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Garrett Parts and Accessories

The Garrett Corporation was started in 1936 in Los Angeles by Cliff Garrett. With only the space of a one room office, two friends for financial and moral support and a $5000 loan, Garrett started one of the largest turbo manufactures in the world. With the support of car manufacturers and racing teams, Garrett is almost a household name.

Back when Garrett started his company, the turbocharger business was a risky one. He only had himself as an employee and only one customer! Who can tell how far behind the aftermarket tuning world would be if Garrett hadn't taken that risk. Even factory vehicles that come equipped with turbochargers would likely be scarcer. There are truly few companies who paved the way for the automotive world we live in. Cliff Garrett is one of those who innovated and paved that way.

Today Garrett Corporation manufactures OEM and aftermarket turbo systems. Whether you're looking for an upgrade, or want to add a turbo to your vehicle that didn't come with one from the factory, Garrett is likely a name you will consider.

Garrett Compressor Wheels

Garrett Turbine Housings

Garrett 2G DSM BIG T28 Turbos Only

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