(2006-2008) STi83.0083.00
High Performance Short Blocks319841(2001-2006) EVO6,699.006,263.574g63 2.0L Forged Pistons - Rods
319473 STi5,674.005,305.19EJ25 2.5L Forged Pistons - Rods
319474 STi9,455.008,840.43EJ25 2.5L Forged Pistons - Rods - 79mm Billet Crank
358465 STi9,455.008,840.43EJ25 2.6L Forged Pistons - Rods - Lightweight Billet Crank w/ 81mm stroke 8.2:1 cr
319476 G358,404.007,857.74VQ35 3.5L 11:1CR
319478 350Z8,404.007,857.74VQ35 3.5L 11:1CR
319477 350Z8,404.007,857.74VQ35 3.5L 8.8:1CR
319475 G358,404.007,857.74VQ35 3.5L 8.8:1CR
High Performance Long Blocks319858 WRX16,703.0015,617.31EJ25 2.5L Asia-Euro Spec W/ Big Valve Heads, Billet Crankshaft, and KK3920 cams
319856 STi16,703.0015,617.31EJ25 2.5L Asia-Euro Spec W/ Big Valve Heads, Billet Crankshaft, and KK3920 cams
319857 STi12,607.0011,787.55EJ25 2.5L Asia-Euro Spec W/ Big Valve Heads, STD Crankshaft, and KK3920 cams
319859 WRX12,607.0011,787.55EJ25 2.5L Asia-Euro spec W/ Big Valve Heads, STD Crankshaft, and KK3920 cams
319844 STi12,607.0011,787.55EJ25 2.5L W/ Big Valve Heads, STD Crankshaft, and KK3766 Cams
319846 WRX12,607.0011,787.55EJ25 2.5L W/ Big Valve Heads, STD Crankshaft, and KK3766 Cams
319845 WRX16,703.0015,617.31EJ25 2.5L W/Big Valve Heads, Billet Crankshaft, and KK3766 Cams
319843 STi16,703.0015,617.31EJ25 2.5L W/Big Valve Heads, Billet Crankshaft, and KK3766 Cams
4869314(2008 and up) STi12,749.0011,920.32EJ257B 2.5L Dual AVCS W/ Big Valve Heads, STD Crankshaft, and 20007395 Cams
Cam Angle Sensor BracketsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Billet Aluminum Cam Angle Sensor Brackets319742 WRX88.0088.00EJ20-EJ25 For Mounting Cam Angle Sensor On Front Of Head
319743 STi88.0088.00EJ20-EJ25 For Mounting Cam Angle Sensor On Front Of Head
High Performance Cams319625(2001-2007) STi1,212.001,145.34 EJ20/25 w/AVCS- Intake 278- 10.7mm Lift/Exhaust 274- 10mm Lift; JDM/EDM Spec
370573(2008 and up) EVO825.00779.634B11 w/MIVEC- Intake 266- 10.8mm Lift/Exhaust 266 - 10.4mm Lift
319641(2005-2007) EVO729.00688.914G63 w/MIVEC- Intake 272- 11mm Lift/Exhaust 272- 11mm Lift
319642(2001-2004) EVO689.00651.114G63- Intake 264- 10.2mm Lift/Exhaust 264- 10.2mm Lift
319643(2001-2004) EVO689.00651.114G63- Intake 272- 11mm Lift/Exhaust 272- 11mm Lift
383091(2001-2004) EVO689.00651.114G63- Intake 280- 11.6mm Lift/Exhaust 272- 11mm Lift
383094(1998-2000) Impreza1,098.001,037.61EJ20- Intake 260- 10.4mm Lift/Exhaust 270- 10.4mm Lift; Compatible with Ver. IV-VI, 22B, S201 and P1
319629(2002-2005) WRX1,098.001,037.61EJ20- Intake 272- 10mm Lift/Exhaust 272- 10mm Lift
319624(2004-2007) STi1,212.001,145.34EJ25 w/AVCS- Intake 278- 10.7mm Lift/Exhaust 274- 10mm Lift; USDM Spec
394852(2008 and up) STi1,360.001,285.20EJ257 - JDM Dual AVCS
383092(2004-2009) 3710.00670.95MZR 2.0/2.3L- Intake 264- 9.8mm Lift/Exhaust 244- 8.5mm Lift
383089(2005-2006) 350Z1,350.001,275.75VQ35DE Rev Up- Intake 268- 10.4mm Lift/Exhaust 268- 9.5mm Lift
383090(2005-2006) 350Z1,350.001,275.75VQ35DE Rev Up- Intake 270- 10.65mm Lift/Exhaust 270mm 10.65mm Lift
383087(2003-2004) 350Z1,350.001,275.75VQ35DE- Intake 268- 10.4mm Lift/Exhaust 268- 9.5mm Lift
383088(2003-2004) 350Z1,350.001,275.75VQ35DE- Intake 270- 10.65mm Lift/Exhaust 270mm 10.65mm Lift
Connecting RodsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Forged Steel Connecting Rods319503(2004-2007) STi995.00940.28 EJ25 2.5L
382911(2008 and up) EVO995.00940.284B11T
319507(2001-2007) EVO995.00940.284G63 2.0L
319505(2002-2007) WRX995.00940.28EJ20/25 2.0/2.5L
319510(1989-2002) Skyline1,449.001,369.31RB26 2.6L
382913(2002-2009) Civic995.00940.28Si- K20
319511(1989-2002) 240SX995.00940.28SR20 2.0L
319508(2003-2006) G351,449.001,369.31VQ35 3.5L
319509(2003-2006) 350Z1,449.001,369.31VQ35 3.5L
435159 GT-R1,999.001,889.06VR38
Crankshafts319469(2004 and up) STi3,999.003,779.06EJ25- 2.5L/79mm Sroke- Lightweight Version
383065(2004 and up) STi3,999.003,779.06EJ25- 2.5L/81mm Sroke- Lightweight Version
Fuel RailsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
High Volume Fuel Rails383164(2008 and up) EVO352.00352.004B11T
383165(2003-2006) 350Z509.00509.00VQ35DE
383166(2003-2006) G35509.00509.00VQ35DE
Head GasketsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
High Performance Multi Layer Head Gaskets372439(2008 and up) EVO172.00172.004B11T- 87mm Bore/1.1mm Thick
383122(2008 and up) EVO172.00172.004B11T- 87mm Bore/1.3mm Thick
383107(2005-2007) EVO172.00172.004G63- 86mm Bore/1.3mm Thick
351663(1996-2004) EVO172.00172.004G63- 86mm Bore/1.3mm Thick
351664(1996-2004) EVO172.00172.004G63- 86mm Bore/1.5mm Thick
383108(2005-2007) EVO172.00172.004G63- 86mm Bore/1.5mm Thick
351667(2002-2005) WRX115.00115.00EJ20- 93mm Bore/0.78mm Thick (2 Required)
351668(2002-2005) WRX115.00115.00EJ20- 93mm Bore/1.1mm Thick (2 Required)
393848(2008 and up) WRX115.00115.00EJ25- 101mm Bore/0.78mm Thick (2 Required)
351665(2004-2007) STi115.00115.00EJ25- 101mm Bore/0.78mm Thick (2 Required)
383130(2006-2007) WRX115.00115.00EJ25- 101mm Bore/0.78mm Thick (2 Required)
393851(2008 and up) STi115.00115.00EJ25- 101mm Bore/0.78mm Thick (2 Required)
383131(2006-2007) WRX115.00115.00EJ25- 101mm Bore/1.1mm Thick (2 Required)
351666(2004-2007) STi115.00115.00EJ25- 101mm Bore/1.1mm Thick (2 Required)
393849(2008 and up) WRX115.00115.00EJ25- 101mm Bore/1.1mm Thick (2 Required)
393852(2008 and up) STi115.00115.00EJ25- 101mm Bore/1.1mm Thick (2 Required)
383109(2006-2007) WRX128.00128.00EJ25- 101mm Bore/1.5mm Thick (2 Required)
383110(2004-2007) STi128.00128.00EJ25- 101mm Bore/1.5mm Thick (2 Required)
393853(2008 and up) STi128.00128.00EJ25- 101mm Bore/1.5mm Thick (2 Required)
393850(2008 and up) WRX128.00128.00EJ25- 101mm Bore/1.5mm Thick (2 Required)
393857(2000-2009) S2000174.00174.00F20/22C- 88mm Bore/0.38mm Thick
393858(2000-2009) S2000174.00174.00F20/22C- 88mm Bore/0.8mm Thick
393859(2000-2009) S2000174.00174.00F20/22C- 88mm Bore/1.1mm Thick
393860(2000-2009) S2000174.00174.00F20/22C- 90mm Bore/1.1mm Thick
5092288(2007) EVO185.00185.00IX Only - 4G63 87mm, 1.5mm
393854(2006-2009) Civic174.00166.00K20- 87mm Bore/0.38mm Thick- Use w/PRB, PNC and PPA Heads
393855(2002-2006) RSX174.00166.00K20- 87mm Bore/0.38mm Thick- Use w/PRB, PNC and PPA Heads
383124(2006-2009) Civic174.00174.00K20- 87mm Bore/0.8mm Thick- Use w/PRB, PNC and PPA Heads
383125(2002-2006) RSX174.00174.00K20- 87mm Bore/0.8mm Thick- Use w/PRB, PNC and PPA Heads
383113(2002-2006) RSX174.00174.00K20- 87mm Bore/0.8mm Thick- Use w/RAA, RAC, RBB and RBC Heads
383111(2006-2009) Civic174.00174.00K20- 87mm Bore/0.8mm Thick- Use w/RAA, RAC, RBB and RBC Heads
383114(2002-2006) RSX174.00174.00K20- 87mm Bore/1.1mm Thick- Use w/RAA, RAC, RBB and RBC Heads
383116(2006-2009) Civic174.00174.00K20- 87mm Bore/1.1mm Thick- Use w/RAA, RAC, RBB and RBC Heads
383126(2002-2006) RSX174.00174.00K20- 90mm Bore/1.1mm Thick- Use w/PRB, PNC and PPA Heads
383127(2006-2009) Civic174.00174.00K20- 90mm Bore/1.1mm Thick- Use w/PRB, PNC and PPA Heads
383117(2006-2009) Civic174.00174.00K20- 90mm Bore/1.1mm Thick- Use w/RAA, RAC, RBB and RBC Heads
383119(2002-2006) RSX174.00174.00K20- 90mm Bore/1.1mm Thick- Use w/RAA, RAC, RBB and RBC Heads
393856(2004-2008) TSX174.00166.00K24- 87mm Bore/0.38mm Thick- Use w/PRB, PNC and PPA Heads
383123(2004-2008) TSX174.00174.00K24- 87mm Bore/0.8mm Thick- Use w/PRB, PNC and PPA Heads
383112(2004-2008) TSX174.00174.00K24- 87mm Bore/0.8mm Thick- Use w/RAA, RAC, RBB and RBC Heads
383115(2004-2008) TSX174.00174.00K24- 87mm Bore/1.1mm Thick- Use w/RAA, RAC, RBB and RBC Heads
383128(2004-2008) TSX174.00174.00K24- 90mm Bore/1.1mm Thick- Use w/PRB, PNC and PPA Heads
383118(2004-2008) TSX174.00174.00K24- 90mm Bore/1.1mm Thick- Use w/RAA, RAC, RBB and RBC Heads
351660(1989-2002) Skyline272.00272.00RB25DET- 87mm Bore/1.1mm Thick
351662(1989-2002) Skyline272.00272.00RB25DET- 87mm Bore/1.5mm Thick
351657(1989-2002) Skyline272.00272.00RB26DETT- 87mm Bore/1.1mm Thick
351658(1989-2002) Skyline272.00272.00RB26DETT- 87mm Bore/1.5mm Thick
351659(1989-2002) Skyline272.00272.00RB26DETT- 87mm Bore/1.8mm Thick
351654(1989-2002) 240SX172.00172.00SR20DET- 87mm Bore/1.1mm Thick
351655(1989-2002) 240SX172.00172.00SR20DET- 87mm Bore/1.5mm Thick
351656(1989-2002) 240SX172.00172.00SR20DET- 87mm Bore/1.8mm Thick
383120(1989-2002) 240SX216.00216.00SR20DET- 90mm Bore/1.1mm Thick
383121(1989-2002) 240SX216.00216.00SR20DET- 90mm Bore/1.5mm Thick
383105(2003-2006) 350Z289.00289.00VQ35DE- 100mm Bore/0.6mm Thick (Pair)
383106(2003-2006) G35289.00289.00VQ35DE- 100mm Bore/0.6mm Thick (Pair)
383129(2003-2006) 350Z289.00289.00VQ35DE- 96mm Bore/0.6mm Thick (Pair)
351652(2003-2006) G35289.00289.00VQ35DE- 96mm Bore/0.6mm Thick (Pair)
383103(2003-2006) G35289.00289.00VQ35DE- 98mm Bore/0.6mm Thick (Pair)
383104(2003-2006) 350Z289.00289.00VQ35DE- 98mm Bore/0.6mm Thick (Pair)
394036(2007-2008) 350Z314.00314.00VQ35HR- 96mm Bore/0.6mm Thick
394037(2007-2008) G35314.00314.00VQ35HR- 96mm Bore/0.6mm Thick
394038(2009 and up) 370Z314.00314.00VQ37HR- 96mm Bore/0.6mm Thick
394039(2009 and up) G37314.00314.00VQ37HR- 96mm Bore/0.6mm Thick
393847(2009 and up) GT-R367.00367.00VR38DETT- 98mm Bore/0.8mm Thick
Head StudsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Ultra High Performance Head Studs383136(2008 and up) EVO439.00439.004B11T
383135(2001-2007) EVO439.00439.004G63
367685(2002-2007) WRX499.00499.00EJ20/EJ25
367686(2004-2007) STi499.00499.00EJ25
382876(1990-2001) 240SX439.00439.00SR20DET
CNC Ported Big Valve Heads393846(2008 and up) EVO4,487.004,195.354B11T - MIVEC
319374(2000-2005) EVO4,463.004,172.914G63
319375(2006) EVO4,539.004,243.974G63 - MIVEC
382909(2003-2007) Focus3,599.003,365.07Duratec 2.0/2.3L
382907(2007) STi6,068.005,673.58EJ20/25 - w/JDM/Euro Spec 278/274 Camshafts
319387(2004-2006) STi6,068.005,673.58EJ20/25 - w/JDM/Euro Spec 278/274 Camshafts
319368(2004-2006) STi4,463.004,172.91EJ25
367701(2007) STi4,463.004,172.91EJ25 - w/Air Injection Ports
367702(2008 and up) STi4,463.004,172.91EJ25 - w/Dual AVCS
319386(2004-2006) STi6,068.005,673.58EJ25 - w/US Spec 278/274 Camshafts
382906(2007) STi6,068.005,673.58EJ25 - w/US Spec 278/274 Camshafts
382910(2006 and up) Miata3,599.003,365.07MZR 2.0
382908(2004-2009) 33,599.003,365.07MZR 2.0/2.3L (Non Speed3)
319372(2003-2006) G354,728.004,420.68VQ35DE - Includes Rev-Up
319373(2003-2006) 350Z4,728.004,420.68VQ35DE - Includes Rev-Up
Intake Manifold GasketsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Thermal Intake Manifold Gaskets458573(1997-2007) EVO69.0069.00Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket - 4G63 EVO 4-9
Intake ManifoldsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
VQ35DE Twin Plenum Intake Manifolds383160(2003-2006) G351,413.001,413.00VQ35DE
366675(2003-2006) 350Z1,413.001,413.00VQ35DE
410880(2003-2006) 350Z69.0069.00VQ35DE - Intake manifold gasket (thermal guard)
383161(2003-2006) 350Z1,713.001,628.00VQ35DE w/Bright Polish Finish
383162(2003-2006) G351,713.001,628.00VQ35DE w/Bright Polish Finish
EJ25 High Volume Intake Manifolds383163(2004-2009) STi1,151.001,151.00
4964676 STi775.00737.00TGV Delete Kit Only - EJ25 Top Feed Injector
Front Mount Intercoolers383167(2008 and up) STi1,999.001,999.00
Main BearingsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
High Performance Main Bearings382228(2008 and up) EVO123.00123.004B11T- Tri-Metal +0
382229(2008 and up) EVO123.00123.004B11T- Tri-Metal +1
382230(2008 and up) EVO123.00123.004B11T- Tri-Metal +2
382225(2001-2006) EVO108.00108.004G63 2.0L Tri-Metal +0
319562(2001-2006) EVO108.00108.004G63 2.0L Tri-Metal +1
319560(2001-2006) EVO108.00108.004G63 2.0L Tri-Metal +2
382226(2002-2007) WRX119.00119.00EJ25-EJ20 Tri-Metal +0
382227(2004-2007) STi119.00119.00EJ25-EJ20 Tri-Metal +0
319535(2004-2007) STi119.00119.00EJ25-EJ20 Tri-Metal +1
319538(2002-2007) WRX119.00119.00EJ25-EJ20 Tri-Metal +1
319539(2002-2007) WRX119.00119.00EJ25-EJ20 Tri-Metal +2
319512(2004-2007) STi119.00119.00EJ25-EJ20 Tri-Metal +2
4964805 RSX108.00108.00K20 (Except A3) +0
4964803 RSX108.00108.00K20 (Except A3) +1
4964804 RSX108.00108.00K20 (Except A3) +2
382224(1989-2002) Skyline188.00188.00RB25-RB26 Tri-Metal +0
319604(1989-2002) Skyline188.00188.00RB25-RB26 Tri-Metal +1
319606(1989-2002) Skyline188.00188.00RB25-RB26 Tri-Metal +2
382221(1989-2002) 240SX108.00108.00SR20 2.0L Tri-Metal +0
319588(1989-2002) 240SX108.00108.00SR20 2.0L Tri-Metal +1
319587(1989-2002) 240SX108.00108.00SR20 2.0L Tri-Metal +2
319575(2003-2006) 350Z139.00139.00VQ35DE 3.5L Tri Metal +1
382222(2003-2006) 350Z139.00139.00VQ35DE 3.5L Tri-Metal +0
382223(2003-2006) G35139.00139.00VQ35DE 3.5L Tri-Metal +0
319565(2003-2006) G35139.00139.00VQ35DE 3.5L Tri-Metal +1
319567(2003-2006) G35139.00139.00VQ35DE 3.5L Tri-Metal +2
319577(2003-2006) 350Z139.00139.00VQ35DE 3.5L Tri-Metal +2
Oil Filler CapsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Oil Filler Caps394615(2004 and up) STi67.0067.00
394613(2002 and up) WRX67.0067.00
394614(1993-2000) Impreza67.0067.00
Oil Pan BafflesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Subaru Oil Pan Baffles383138(2002 and up) WRX342.00342.00EJ20/25
383137(2004 and up) STi342.00342.00EJ25
Oil PansVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
High Volume Oil Pans383140(2004 and up) STi629.00629.00 EJ25
383139(2002 and up) WRX629.00629.00EJ20/25
Oil PumpsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Blueprinted High Pressure Oil Pumps319744(2002-2007) WRX373.00373.00EJ20/25
319745(2004 and up) STi373.00373.00EJ20/25
411034(2008 and up) STi405.00405.00EJ20/25 - 11mm Rotor
383512(2004-2007) STi566.00566.00EJ20/25 - 12mm Rotor
361957(2002-2007) WRX566.00566.00EJ20/25 - 12mm Rotor
Oil ScrapersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Crankshaft Oil Scrapers360079 EVO69.0065.21
Piston Pin CirclipsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Piston Pin Circlips383076(2001-2007) EVO6.006.004G63- 22mm Clip
383072(2002 and up) WRX6.006.00EJ20/25- 23mm Clip
375773(2004 and up) STi6.006.00EJ25- 23mm Clip
383074(2003-2008) 350Z6.006.00VQ35- 22mm Clip
383075(2003-2008) G356.006.00VQ35- 22mm Clip
Piston RingsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Performance Piston Rings383084(2008 and up) EVO128.00120.964B11- 86.5mm
383085(2008 and up) EVO128.00120.964B11- 87mm
319467(2001-2007) EVO128.00120.964G63- 85mm
319468(2001-2007) EVO128.00120.964G63- 86mm
319442(2002-2005) WRX128.00120.96EJ20- 92.5mm
383083(2002-2005) WRX128.00120.96EJ20- 92.5mm- For use with Stroker Pistons
319438(2002-2005) WRX128.00120.96EJ20- 92mm
383082(2002-2005) WRX128.00120.96EJ20- 92mm- For use with Stroker Pistons
319437(2004 and up) STi128.00120.96EJ25- 100mm
319435(2004 and up) STi128.00120.96EJ25- 99.5mm
319436(2004 and up) STi128.00120.96EJ25- 99.75mm
319463(2003-2008) G35185.00174.83VQ35- 95.5mm
319465(2003-2008) 350Z185.00174.83VQ35- 95.5mm
319464(2003-2008) G35185.00174.83VQ35- 96mm
319466(2003-2008) 350Z185.00174.83VQ35- 96mm
Forged Pistons382964(2002-2005) WRX867.00819.32 EJ20- 2.0L- 92.5mm 8.0:1CR
382959(2006-2009) WRX867.00819.32 EJ25- 2.5L- 99.75mm 8.2:1CR
382994(2006-2009) WRX867.00819.32 EJ25- 2.5L- 99.75mm 9.2:1CR
383007(2008 and up) EVO867.00819.324B11- 2.0L- 86.5mm 9.0:1CR
383006(2008 and up) EVO867.00819.324B11- 2.0L- 86mm 9.0:1CR
383008(2008 and up) EVO867.00819.324B11- 2.0L- 87mm 9.0:1CR
383022(2008 and up) EVO867.00819.324B11- Stroked 2.2L- 86.5mm 9.0:1CR-For use with 94mm Crank
383021(2008 and up) EVO867.00819.324B11- Stroked 2.2L- 86mm 9.0:1CR-For use with 94mm Crank
383023(2008 and up) EVO867.00819.324B11- Stroked 2.2L- 87mm 9.0:1CR-For use with 94mm Crank
382977(1996-2007) EVO867.00819.324G63- 2.0L- 85mm 8.8:1CR
382978(1996-2007) EVO867.00819.324G63- 2.0L- 86mm 8.8:1CR
319425(1996-2007) EVO867.00819.324G63- Stroked 2.2L- 86mm 8.8:1CR-For use with 94mm Crank
382963(2002-2005) WRX867.00819.32EJ20- 2.0L- 8.0:1CR
382976(2002-2005) WRX867.00819.32EJ20- Stroked 2.2L- 92.5mm 8.5:1CR- (For use with 79mm Crankshaft)
382975(2002-2005) WRX867.00819.32EJ20- Stroked 2.2L- 8.5:1CR- (For use with 79mm Crankshaft)
382961(2004-2009) STi867.00819.32EJ25- 2.5L- 8.2:1CR
382962(2006-2009) WRX867.00819.32EJ25- 2.5L- 8.2:1CR
382997(2006-2009) WRX867.00819.32EJ25- 2.5L- 9.2:1CR
382996(2004-2009) STi867.00819.32EJ25- 2.5L- 9.2:1CR
382957(2004-2009) STi867.00819.32EJ25- 2.5L- 99.5mm 8.2:1CR
382958(2006-2009) WRX867.00819.32EJ25- 2.5L- 99.5mm 8.2:1CR
382992(2004-2009) STi867.00819.32EJ25- 2.5L- 99.5mm 9.2:1CR
382993(2006-2009) WRX867.00819.32EJ25- 2.5L- 99.5mm 9.2:1CR
382960(2004-2009) STi867.00819.32EJ25- 2.5L- 99.75mm 8.2:1CR
382995(2004-2009) STi867.00819.32EJ25- 2.5L- 99.75mm 9.2:1CR
382973(2004-2009) STi867.00819.32EJ25- Stroked 2.6L- 8.2:1CR- (For use with 81mm Crankshaft)
382974(2006-2009) WRX867.00819.32EJ25- Stroked 2.6L- 8.2:1CR- (For use with 81mm Crankshaft)
383002(2004-2009) STi867.00819.32EJ25- Stroked 2.6L- 9.2:1CR- (For use with 81mm Crankshaft)
383003(2006-2009) WRX867.00819.32EJ25- Stroked 2.6L- 9.2:1CR- (For use with 81mm Crankshaft)
382970(2006-2009) WRX867.00819.32EJ25- Stroked 2.6L- 99.5mm 8.2:1CR- (For use with 81mm Crankshaft)
382969(2004-2009) STi867.00819.32EJ25- Stroked 2.6L- 99.5mm 8.2:1CR- (For use with 81mm Crankshaft)
382998(2004-2009) STi867.00819.32EJ25- Stroked 2.6L- 99.5mm 9.2:1CR- (For use with 81mm Crankshaft)
382999(2006-2009) WRX867.00819.32EJ25- Stroked 2.6L- 99.5mm 9.2:1CR- (For use with 81mm Crankshaft)
382971(2006-2009) WRX867.00819.32EJ25- Stroked 2.6L- 99.75mm 8.2:1CR- (For use with 81mm Crankshaft)
382972(2004-2009) STi867.00819.32EJ25- Stroked 2.6L- 99.75mm 8.2:1CR- (For use with 81mm Crankshaft)
383001(2004-2009) STi867.00819.32EJ25- Stroked 2.6L- 99.75mm 9.2:1CR- (For use with 81mm Crankshaft)
383000(2006-2009) WRX867.00819.32EJ25- Stroked 2.6L- 99.75mm 9.2:1CR- (For use with 81mm Crankshaft)
383029(2002-2007) Civic867.00819.32K20A- 2.0L- 86.25mm 12:1CR
383030(2002-2006) RSX867.00819.32K20A- 2.0L- 86.25mm 12:1CR
383031(2002-2006) RSX867.00819.32K20A- 2.0L- 86.5mm 12:1CR
383032(2002-2007) Civic867.00819.32K20A- 2.0L- 86.5mm 12:1CR
383028(2002-2007) Civic867.00819.32K20A- 2.0L- 86mm 12:1CR
383027(2002-2006) RSX867.00819.32K20A- 2.0L- 86mm 12:1CR
382965(2003-2008) 350Z1,223.001,155.74VQ35- 3.5L- 95.5mm 8.8:1CR- (Turbo application)
382966(2003-2008) G351,223.001,155.74VQ35- 3.5L- 95.5mm 8.8:1CR- (Turbo application)
382953(2003-2008) G351,223.001,155.74VQ35- 3.5L- 95.5mm 11.0:1CR
382954(2003-2008) 350Z1,223.001,155.74VQ35- 3.5L- 95.5mm 11.0:1CR
382967(2003-2008) G351,223.001,155.74VQ35- 3.5L- 8.8:1CR- (Turbo application)
382968(2003-2008) 350Z1,223.001,155.74VQ35- 3.5L- 8.8:1CR- (Turbo application)
382955(2003-2008) 350Z1,223.001,155.74VQ35- 3.5L- 11.0:1CR
382956(2003-2008) G351,223.001,155.74VQ35- 3.5L- 11.0:1CR
435149 GT-R2,243.002,119.64VR38 piston set 95.5mm 9.3:1 CR
Radiator CapsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Radiator Caps4964672 WRX30.0029.001.1 Bar
4964670 WRX30.0029.001.3 Bar
4964671 WRX30.0029.001.5 Bar
Rod BearingsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
High Performance Rod Bearings382239(2008 and up) EVO99.0099.004B11T- Tri-Metal +0
382240(2008 and up) EVO99.0099.004B11T- Tri-Metal +1
382241(2008 and up) EVO99.0099.004B11T- Tri-Metal +2
382235(2001-2006) EVO85.0085.004G63 2.0L Tri-Metal +0
319563(2001-2006) EVO85.0085.004G63 2.0L Tri-Metal +1
319561(2001-2006) EVO85.0085.004G63 2.0L Tri-Metal +2
382237(2002-2007) WRX89.0089.00EJ20-EJ25 Tri-Metal +0
382238(2004-2007) STi89.0089.00EJ20-EJ25 Tri-Metal +0
319534(2004-2007) STi89.0089.00EJ20-EJ25 Tri-Metal +2
319540(2002-2007) WRX89.0089.00EJ20-EJ25 Tri-Metal +2
319536(2004-2007) STi89.0089.00EJ25-EJ20 Tri-Metal +1
319537(2002-2007) WRX89.0089.00EJ25-EJ20 Tri-Metal +1
4964806 RSX108.00108.00K20 (except A3) +0
4964808 RSX108.00108.00K20 (except A3) +1
4964807 RSX108.00108.00K20 (except A3) +2
382236(1989-2002) Skyline92.0092.00RB25-RB26 Tri-Metal +0
319605(1989-2002) Skyline92.0092.00RB25-RB26 Tri-Metal +1
319607(1989-2002) Skyline92.0092.00RB25-RB26 Tri-Metal +2
382232(1989-2002) 240SX85.0085.00SR20 2.0L Tri-Metal +0
319589(1989-2002) 240SX85.0085.00SR20 2.0L Tri-Metal +1
382231(1989-2002) 240SX85.0085.00SR20 2.0L Tri-Metal +2
382233(2003-2006) 350Z142.00142.00VQ35DE 3.5L Tri-Metal +0
382234(2003-2006) G35142.00142.00VQ35DE 3.5L Tri-Metal +0
319576(2003-2006) 350Z142.00142.00VQ35DE 3.5L Tri-Metal +1
319566(2003-2006) G35142.00142.00VQ35DE 3.5L Tri-Metal +1
319568(2003-2006) G35142.00142.00VQ35DE 3.5L Tri-Metal +2
319578(2003-2006) 350Z142.00142.00VQ35DE 3.5L Tri-Metal +2
Stroker KitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Stroker Kits383068(2004 and up) STi5,899.005,515.57 EJ25- 2.6L w/81mm Cranksahft
383067(2008 and up) EVO5,995.005,605.334B11- 2.2L w/94mm Crankshaft
393842(2002-2005) WRX2,499.002,336.57EJ20- 2.2L w/79mm Forged Crankshaft (50 over)
LowTemp Thermostats4964664 EVO112.00112.001-5 (68C/154F)
4964668 EVO112.00112.006-9 (71C/159F)
4964667(1993-1998) Supra112.00112.0068C/154C
4964665 350Z134.00134.0068C/154F
4964666 G35134.00134.0068C/154F
4964663 WRX112.00112.00EJ20/25 (68C/154F)
4964669 240SX112.00112.00SR20 (68C/154F)
Thrust BearingsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
High Performance Thrust Bearings382242(2008 and up) EVO32.0032.004B11T- STD
319564(2001-2006) EVO26.0026.004G63 2.0L
4964809 RSX27.0027.00K20 (except A3)
319590(1989-2002) 240SX26.0026.00SR20 2.0L- STD
319579(2003-2006) 350Z38.0038.00VQ35DE 3.5L- STD
319569(2003-2007) G3538.0038.00VQ35DE 3.5L- STD
Timing Belt GuidesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Billet Timing Belt Guides319692 WRX88.0088.00EJ20-EJ25
319693 STi88.0088.00EJ20-EJ25
Timing BeltsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Kevlar High Performance Timing Belts367726(2002-2008) WRX284.00284.00 EJ20/EJ25
367725(2003-2007) EVO63.0063.004G63-All-Balance Belt
367724(2003-2007) EVO226.00226.004G63-All-Timing Belt
367727(2002-2008) STi284.00284.00EJ20/EJ25
Valve BucketsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
High Performance Valve Buckets4964747(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.50mm
319767(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.50mm
4964748(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.52mm
319768(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.52mm
319769(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.54mm
4964749(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.54mm
4964750(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.56mm
319770(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.56mm
319771(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.58mm
4964751(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.58mm
4964752(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.60mm
319772(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.60mm
319773(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.62mm
4964753(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.62mm
4964754(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.64mm
319774(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.64mm
319775(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.66mm
4964755(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.66mm
4964756(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.68mm
319776(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.68mm
319777(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.70mm
4964757(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.70mm
4964758(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.72mm
319778(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.72mm
319779(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.74mm
4964759(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.74mm
4964760(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.76mm
319780(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.76mm
319781(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.78mm
4964761(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.78mm
4964762(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.80mm
319782(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.80mm
319783(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.82mm
4964763(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.82mm
4964764(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.84mm
319784(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.84mm
319785(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.86mm
4964765(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.86mm
4964766(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.88mm
319786(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.88mm
319787(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.90mm
4964767(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.90mm
4964768(2006-2012) WRX31.0030.00EJ25- 4.91mm
319788(2004-2012) STi31.0030.00EJ25- 4.91mm
Valve SpringsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
High RPM Single Valve Springs319747(2004 and up) STi325.00325.00 EJ25
370574(2008 and up) EVO325.00325.004B11T
383146(2001-2007) EVO325.00325.004G63
383145(2002 and up) WRX325.00325.00EJ20/25
319794(1989-2002) Skyline487.00487.00RB26
319793(1989-2002) 240SX325.00325.00SR20DET
319791(2003-2008) 350Z487.00487.00VQ35
319792(2003-2007) G35487.00487.00VQ35
Valve Springs And RetainersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Ultra High RPM Dual Valve Springs And Retainers393861(2008 and up) EVO795.00795.004B11T
319834(2001-2007) EVO795.00795.004G63
319746(2004 and up) STi811.00811.00EJ25
383143(2003-2008) 350Z1,190.001,190.00VQ35
383144(2003-2007) G351,190.001,190.00VQ35
High Performance Valves393863(2008 and up) EVO36.0035.004B11T- Exhaust +1mm Inconel
393862(2008 and up) EVO26.0025.004B11T- Intake +1mm Stainless Steel
321632(2004 and up) STi37.0036.00EJ25- Exhaust +1mm Inconel
321633(2004 and up) STi24.0023.00EJ25- Intake +1mm Stainless Steel
321629(2003-2007) G3539.0038.00VQ35- Exhaust +1mm Inconel
321630(2003-2008) 350Z39.0038.00VQ35- Exhaust +1mm Inconel
321627(2003-2007) G3522.0021.00VQ35- Intake +1mm Stainless Steel
321628(2003-2008) 350Z22.0021.00VQ35- Intake +1mm Stainless Steel
Wrist PinsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Wrist Pins383079(2001-2007) EVO38.0037.004G63- 22mm Pin
383078(2002 and up) WRX38.0037.00EJ20/25- 23mm Pin
383077(2004 and up) STi38.0037.00EJ25- 23mm Pin
383080(2003-2008) 350Z38.0037.00VQ35- 22mm Pin
383081(2003-2008) G3538.0037.00VQ35- 22mm Pin