Hondata Price List

Hondata offers tuning options for OEM Honda ECUs through modifications of the PC boards of those ECUs. Hondata enables you to fully tune your ECU or fully program it, depending on your application and which system is purchased from Hondata. Basically, this gives you the reliability of a factory ECU, but the flexibility of an aftermarket Stand Alone System. There aren't many vehicles that have this option, and it really is one of the best options as far as tuning your ECU is concerned. The research and development and engineering that goes into a stock ECU is unsurpassed by any aftermarket system.

Whether you're just looking to get the most gas mileage out of your near stock car or you're on a quest for trap speed, a Hondata ECU will help you get there. Hondata has been offering tuning solutions for Hondas for well over a decade. When it comes to your ECU, they are definitely a name to trust.
54 Parts by Hondata
Engine Management PiggybackVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
FlashPro Engine Management Piggyback5092300(2012 and up) Civic695.00695.002.4L Si Only - Your ECU PN must be: RX0-A03 through A05
391459(2006-2011) Civic695.00695.00Si- USDM- ECU PN RRB-A01 through RRB-A14
393991(2006-2009) S2000695.00695.00USDM ECU PN PZX-A04 through PZX-A21
Engine Management Stand AloneVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Dealer Kit Engine Management Stand Alone58071  1,850.00Dealer Kit
K-Series Engine Management Stand Alone4963850(2002-2005) Civic995.00995.00(SI) - K-Pro
103400 Civic1,295.001,295.00(SI) - K-Pro with new Honda PRB ECU based off US RSX-S
103401 Civic800.00800.00(SI) - Upgrade for Existing Hondata Reflash (to K-Pro)
405733 Integra995.00995.00(Type R PRC) ECU Must be shipped to Hondata
103398 Integra1,295.001,295.00(Type R) - K-Pro with PRB ECU based off US RSX-S
83314(2002-2004) RSX695.00695.00ECU Must be shipped to Hondata
359605 RSX1,445.001,445.00K-Pro for 2005-2006 RSX includes adapter harness (with new Honda ECU)
83316 RSX1,295.001,295.00PRB ECU based off US RSX-S
4964861(2006) RSX295.00295.00Type S Reflash for Engine installed in OBD1 civic hatch
83315 RSX800.00800.00Upgrade for Existing Hondata Relash
136403(2005-2006) RSX1,145.001,145.00with adapter harness (User supplied 02-04 ECU)
S300 Engine Management Stand Alone163765 Civic495.00495.00S300 with all features and software
227381 CRX495.00495.00S300 with all features and software
227382 Integra495.00495.00S300 with all features and software
385827 Prelude495.00495.00S300 with all features and software
s2000 KPro Engine Management Stand Alone355364 S20001,795.001,570.63K-Pro in a new ECU with wiring harness and bracket
355365 S20001,395.001,220.63K-Pro in a user supplied PRB ECU with wiring harness and bracket
Adapter Harnesses359110(1996-1998) Civic150.00150.00OBD2a
359113(1996-1998) Integra150.00150.00OBD2a
359111(1998-2000) Civic150.00150.00OBD2b
359112(1998-2000) Integra150.00150.00OBD2b
Intake Manifold GasketsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Intake Manifold Gaskets258579 Matrix50.0050.00
356245(1994-1997) Miata50.0050.00
358002 350Z50.0050.00
185947(2003-2005) EVO50.0050.00
72670 S200050.0050.00
72652 WRX50.0050.00
72653(1990-1993) Miata50.0050.001.6L
72654(1999 and up) Miata50.0050.001.8L
354059(1998-2000) Neon50.0050.002.0L DOHC
72659 Celica50.0050.002ZZ Equipped GTS
72657(1989-1994) Eclipse50.0050.004G63 Turbo
72658(1995-1999) Eclipse50.0050.004G63 Turbo
439818 Civic50.0050.00B16A
249434 Integra50.0050.00B18A/B
250781 Civic50.0050.00B18A/B
72672 Integra50.0050.00B18C
439819 Integra50.0050.00B18C5
72663(1992-2000) Civic50.0050.00D16 (SOHC)
5092259 Accord 50.00F22B1
72666 Prelude59.0059.00H22A
435332 CR-V50.0050.00K20
435334(2002-2005) Civic50.0050.00K20
438637 RSX50.0050.00K20
367264(2006-2008) Civic50.0050.00K20Z3
171480 TSX50.0050.00K24
171481 Accord50.0050.00K24
185638 Element50.0050.00K24
72656(2002-2006) Sentra50.0050.00SE-R V-Spec
72655 Tiburon50.0050.00V6