Fuel Injector Clinic Price List

With more than 20 years experience, FIC's high-tech facility designs and develops electronic fuel injectors for all applications.

Fuel Injector Clinic supplies fuel injectors for supercharged, alcohol, import and domestic applications and offers full cleaning, calibrating and flow balancing of all original and high performance import and domestic injectors.

With thousands of customers in the performance race engine building and electronic fuel injection industry, FIC's service is unmatched.
12 Parts by Fuel Injector Clinic
Fuel InjectorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
E46 BMW Fuel Injectors472362(2001-2006) M3725.00725.001100cc/min @ 43.5psi
472364(2001-2006) M31,170.001,170.002150cc/min @ 43.5psi
472365(2001-2006) M3495.00495.00650cc/min @ 43.5psi
472366(2001-2006) M3540.00540.00775cc/min @ 43.5psi
472363(2001-2006) M3595.00595.00800cc/min @ 43.5psi
472367(2001-2006) M3600.00600.00900cc/min @ 43.5psi
Fuel Injectors984247(2004-2006) STi780.00780.002150cc (Only w/STi FIC Rail Blue MAX Injector set High-Z)
5093080(1993-1998) Supra1,170.001,170.002JZGTE - 2150cc High Impedance
5092965 Supra685.00685.007MGTE - 1650cc (Peak & Hold/Low Impedance)
2045457 Supra485.00485.007MGTE - 550cc w/PNP Adapter (Peak & Hold/Low Impedance)
960341 Skyline450.00450.00RB26 - 850cc (Peak & Hold / Low Impedance)
SP Fuel Injectors5093393(2007 and up) GT-R795.00766.381050cc SP Line Saturated / High Impedance Ball & Seat Injectors