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The EBC Group was founded in 1978 as one of the pioneers of the brake pad aftermarket for motorcycles. With such success with motorcycles, EBC moved their sites over to four wheel automobiles. Currently, EBC offers brake pads for a wide range of cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and even mountain bicycles! As if that weren't impressive enough, EBC is one of the only manufacturers of brake pads for wind powered generators. The stopping power needed to stop those huge blades is enormous, and EBC certainly stepped up to the challenge.

EBC's pad range isn't just limited to vehicle application, they also manufacture an equally impressive range of friction materials and to suit even the most picky driver. The Ultimax pad is their OEM replacement for the commuter who only needs to get from point A to point B. The Green Stuff pad is meant for spirited street use and maybe drivers who like to get from point A to point B a little faster. EBC's Red Stuff pad is for the budding enthusiast who wants an aggressive pad for the street with very light track use. For those who need a pad that they can use on the trip to and from the track and really put their brakes through the paces, EBC offers the Yellow Stuff pad. Finally there is the Blue Stuff for track only performance. Even with this impressive line up, there is even more EBC does for nearly every vehicle type.

Their rotors are some of the industry's best and most sought after. The Ultimax Black Dash Slotted Rotor is a great upgrade over OEM at a price that definitely makes them worth that upgrade. The black coating protects the non friction surfaces from corrosion and the slots help to keep the friction surface of the pads clean and level. One step up is the EBC 3GD Slotted and Dimpled Rotor. With slots and dimples, these rotors also keep the friction surface clear but in the event of pad fade, the dimples will further help dissipate excess gas. The zinc coating also protects non friction surfaces from corrosion with a unique look.

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EBC 3GD Series Sport Slotted And Dimpled Brake Rotors

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