Haltech Price List

Haltech was started by Steve Mitchell with the backing of his father Bill Mitchell in 1986. The original intention was to develop diagnostic equipment for electronic fuel injection but a request by "Modern Motor" magazine to solve the problem of supplying fuel to a supercharged Ford project car led to the development of a supplementary fuel injection computer. This was followed by a turbo timer.

Haltech then developed the world's first real time PC programmable engine management system i.e. programmable with the engine running. There were systems such as the English Zytek which were very good systems but expensive, and at that time not programmable in real time. The first Haltech system, the F2 was followed by the F3 model which was produced by the thousands and there are many of both models still running today.

Haltech has a staff of engineers that are continually developing new products as well as supporting and updating existing products. Haltech products are designed and manufactured in Australia with Haltech’s own PCB manufacturing facilities to ensure that the greatest care is taken with the assembly of their product.
76 Parts by Haltech
Boost Controller SolenoidsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Boost Controller Solenoids409740 105.00108.7533Hz (Inc Fitting and Rubber Isolated Mount)
Coolant Temperature SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Coolant Temperature Sensors409767 42.0046.66Coolant Temp Sensor - Large Thread (inc plug & pins) 3/8 NPT 18TPI
409766 42.0046.66Coolant Temp Sensor - Small Thread (inc plug & pins) M12 x 1.5
IQ3 Dash Displays409741 849.00962.50Display Dash
409742 1,699.001,926.25Logging Dash
409746 47.0063.50Mounting Bracket - Aluminum
409747 49.0063.50Mounting Bracket - Stainless Steel
MXL Dash Displays409750 2,495.002,661.29Pro - Logging
409748 1,299.001,385.33Street - (Strada) Display Only
409749 1,999.002,132.09Track - (Pista) Logging
Engine Management Stand AloneVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Platinum Sport 1000 Engine Management Stand Alone409808(1993-1996) Impreza1,814.001,762.82
409809(1997-1998) Impreza1,814.001,762.82
409810(1999-2000) Impreza1,814.001,762.82
409801 EVO1,814.001,762.821,2,3,GSR and RVR
433626 EVO2,100.001,674.621,2,3,GSR and RVR w/ Patch Loom Harness
409802 EVO1,814.001,762.824,5,6
409804 EVO1,814.001,762.828 (5-speed)
409805 EVO1,814.001,762.828 (6-speed) & 9 MIVEC (no water spray light)
409799 S20001,814.001,762.82AP1
409807(1995-1999) Eclipse1,814.001,762.82DSM
409794(1986-1992) RX-71,814.001,762.82FC3S-S4
409795(1986-1992) RX-71,814.001,762.82FC3S-S5
409796(1993-1995) RX-71,814.001,762.82FD3S-S6 (Single turbo conversion only)
409800 1,814.001,762.82Honda OBD-1
409797 Miata1,814.001,762.82MX5 NA 1.6 (Manual transmission only)
409798 Miata1,814.001,762.82MX5 NB 1.8 (1999) (Manual transmission only)
409788 GTIR1,814.001,762.82N14 - PS1000 Patch Loom Kit
409812 1,814.001,762.82Platinum Sport 1000 Autospec Flying Lead Kit - Long
409811 1,756.001,706.38Platinum Sport 1000 Autospec Flying Lead Kit - Short
409789 240SX1,814.001,762.82S13 CA18
409790 240SX1,814.001,762.82S13 SR20 DET
409791(1995-1996) 240SX1,814.001,762.82S14s1 "Zenki" SR20DET
409792(1997-1998) 240SX1,814.001,762.82S14s2 "Kouki" SR20DET
409793 240SX1,814.001,762.82S15
409806 Galant1,814.001,762.82VR4/1G DSM
Platinum Sport 2000 Engine Management Stand Alone409786(2001-2005) WRX2,292.002,227.34
409783(1989-1998) Skyline2,292.002,227.34GT-S/R
409785(2005-2007) EVO2,292.002,227.34MIVEC (with water spray light)
409777 2,292.002,227.34Platinum Sport 2000 Autospec Flying Lead Kit - Long
409776 2,235.002,172.07Platinum Sport 2000 Autospec Flying Lead Kit - Short
409778 1,909.001,855.73Platinum Sport 2000 ECU Only (includes CD and USB coms cable)
409787(1993-1998) Supra2,292.002,227.34PS2000 Patch Loom Kit - Toyota Supra JZA80 2JZ (Manual transmission only)
409784(1999-2002) Skyline2,292.002,227.34R34 GTR
409782(1989-1997) 300ZX2,292.002,227.34Turbo
Platinum Pro Engine Management Stand Alone4869061(2010 and up) Genesis1,890.001,890.002.0T - Plug N Play Kit
409781(2005-2006) RSX1,349.001,311.24DC5 Plug-In (Non DBW, Manual Trans. Only)
405702(2003-2006) 350Z2,579.002,506.06Plug-In
471729(2000-2003) S20001,349.001,308.81Plug-in
409779(1989-1998) Skyline1,909.001,855.73R32/33 - Plug-In Kit
409780(2007 and up) GT-R3,139.953,051.72R35 - Harness System
440148(2002-2004) RSX1,349.001,308.81Type S - or EP3 (Manual Trans. Only)
Dash Pack with Engine Management Stand Alone390337 2,758.002,778.89Platinum Sport 1000+ECU Harness+IQ3 Display+Wideband and Sensor
409762 3,558.003,632.66Platinum Sport 1000+ECU Harness+IQ3 Logger Dash+Wideband and Sensor
409761 3,236.003,243.41Platinum Sport 2000+ECU Harness+IQ3 Display Dash+Wideband and Sensor
409763 4,036.004,097.18Platinum Sport 2000+ECU Harness+IQ3 Logger Dash+Wideband and Sensor
Hall Effect SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Hall Effect Sensors413704 84.0091.98"Red" Single Channel Hall Sensor (Wheel Speed, RPM trigger etc)
413705 84.0091.98Honeywell GT101 Single Channel Hall Effect Sensor (Wheel Speed, RPM trigger etc)
413707 153.00167.96S3 - Black Dual Channel Hall Effect Sensor (inc plug & pins)
413706 153.00167.96S4 - Grey Dual Channel Hall Effect Sensor (inc plug & pins)
Intake Air Temperature SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Intake Air Temperature Sensors409765 42.0046.66Air Temp Sensor - Large Thread (inc plug & pins) 3/8 NPT 18TPI
409764 42.0046.66Air Temp Sensor - Small Thread (inc plug & pins) M14 x 1.5
Map SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Map Sensors409753 95.0098.751 Bar GM MAP Sensor (inc plug & pins)
409760 217.00223.7510 Bar Kavlico (145 Psi) Fuel and Oil Pressure Sensor (inc plug & pins)
409754 114.00117.502 Bar GM MAP Sensor (inc plug & pins)
409755 123.00127.503 Bar GM MAP Sensor (inc plug & pins)
409756 133.00137.504 Bar GM MAP Sensor (inc plug & pins)
409758 217.00223.755 Bar Kavlico MAP Sensor (inc plug & pins)
409757 299.00308.755 Bar Ti MAP Sensor (inc plug & pins)
409759 217.00223.757 Bar Kavlico MAP Sensor (inc plug & pins)
Throttle Position SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Throttle Position Sensors409769 114.00125.30Throttle Position Sensor -Black CCW Rot. 8mm D-Shaft (inc plug & pins)
409768 114.00125.30Throttle Position Sensor -Grey CW Rot. 8mm D-Shaft (inc plug & pins)
Wideband Sensor ControllersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Dual Channel Wideband Sensor Controllers409744 249.00301.26w/ 1 Sensor and o2 Bung
409745 329.00397.23w/ 2 Sensor and o2 Bung
409743 198.00239.94w/ no Sensors
Wideband SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Dual Channel Wideband Sensors409751 69.0083.98Bosch LSU4
409752 149.00179.96NTK