GReddy Price List

Trust Co. LTD was founded in Japan in 1977. Even before the creation of the child brand GReddy, Trust was a dominant name in the racing industry. Since 1994, GReddy has been the US R&D and manufacturing company for Trust in the United States. With the US headquarters in Irvine, California, GReddy is in the heart of the sport compact scene. GReddy manufactures an extremely wide variety of parts for many vehicles. Their part line up includes, Exhaust Systems, Turbo Kits, Cooling Systems, Electronics (EMS, Gauges, etc), Brakes, Suspension and other accessories. Even with this range of parts, GReddy does not cut corners anywhere. GReddy provides quality that they can pride themselves on.

GReddy's main slogan is "Founded and Driven by Racers". This holds true to this day. Greddy is dedicated to developing products that enhance performance for most popular vehicles. They are constantly reviewing feedback to further improve their products and bring only the best to the table. Along with simple exhaust and intake systems, GReddy also manufactures complex turbo and engine management systems. Often times, these products are difficult to be fully versed in, even for the most seasoned tuner. GReddy understands this and has provided their customers with an in-house technical service department. This allows customers to have backup from a reliable source that fully understands GReddy products. Being located in California, GReddy must acknowledge CARB certification. Many of their products are CARB exempt, allowing any customer in the US to benefit from their products. GReddy also offers a range of exhaust systems that adhere to many states' 95dBA restrictions. Even while accommodating the law, GReddy hasn't forgotten about all out performance and does offer a full line of off-highway use products.

Overall GReddy is committed to providing the ultimate in performance and quality. They are realistic when it comes to this industry and strive to offer the best customer service they can. Whether it be their unmatched warranty or their constant improvement on their products, GReddy stays true to themselves and their customers.
180 Parts by GReddy
Air FiltersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Airinx Air Filters170745 25.0026.79AY-M - Blue-Replacement Filter
170744 25.0026.79AY-M - Yellow-Replacement Filter
369128 105.0099.75AY-MB Filter Set- 100mm - Large
369126 105.0099.75AY-MB Filter Set- 70mm - Large
369127 105.0099.75AY-MB Filter Set- 80mm - Large
170746 18.0019.29AY-S - Blue-Replacement Filter
170743 18.0019.29AY-S - Yellow-Replacement Filter
170735 90.0085.50AY-SB Filter Set- 50mm - Small
170736 90.0085.50AY-SB Filter Set- 60mm - Small
170737 90.0085.50AY-SB Filter Set- 70mm - Small
170738 90.0085.50AY-SB Filter Set- 80mm - Small
Air IntakesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Airinx Air Intakes4964499(2013 and up) BRZ350.00332.50Momentum Series Intake with sealed air-box with factory air scoop intergration rounded-nose, dry element, cone filter
4964498(2013 and up) FR-S350.00332.50Momentum Series Intake with sealed air-box with factory air scoop intergration rounded-nose, dry element, cone filter
86988(1990-1995) 300ZX110.00104.50Twin Turbo, AY-MB
5092951(2008-2010) EVO260.00260.00X
Blow Off Valve Mounting FlangesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Blow Off Valve Mounting Flanges908 42.0045.01Aluminum, Type - R/S, S, R
Blow Off Valve Recirculation KitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Blow Off Valve Recirculation Kits442357 20.0021.4429mm (Type - RZ)
Blow Off Valve SpringsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Blow Off Valve Springs87741 30.0032.15Type R, standard spring
Blow Off ValvesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Blow Off Valves413923 375.00356.25Type R - 47mm
413924 385.00365.75Type R - 47mm (With Stiff Spring)
413922 275.00261.25Type RZ - 40mm
Boost Controller HarnessesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Profec E-01 Boost Controller Harnesses230550 12.0012.86Speed Harness - SCC Switch Adapter
Profec B Spec II Boost Controller Harnesses438700 10.0010.72Power Harness
Type-S Boost Controller Harnesses171083 10.0010.72Power Harness
Boost Controller SolenoidsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Profec B Spec II Boost Controller Solenoids382914 125.00118.75Replacement Solenoid
Boost ControllersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Profec B Spec II Boost Controllers44089 440.00418.00Black
4964867 525.00499.00New (Profec)
44716 440.00418.00Silver
TYPE-S Coilovers297832(2003 and up) EVO1,495.001,495.00(CT9A)
297830(1989-1994) 240SX1,520.001,520.00(S13)
297831(1995-1998) 240SX1,495.001,495.00(S14)
297833(2004 and up) RX-81,575.001,575.00(SE3P)
297829(2003 and up) 350Z1,575.001,575.00(Z33)
MX Downpipes29070(1989-2002) 240SX220.00220.0080mm
EMS AccessoriesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
E-manage Ultimate EMS Accessories410918 120.00114.00complete wiring set with 12, 18 & 14 pin connectors
392475(2000-2003) S2000235.00223.25H8 Plug and play harness for Ultimate EMS
Engine Management PiggybackVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
E-manage Ultimate Engine Management Piggyback184182 690.00655.50
Exhaust SystemsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
TI-C Exhaust Systems386474(2003-2007) RSX750.00712.5070mm Cat Back
392602(2009 and up) 370Z1,590.001,510.5070mm Piping w/Dual Exit
387509(2006-2009) 3815.00774.2580mm
404258(1989-1994) 240SX700.00665.0080mm pipe, 116mm tip (turbo)
366809(2008) Altima1,170.001,111.50Cat Back
Spectrum Elite Exhaust Systems368105(2004-2008) tC595.00595.00
376589(2004-2007) xB430.00430.0050mm Piping w/102mm Tip
376603(2002-2006) RSX745.00707.7560mm Piping w/102mm Tip
376594(2004-2007) Maxima1,100.001,045.0060mm Piping w/Dual 102mm Tips (disco
376597(2009 and up) EVO1,255.001,192.2570mm Piping w/Dual 102mm Tips - Disco
4082203(2008 and up) EVO995.00945.2570mm Piping, sidesways mufflers, 2 x 115mm Tips (Does not fit Ralliart)
368111(2002-2007) WRX750.00712.5080mm Piping w/102mm Tip
368113(2005-2007) STi750.00712.5080mm Piping w/115mm Tip
376595(2003-2006) G35740.00703.00Coupe- 60mm Piping w/Dual 102mm Tips
368108(1992-2000) Civic725.00725.00EX/Si - 60mm Piping w/102mm Tip
376599(1994-1999) Integra740.00703.00GSR Coupe- 60mm Piping w/102mm Tip
376602(1994-1999) Integra745.00707.75GSR Sedan- 60mm Piping w/102mm Tip
376598(1994-2001) Integra725.00688.75LS/RS Coupe- 60mm Piping w/102mm Tip
376591(2002-2006) Sentra700.00665.00SE-R, Spec-V 60mm Piping w/102mm Tip
411219(2007-2008) G351,375.001,306.25Sedan - 3Piece System -60mm Piping w/ Dual Mufflers (Tips:115mm)
382335(2001-2005) Civic735.00698.25SI - Hatchback 60mm piping, 102mm tip
376606(2002-2005) Civic735.00698.25Si Hatch- 60mm Piping w/102mm Tip
376604(1992-1995) Civic700.00665.00Si/DX - 60mm Piping w/102mm Tip - Hatchback
368109(2002-2006) RSX750.00712.50Type-S- 60mm Piping w/102mm Tip
412138(2008) Accord1,240.001,178.00V6 - Coupe Only
392938(2000-2005) Eclipse650.00617.50V6, 60mm piping, 102mm Tip
RS Exhaust Systems442637(2006-2009) Civic650.00617.5060mm - Si - Coupe
507367(2001-2005) IS300580.00580.0060mm piping & 102mm tip, 2 piece system. Full Stainless Steel
456227(2004-2010) tC390.00370.5060mm piping, 102mm tip Full Stainless Steel rear section only cat-back 1pc, with additional hanger
442635(2008-2010) Lancer395.00375.2560mm Rear section only
442634(2003-2008) 350Z1,350.001,282.5070mm Full Dual 70mm
442638(2000-2008) S2000695.00660.2570mm Single Exit
456230(2003-2007) EVO620.00589.0080mm piping, 115mm tip 2pcs. Full Stainless Steel
442636(2008-2011) EVO695.00660.2580mm Single Exit
442639(2010-2011) Genesis595.00565.2580mm Single Exit
456228(2006-2011) Civic620.00589.00EX Coupe - 2 door only
456229(2002-2006) RSX620.00589.00S - 60mm dia piping, cat-back exhaust with Longer 150mm SUS tip Full Stainless Steel 2pcs.
456231(2011) tC850.00807.50Turbo 70mm dia.
Street Performance Elite Exhaust Systems456236(2004-2008) RX-8840.00798.00(SE3P) 13B-MSP - 60mm, 2x sideways mufflers, 2x102mm tips (does not fit 09-on) 2pcs.
456232(2006-2009) IS250890.00845.504GR-FSE/2GR-FSE - 60mm, dual mufflers, 102mm tips 2pcs.
456233(2006-2009) IS350890.00845.504GR-FSE/2GR-FSE - 60mm, dual mufflers, 102mm tips 2pcs.
4964500(2013 and up) FR-S625.00593.7560mm, sideways muffler, 2x 102mm tips - 1pc.
4964501(2013 and up) BRZ625.00593.7560mm, sideways muffler, 2x 102mm tips - 1pc.
456237(1992-2000) Civic720.00684.00EX/SI - (EJ/EM1) D16/B16 - 2/4 dr. Coupe/Sedan (not HB) - 60mm piping, 102mm tip 3pcs.
456238(2006-2009) Civic690.00655.50Si - (FG2) K20A - 2dr. Coupe only - 60mm piping, 102mm tip 2pcs.
456235(2008-2010) EVO995.00945.25X - (CZ4A) 4B11 GSR/MR - 70mm, sideways muffler, 2x 115mm tips (does not fit RallyArt) 3pcs.
Fuel InjectorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Top Feed Fuel Injectors284122 150.00142.50440cc, 2-3ohm
Head GasketsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Metal Head Gaskets2422(1993-1998) Supra465.00465.00(2JZ-GTE) 1.6mm x 88mm bore
2423(1993-1998) Supra460.00460.00(2JZ-GTE) 1.8mm x 88mm bore
2424(1993-1998) Supra460.00460.00(2JZ-GTE) 2.0mm x 88mm bore
Intake ManifoldsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Intake Manifolds234616 Silvia1,060.001,007.00S14/S15 - Cast Aluminum
356402 Skyline100.0095.00Stock Throttle Body Adaptor for Intake Manifold
Intercooler Piping KitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Intercooler Piping Kits170771(1993-1995) RX-7150.00142.501pc - Compression tube only
Intercoolers1262034(1989-1994) Skyline1,890.001,795.50GT-R T-29
1262033(1989-1994) Skyline1,925.001,828.75GT-R T-29 Only With Greddy Intake
Oil Catch TanksVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Oil Catch Tanks410874 150.00142.5015mm
410873 150.00142.509mm
Oil Cooler KitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Oil Cooler Kits363281(2000-2006) S2000660.00627.00
256985 Silvia1,045.00992.75(PS13) 10 ROW w/ Remote filter - 2
170852 Silvia1,025.00973.75(PS13) 13 ROW w/ Remote filter - 1
170854 Silvia1,085.001,030.75(S14) 16 ROW w/ Remote filter
4964504(2013 and up) FR-S1,195.001,135.2510 row, Circuit Spec. with air ducting, requires use of QX-1,3, SX-1,3 oil filter - This is a JDM Specific 86 Kit, which requires the relocation of an electric module (brackets not included)
4964505(2013 and up) BRZ1,195.001,135.2510 row, Circuit Spec. with air ducting, requires use of QX-1,3, SX-1,3 oil filter - This is a JDM Specific 86 Kit, which requires the relocation of an electric module (brackets not included)
170858 STi855.00812.2513 ROW - Manual Trans
170856(1992-1995) Civic765.00726.75EX/SI - 10 ROW
170857(1994-1998) Integra765.00726.75GSR - 10 ROW
170861(1995-1999) Eclipse720.00684.00GST/GSX - 10 ROW - Manual Trans
170862(1995-1999) Eclipse780.00741.00GST/GSX - 13 ROW - Manual Trans
1262013(1989-1994) Skyline1,110.001,054.50GT-R - 13 ROW w/ Remote Filter
297479 WRX855.00812.25MAUNAL TRANS.
170846(1993-1998) Supra805.00764.75Twin Turbo - 16 ROW
170844(1993-1998) Supra1,160.001,102.00Twin Turbo - 16 ROW w/ Remote filter
170859 EVO700.00665.00VII - 13 ROW - Replaces Std cooler
170860 EVO750.00712.50VIII & IX - 13 ROW - Works w/ Std cooler
Oil Filter Relocation KitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Oil Filter Relocation Kits104557(1985-1997) Corolla285.00270.75
104559(1989-1993) Miata295.00280.251.6L
228712 280.00266.003/4 X 16 UNF
231928 290.00275.50M20 X P1.5
104569(1993-1995) RX-7285.00270.75T/T
104558(1986-1992) RX-7285.00270.75Turbo
245894(1993-1998) Supra280.00266.00Turbo
Oil FiltersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Oil Filters297515 15.0016.083/4-16UNF 4AG-3SG/NIS SR20(S13)/GREDDY BLOCK
297516 16.0017.153/4-16UNF TOY 1JZ-2JZ-1G
297524 16.0017.15M20XP1.5 HON ZC-B20/MIT 4G63-6A12/MAZ K8-FS
297518 16.0017.15M20XP1.5 NIS VQ-SR(14)MAZ BP-13B HON ZC-B16/SUB EJ
4964506(2013 and up) FR-S16.0017.15MD-04 (M20xP1.5, 68mm Dia., 65mm Tall)
4964507(2013 and up) BRZ16.0017.15MD-04 (M20xP1.5, 68mm Dia., 65mm Tall)
297517 15.0016.08QX-03 3/4-16UNF TOY 4AG-3SG/NIS RB/GREDDY BLOCK
Performance MetersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Informeter Touch Performance Meters420835 175.00166.25Sensor Adapter (Adds external sensors) Req Ver 1.04+ OBD only (not compatible with non-OBD)
376353 510.00484.50Touch-screen engine monitor
Pressure SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Pressure Sensors420837 120.00120.00Oil or Fuel Sensor
420838 25.0023.75Pressure Sensor Harness
420836 136.00136.00Replacement Boost Sensor
Pulleys2029(1993-1998) Supra485.00460.753-pulley kit
170669(2003 and up) RX-8255.00242.25W/P , ALT
Radiator CapsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Radiator Caps4964503(2013 and up) BRZ35.0037.51
4964502(2013 and up) FR-S35.0037.51
405 35.0037.51Type N
404 35.0037.51Type S
Spark PlugsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Iridium Tune Spark Plugs88049 28.0030.01ISO type, head range 6
88050 28.0030.01ISO type, head range 7
88051 28.0030.01ISO type, head range 8
88052 28.0030.01ISO type, head range 9
88045 28.0030.01JIS type, heat range 6
88046 28.0030.01JIS type, heat range 7
88047 28.0030.01JIS type, heat range 8
88048 28.0030.01JIS type, heat range 9
Racing Spark Plugs88065 29.0031.08L Type, heat range 7 (long reach 26.5mm for VQ35 eng.)
88066 29.0031.08L Type, heat range 8 (long reach 26.5mm for VQ35 eng.)
Timing BeltsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Extreme Timing Belts56888(1986-1992) Supra162.00153.901JZ-GE/GTE
56877 GS300172.00163.402JZGE
56878 IS300172.00163.402JZGE
38867(1993-1998) Supra172.00163.402JZGE/GTE
88041 Civic Del Sol177.00168.15B16A
88042(2002 and up) WRX260.00247.00EJ20
88043(2003 and up) EVO237.00225.15EVO VIII, 4G63
56883(2003 and up) EVO55.0052.25EVO VIII, 4G63 (Balance Shaft Belt)
49346 Integra180.00171.00GSR, B18C, DOHC, VTEC
56880 Prelude172.00163.40H22A, 2.2L, VTEC
56881 Prelude82.0077.90H22A, 2.2L, VTEC -Balance Shaft Belt
88044 Skyline168.00159.60RB26DETT, RB25DE(T), RB20DE(T)
56879 Civic177.00168.15Si, B16A
Turbo KitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Upgrade Turbo Kits29076 240SX5,565.005,565.00SR20DET - S14/S15, SUS Manifold, Type R WG - (Special Order)
170538(1993-1995) RX-75,810.005,810.00T78 - Big SUS manif & Type R W/G
Bolt On Turbo Kits170611(2003-2004) 350Z7,800.007,410.002x TD05H-18G - Cast Manif, Ext w/ GS, w/ E-Manage & 440cc Inj.
367125(2007-2008) 350Z10,430.009,908.502x TD06SH-20G- XL Type 32R Intercooler- Iron Manifolds- Dual Airinx Intake- Open Opts for Fuel Management
367126(2003-2006) 350Z8,730.008,293.502x TD06SH-20G- XL Type 32R Intercooler- Iron Manifolds- Dual Airinx Intake- Open Opts for Fuel Management
442373(2009 and up) 370Z9,520.009,044.002x TD06SH-20G8cm2, Cast Manif, Type 32 Intercooler, Airinix intake, Cast oil pan
297229(2006 and up) Civic5,750.005,462.50SI - T517Z Type 31 I/C, cast-mani.,370cc,W/Ultimate
334894(2000-2003) S20006,340.006,023.00Type 28 I/C, SUS mani., plug-in Ultimate,550cc inj, fuel pump,oil reloc.
Turbo TimersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Full Auto II Turbo Timers385838 115.00109.25
476437(2003-2008) EVO15.0016.08Harness
Turbos OnlyVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Turbos Only17569 3,100.003,100.00T-78, 29d Comp. Housing, 17.0cm2 Turbine, Externally Wastegated
17587 1,650.001,650.00TD-05H, 16g Comp. Housing, 6.0cm2 Turbine, Externally Wastegated
17586 1,650.001,650.00TD-05H, 16g Comp. Housing, 8.0cm2 Turbine, Externally Wastegated
17544 2,000.002,000.00TD-05SH, 20g Comp. Housing, 8.0cm2 Turbine, Internally Wastegated
17550 2,300.002,300.00TD-06S, 20g Comp. Housing, 12.0cm2 Turbine, Externally Wastegated
17548 2,300.002,300.00TD-06S, 20g Comp. Housing, 8.0cm2 Turbine, Externally Wastegated
17559 2,760.002,760.00TD-06SH, 25g Comp. Housing, 16.0cm2 Turbine, Externally Wastegated
17557 2,760.002,760.00TD-06SH, 25g Comp. Housing, 8.0cm2 Turbine, Externally Wastegated
17579 3,100.003,100.00TD-07S, 25g Comp. Housing, 17.0cm2 Turbine, Externally Wastegated
17580 3,100.003,100.00TD-07S, 25g Comp. Housing, 21.0cm2 Turbine, Externally Wastegated
Replacment Turbos Only406096 2,300.002,300.00T517Z 8cm2