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Cusco was founded in December of 1977 and is owned under the Carrosser Co., Ltd. company in Gunma, Japan. The main goal of Cusco is to provide "Comfort" in all aspects. Whether it's comfort on the street, or confidence supporting their products, Cusco wants you to be comfortable with their brand. Cusco's manufacturing process is forever evolving and involves listening to you, the customer. They take what their customers have to say to heart, make changes in designs, then apply the revisions to the manufacturing process. On top of listening to what their customers have to say, Cusco has years upon years of real world racing experience. They put that knowledge to use when designing products.

Whether you're building a street vehicle, or a full on track queen, Cusco is going to offer products that will benefit you and bring out the full potential of your car. With products ranging from simple bushings to coilover systems to their extensive collection of Power Braces that stiffen every corner of your chassis, Cusco has left no part of your suspension out of their line up.
1,040 Parts by Cusco
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Under BracesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Version I Under Braces108858(1996-1998) CR-V100.00100.00RD1- Front
108856(2000-2005) IS300100.0088.00SXE10- Rear
380627(1999-2003) TL100.0090.00UA5- Front
380632(1998-2000) EVO100.0088.00V-VI- CN/CP9A- Front
355091(2001-2005) EVO100.0088.00VII-VIII- CT9A- Front
108855(2000-2005) Celica100.0088.00ZZT23- Front
Version II Under Braces108886(2000-2003) S2000200.00176.00AP1- Front
380645(1998-2004) Legacy200.00176.00BH5- Front
380647(2005-2009) Legacy200.00176.00BP9- Front- Turbo Model Only
380648(2005-2009) Legacy200.00176.00BP9- Rear
108907(2004-2008) TSX200.00180.00CL9- Front
352156(1993-2001) Impreza200.00176.00GC8- Front- Turbo Model Only
355109(2002-2007) WRX200.00176.00GDA- Front
380649(2008-2009) STi200.00176.00GRB- Front
380643(1995-1996) EVO200.00176.00III- CE9A- Front
380642(1995-2000) Pulsar200.00180.00JN15- Front
108904(1998-2001) GS400200.00176.00JZS161- Front
108909(1990-1998) Miata200.00176.00NA- Front
380638(2004-2007) xB200.00176.00NCP31- Front
380646(2003-2008) Forester200.00176.00SG5- Front- Turbo Model Only
380640(1990-1993) Celica200.00180.00ST185/ST184- Front- GT-4
380641(1994-1999) Celica200.00176.00ST202- Front
108905(2000-2005) IS300200.00176.00SXE10- Front- RHD Only
108906(2000-2004) IS300294.00258.72SXE10- Rear
380644(1998-2000) EVO200.00176.00V-VI- CN/CP9A- Front
355092(2001-2005) EVO200.00176.00VII-VIII- CT9A- Front
367759(2008-2009) EVO200.00176.00X- CZ4A- Front
108902(1999-2002) MR2200.00176.00ZZW30- Front
108903(1999-2002) MR2160.00140.80ZZW30- Rear
Sub-Frame Under Braces380552(2002-2007) WRX160.00140.80 Rear
380463(2008-2009) EVO294.00258.72CZ4A- Front Rear
380491(2008-2009) EVO187.00164.56CZ4A- Rear Rear- Must modify heatshield
380493(2008-2009) EVO174.00153.12CZ4A- Rear Side
380492(2008-2009) STi320.00288.00GRB- Front Rear
380464(2008-2009) STi114.00100.32GRB- Rear Rear
380551(2004-2005) STi160.00140.80Rear
352157(1997-2007) Impreza160.00140.80Rear- Sedan Only
Upper Control ArmsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Formula Link Upper Control Arms354364(1985-1987) Corolla647.00582.30Rear
Formula Link Jr Upper Control Arms354366(1985-1987) Corolla440.00396.00Rear
N-1 Link Upper Control Arms354368(1985-1987) Corolla200.00180.00Rear
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