Lanes Car Products Price List

Lane’s Car Products are an outgrowth of Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail, LLC one of the fastest growing mobile auto detailing services in the Midwest.

LCP realized early on that customers were very discriminating, not only about final auto detail results, but also the products used to achieve those results. Because of these concerns, LCP has extensively tested, used and assembled the most professionally concentrated, highest quality products available in the car care market today.

Unlike other internet companies offering you the same car care products you can buy off the shelf at the retail store level, Lane’s Car Care Products is geared toward the true car fanatic that wants professional results, while saving time detailing. When you buy Lane's Car Products you will get concentrated car care products, guaranteed to out shine their competitors.
303 Parts by Lanes Car Products
Air FreshenersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Air Fresheners437976 10.0010.00Baby Powder Car Air Freshener (16oz)
437977 14.5014.50Baby Powder Car Air Freshener (32oz)
437954 11.0011.00Black Love Oil Based Air Freshener
437962 10.0010.00Bubble Gum Car Air Freshener (16oz)
437963 14.5014.50Bubble Gum Car Air Freshener (32oz)
437966 10.0010.00Cherry Scent (16oz)
437967 14.5014.50Cherry Scent (32oz)
437980 10.0010.00Cinnamon Scent (16oz)
437981 14.5014.50Cinnamon Scent (32oz)
437958 11.0011.00Clean Cotton Oil Based Air Freshener
437957 11.0011.00Cucumber Mint Oil Based Air Freshener
437986 10.0010.00Fresh Car Air Freshener (16oz)
437987 14.5014.50Fresh Car Air Freshener (32oz)
437953 11.0011.00Green Apple Oil Based Air Freshener
437982 10.0010.00Honey Suckle Car Air Freshener (16oz)
437983 14.5014.50Honey Suckle Car Air Freshener (32oz)
437955 11.0011.00Island Air Oil Air Freshener
437978 11.5011.50Leather Scent (16oz)
437979 17.5017.50Leather Scent (32oz)
437964 10.0010.00Lemon Scent (16oz)
437965 14.5014.50Lemon Scent (32oz)
437952 11.0011.00Midnight Mist Scent Oil Air Freshener
437960 11.0011.00Mulberry Smell Oil Air Freshener
437961 12.0012.00New Car Leather Oil Based Air Freshener
437972 11.5011.50New Car Scent (16oz)
437973 17.5017.50New Car Scent (32oz)
437970 10.0010.00Orange Air Freshener (16oz)
437971 14.5014.50Orange Air Freshener (32oz)
437956 11.0011.00Passion Fruit Oil Based Air Freshener
437974 10.0010.00Pina Colada Air Freshener (16oz)
437975 14.5014.50Pina Colada Air Freshener (32oz)
437968 10.0010.00Strawberry Scent (16oz)
437969 14.5014.50Strawberry Scent (32oz)
437988 10.0010.00Summer Breeze Scent (16oz)
437989 14.5014.50Summer Breeze Scent (32oz)
437959 11.0011.00Sweet Pineapple Oil Based Air Freshener
437990 14.0014.00Tropical Odor Eliminator (16oz)
437991 20.0020.00Tropical Odor Eliminator (32oz)
437984 10.0010.00Vanilla Scent (16oz)
437985 14.5014.50Vanilla Scent (32oz)
437951 11.0011.00Watermelon Scent Oil Air Freshener
Car Cleaning KitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Car Cleaning Kits438149 45.5045.50Aluminum Wheel & Tire Cleaner Kit (16oz)
438150 64.0064.00Aluminum Wheel & Tire Cleaner Kit (32oz)
438153 25.5025.50Aluminum Wheel Polish & Aluminum Wheel Cleaner Kit (16oz)
438154 36.5036.50Aluminum Wheel Polish & Aluminum Wheel Cleaner Kit (32oz)
438163 20.5020.50Auto Interior Shine and Vinyl Cleaner Kit (16oz)
438164 30.0030.00Auto Interior Shine and Vinyl Cleaner Kit (32oz)
438168 29.5029.50Auto Interior Shine, Auto Detail Microfiber Gloves and Vinyl Cleaner Kit (16oz)
438169 39.0039.00Auto Interior Shine, Auto Detail Microfiber Gloves and Vinyl Cleaner Kit (32oz)
438159 24.0024.00Car Wash Soap & Carnuba Wax Kit (16oz)
438160 35.5035.50Car Wash Soap & Carnuba Wax Kit (32oz)
438155 22.5022.50Car Wash Soap & Gold Edition Best Car Wax Kit (16oz)
438156 33.5033.50Car Wash Soap & Gold Edition Best Car Wax Kit (32oz)
438151 24.5024.50Car Wash Soap & Paint Sealant Sealer Wax Kit (16oz)
438152 37.0037.00Car Wash Soap & Paint Sealant Sealer Wax Kit (32oz)
438161 34.0034.00Car Wash Soap Water Sprite Wash Mitt Kit (16oz)
438162 38.5038.50Car Wash Soap Water Sprite Wash Mitt Kit (32oz)
438176 113.50113.50Car Wash Tire & Wheel Paint Prep (16oz)
438177 154.00154.00Car Wash Tire & Wheel Paint Prep (32oz)
438147 44.5044.50Chrome Wheel & Tire Cleaner Kit (16oz)
438148 63.0063.00Chrome Wheel & Tire Cleaner Kit (32oz)
438166 24.5024.50Chrome Wheel Polish and Chrome Wheel Cleaner Kit (16oz)
438167 35.0035.00Chrome Wheel Polish and Chrome Wheel Cleaner Kit (32oz)
438170 13.0013.00Dry Foam Professional Carpet Upholstery Seat Cleaner & Carpet Scrub Brush Kit (16oz)
438171 16.5016.50Dry Foam Professional Carpet Upholstery Seat Cleaner & Carpet Scrub Brush Kit (32oz)
438144 65.0065.00Lanes Accessory Detail Kit (16oz)
438130 41.5041.50Lanes Car Detail Kit (16oz)
438131 61.0061.00Lanes Car Detail Kit (32oz)
438138 55.5055.50Lanes Carnuba Wax Kit (16oz)
438139 81.0081.00Lanes Carnuba Wax Kit (32oz)
438132 41.0041.00Lanes Premium Interior Detail Package (16oz)
438133 55.5055.50Lanes Premium Interior Detail Package (32oz)
438142 40.5040.50Lanes Specialized Tire & Wheel Kit (16oz)
438143 56.0056.00Lanes Specialized Tire & Wheel Kit (32oz)
438134 50.5050.50Lanes Top Edition Wax Package (16oz)
438135 77.0077.00Lanes Top Edition Wax Package (32oz)
438140 38.0038.00Lanes Ultimate Interior Package (16oz)
438141 56.0056.00Lanes Ultimate Interior Package (32oz)
438145 32.0032.00Leather Care Kit (16oz)
438146 50.0050.00Leather Care Kit (32oz)
438172 240.00240.00New Car Detailing Kit (16oz)
438173 310.50310.50New Car Detailing Kit (32oz)
438178 27.0027.00Show Car Engine Degreaser, Cleaner & Dressing Kit (16oz)
438179 33.5033.50Show Car Engine Degreaser, Cleaner & Dressing Kit (32oz)
438157 20.0020.00Super Blue Tire Gloss Shine and Tire Cleaner Kit (16oz)
438158 27.5027.50Super Blue Tire Gloss Shine and Tire Cleaner Kit (32oz)
438180 22.5022.50Super Blue Tire Gloss Shine, Tire Cleaner and Tire Dresser Applicators Kit (16oz)
438165 30.5030.50Super Blue Tire Gloss Shine, Tire Cleaner and Tire Dresser Applicators Kit (32oz)
438136 23.0023.00Tar & Bug Remover Kit (16oz)
438137 33.5033.50Tar & Bug Remover Kit (32oz)
438174 84.0084.00Ultimate Wheel Polishing & Tire Cleaning Kit (16oz)
438175 106.50106.50Ultimate Wheel Polishing & Tire Cleaning Kit (32oz)
Car WaxesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Shampoo and Car Waxes437992 10.5010.50Bug Away (16oz)
437993 15.0015.00Bug Away (32oz)
437994 45.0045.00Bug Away (Gallon)
438003 17.5017.50Carnauba Supreme Wax (16oz)
438004 25.0025.00Carnauba Supreme Wax (32oz)
438014 17.0017.00Cherry Wet Wax (16oz)
438015 25.5025.50Cherry Wet Wax (32oz)
438018 16.5016.50Citrus Degreaser Tar Remover (16oz)
438019 24.5024.50Citrus Degreaser Tar Remover (32oz)
438020 15.5015.50Gold Edition Car Wax (16oz)
438013 23.0023.00Gold Edition Car Wax (32oz)
437999 11.0011.00Grape Wash & Wax (16oz)
438000 16.5016.50Grape Wash & Wax (32oz)
438009 17.5017.50Horizon Glaze (16oz)
438010 25.0025.00Horizon Glaze (32oz)
437995 11.0011.00Pink Car Shampoo (16oz)
437996 16.5016.50Pink Car Shampoo (32oz)
438001 15.0015.00Quick Wax (16oz)
438002 21.0021.00Quick Wax (32oz)
438007 18.0018.00Super Seal Paint Sealant (16oz)
438008 27.0027.00Super Seal Paint Sealant (32oz)
438005 14.5014.50Touch-Up Shine (16oz)
438006 20.5020.50Touch-Up Shine (32oz)
438011 18.0018.00Ultimate Glaze Car Polish (16oz)
438012 27.0027.00Ultimate Glaze Car Polish (32oz)
437997 11.0011.00Wash & Shine (16oz)
437998 16.5016.50Wash & Shine (32oz)
Engine Degreaser and Cleaners438027 14.5014.50Engine Dressing (16oz)
438028 20.5020.50Engine Dressing (32oz)
438024 12.5012.50Red Degreaser (16oz)
438025 16.5016.50Red Degreaser (32oz)
438026 49.5049.50Red Degreaser (Gallon)
438021 11.9911.99Super Dyno Multi-Purpose Degreaser (16oz)
438022 15.9915.99Super Dyno Multi-Purpose Degreaser (32oz)
438023 47.0047.00Super Dyno Multi-Purpose Degreaser (Gallon)
Glass Cleaners438032 9.509.50Concentrated Glass Cleaner (16oz)
438033 13.5013.50Concentrated Glass Cleaner (32oz)
438031 39.9939.99Concentrated Glass Cleaner (Gallon)
438030 10.9910.99Foam Aerosol Glass Cleaner
Tire Cleaners438016 11.5011.50Big Orange Multi-Purpose Dressing (16oz)
438017 16.5016.50Big Orange Multi-Purpose Dressing (32oz)
438056 12.5012.50Black & White Tire Cleaner (16oz)
438057 16.5016.50Black & White Tire Cleaner (32oz)
438058 48.5048.50Black & White Tire Cleaner (Gallon)
438059 11.5011.50Grape Tire Dressing (16oz)
438060 16.5016.50Grape Tire Dressing (32oz)
438064 12.5012.50New Aluminum (16oz)
438065 17.5017.50New Aluminum (32oz)
438066 52.5052.50New Aluminum (Gallon)
438067 11.5011.50Safe Wheel (16oz)
438068 16.0016.00Safe Wheel (32oz)
438069 48.0048.00Safe Wheel (Gallon)
438061 11.0011.00Super Blue Tire Shine Dressing (16oz)
438062 16.0016.00Super Blue Tire Shine Dressing (32oz)
438063 48.0048.00Super Blue Tire Shine Dressing (Gallon)
438070 17.5017.50Wheel Polish (16oz)
438071 25.5025.50Wheel Polish (32oz)
Interior Cleaners438039 12.5012.50Auto Leather Cleaner (16oz)
438042 17.5017.50Auto Leather Cleaner (32oz)
438043 52.5052.50Auto Leather Cleaner (Gallon)
438054 14.9914.99Carpet Spot Remover
438044 11.5011.50Dry Foam Rug & Upholstery Shampoo (16oz)
438045 16.0016.00Dry Foam Rug & Upholstery Shampoo (32oz)
438046 48.0048.00Dry Foam Rug & Upholstery Shampoo (Gallon)
438035 12.9912.99Foamy Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner
438050 12.5012.50Interior Shine Multi-Purpose Dressing (16oz)
438051 19.0019.00Interior Shine Multi-Purpose Dressing (32oz)
438055 12.9912.99Leather Vinyl Cleaner
438047 13.5013.50Lift Out Carpet Extractor Cleaner (16oz)
438048 19.5019.50Lift Out Carpet Extractor Cleaner (32oz)
438049 58.5058.50Lift Out Carpet Extractor Cleaner (Gallon)
438052 13.5013.50Liquid Leather Conditioner (16oz)
438053 24.0024.00Liquid Leather Conditioner (32oz)
438036 11.5011.50Power Clean Vinyl Cleaner (16oz)
438037 16.0016.00Power Clean Vinyl Cleaner (32oz)
438038 48.0048.00Power Clean Vinyl Cleaner (Gallon)
438034 12.9912.99Ultra Shine for Rubber Vinyl Chrome and Plastic
Detailing AccessoriesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Detailing Accessories438289 9.999.9910" Cotton Polishing Bonnet - 2 Pack
438291 9.999.9910" Foam Polishing Bonnet
438290 9.999.9910" Terrycloth Applicator Bonnets - 2 Pack
438293 21.9921.9910" Terrycloth Bonnet Value Pack
438292 12.9912.9910" Wool Blend Bonnet for Buffing and wax Removal
438301 9.999.9911" Cotton Polishing Bonnets for Buffing and Wax Removal
438275 12.9912.9911" Foam Polishing Bonnet/Pad
438270 12.9912.9911" Long-Pile Terry Microfiber Orbital Bonnet
438269 7.997.9911" Microfiber Polishing Bonnet
438300 9.999.9911" Terry Cloth Applicator Bonnet - 2 Pack
438302 12.9912.9911" Wool Blend Bonnet
438241 3.993.992-N-1 Sponge
438296 17.9917.994" Buffer Value Pack
438295 12.9912.994" Wool Polishing Pads Accessory Pack
438279 19.9919.995-6" Professional Velcro Hook Backing Plate w/DA Pneumatic Adapter for Sanders or Polishers
438297 18.9918.996 in Terrycloth Bonnet Value Pack
438271 7.997.996" Microfiber Orbital Buffing Pad
438298 8.258.256" Terry Cloth Applicator Bonnet, 2 Pack
438299 8.998.996" Terrycloth Polishing Bonnets, 2 Pack
438243 7.997.996" Wool Polishing Bonnet
438267 10.9910.997 inch Cool-it Curved Edge Foam Pad for Final Finishing and Polishing
438265 10.9910.997 inch Cool-it Curved Edge Foam Pad for Light Compounding and Paint Oxidation Removal
438263 10.9910.997 inch Cool-it Curved Edge Foam Pad for Polishing and Waxing
438278 21.9921.997" Velcro Backing Plate
438276 12.9912.997" Wool Polishing Pad with Loop Curved Edge Vantage
438306 9.999.998" Foam Buffing Pad
438272 7.997.998" Microfiber Orbital Polishing/ Buffing Pad
438305 9.999.998" Terry Cloth Applicator Bonnet, 2 Pack
438303 19.9919.998" Terry Cloth Bonnet Value Pack
438304 9.999.998" Terry Cloth Polishing Bonnet, 2 Pack
438255 64.9964.998" Velcro Waffle Foam Buffing Pad Kit
438307 12.5012.508" Wool Polishing Bonnet
438266 12.9912.999 inch Cool-It Curved Edge Foam Pad
438264 12.9912.999 inch Cool-It Curved Edge Foam Polishing/Buffing Pad
438268 12.9912.999 inch Cool-It White Curved Edge Foam Pad
438262 12.9912.999" Black Foam Polishing/ Buffing Pad
438261 12.9912.999" White Foam Polishing Pad for Final Finishing and Polishing
438277 12.9912.999" Wool Cutting Pad
438260 12.9912.999" Yollow Foam Compund Pad
438273 11.9911.999"-10" Long-Pile Terry Microfiber Orbital Bonnet
438254 3.993.99Aerosol Can Trigger Sprayer
438192 5.995.99Auto Duster
438229 4.994.99Automotive Parts Cleaning Brush
438225 4.994.99Battery Corrosion Brush
438258 19.9919.99Bend-and-Spray Hose Nozzle
438242 18.9518.95Black Gold Detailing Gloves
438222 3.993.99Brass Toothbrush-Style Detail Brush
438210 3.993.99Bug & Tar Remover Sponge
438244 3.503.50Bug Sponge
438246 19.9919.99California Water Blade 14 Inch
438245 23.9923.99California Water Blade 14 Inch & Microfiber Towel Combo
438249 19.9919.99Car Chamois
438237 4.004.00Car Wash Bucket
438247 24.9524.95Car Wash Dan Brush with Telescope Stick Handle and Water Chamber
438309 6.996.99Car/Auto Shammy
438202 3.503.50Carpet & Floor Mat Scrub Brush
438226 3.503.50Carpet & Floor Mat Scrub Brush
438239 29.9929.99Clay Bar Fine Grade 200 Grams
438240 29.9929.99Clay Bar Medium Grade 200 Grams
438288 39.9939.99Clay Pad Car Polish Paint Rejuvenator
438285 10.9910.99Cleaning Gloves
438212 3.253.25Contour Tire Dressing Applicators
438214 2.502.50Cotton Detailing Stix
438203 6.996.99De-Mister Chamois Windshield Pad
438228 6.506.50Detail Brush 3-Pack
438230 2.992.99Detail Vent Brush
438194 7.507.50Detailing Extra Fine Steel Wool For Polishing Stainless Steel and Removing Rush from Chrome
438252 12.5012.50Detailing Scrub Pads for Cleaning Vinyl, Plastic and Leather
438231 3.503.50Dual-Purpose Toothbrush Style Detail Brush
438234 4.994.99Extra Gentle Polishing Cloth 2-Pack
438198 6.956.95Extreme Duty Fender Scrub Brush
438197 19.9919.99Fire Hose Nozzle
438216 2.502.50Foam & Terry Wax & Polish Applicator
438294 12.9912.99Foam Applicator Pad 4" Accessory 4-Pack
438227 3.993.99Foam Buffing/Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush
438215 3.253.25Foam Tire Dressing Applicators, 2-Pack
438217 4.504.50Foam Wax Applicator Pads - 4 Pack
438183 7.997.99Grip-It All-In-One Wheel Scrubber Brush
438181 23.0023.00Grip-It Microfiber Polishing Mitt
438184 4.994.99Grip-It Rim and Spoke Brush
438196 4.994.99Hand and Nail Brush
438209 3.003.00Handle Sponge
438206 12.5012.50Interior Detail Sponge for your Auto and Car - Pack of 12
438221 3.993.99Iron Style Scrub Brush
438250 19.9919.99Jelly Water Blade 12 Inch California "Style"
438259 14.9914.99Jumbo Microfiber Towel
438223 7.997.99Large Wire wheel Spoke Brush
438218 13.9913.99Leather Seat Detialing Brush
438257 19.9919.99Magna Mark Scratch Eliminator Pen
438286 13.9913.99Magna Sponge Clay Bar Paint Prep Tool
438182 7.997.99Microfiber Bug and Tar Scrubber Towel
438195 14.9914.99Microfiber Car Detailing Towels - 3 Pack
438189 9.999.99Microfiber Chenille Scrubber Wash Mitt
438190 9.999.99Microfiber Chenille Scrubber Wash Pad
438188 9.999.99Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt
438191 6.996.99Microfiber Round Wax Applicator 2 Pack
438280 12.9912.99Microfiber Towel
438281 9.999.99Microfiber Wash Mitt
438236 3.503.50Microfiber Wax Applicator/Remover
438232 3.003.00Mini Carpet Dust Pan & Whisk Broom Set
438233 3.993.99Paint Brush Style Detail Brush
438219 5.995.99Pet Hair Removal Brush
438287 13.9913.99Pet Hair Removal Stone
438256 6.006.00Plastic Razor Blades Single-Edge Box of 100
438251 6.506.50Professional Pad Cleaning Tool For Buffing Pads
438282 7.507.50Professional Suede Detail Microfiber Towel
438253 8.008.00PVC Heavy Duty Gloves
438224 3.993.99Small Wire Wheel Spoke Brush
438205 8.508.50Snow White Heavy-Duty Chenille Wash Mitt
438186 14.9914.99Soap Jet Nozzle
438201 5.755.75Soft Grip Whitewall of Sidewall Tire Brush
438199 7.757.75Soft Wheel, Grill and Body Brush
438204 73.9973.99Spun Gold Heavy Duty Professional Car Washing Mitt
438200 9.009.00Super Soft Body Brush
438208 3.003.00Sure Grip Sponge
438211 6.996.99Sure Scrub Auto Sponge
438284 5.995.99Terry Auto Wax Applicators 2 Pack
438213 3.993.99Tire & Trim Dressing Applicator
438207 3.503.50Tuff Scrub Professional Poly Sponge - Bone Shape
438187 3.783.78Upholstery Brush
438283 12.9912.99Waffle Weave drying Towel
438308 18.9918.99Water Sprite
438185 7.997.99Wax Detailing Tool Non-Slip Comfort Grip Brush
438235 5.995.99Wax-treated Detail Cloth
438238 19.9919.99Wheel Polishing Kit
438248 10.9910.99Window Towel
438220 5.255.25Wood Handle Toothbrush
Polish CompoundsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Scratch Remover and Polish Compounds438078 36.9936.99Headlight Lens Restoration Cleaner
438072 18.5018.50Renewit Auto Polish (16oz)
438073 25.0025.00Renewit Auto Polish (32oz)
438076 15.0015.00Super Cut Synthetic Cutting Compound (16oz)
438077 24.0024.00Super Cut Synthetic Cutting Compound (32oz)
438074 24.5024.50Triple Play Swirl Mark Remover (16oz)
438075 36.0036.00Triple Play Swirl Mark Remover (32oz)