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Summer Cooldown Rebate
Now is the time to upgrade your ride. Cool off from this summer's heatwave with cold hard cash from MSD! During August and September buy any MSD or Racepak product and get $25 back for purchases of $200-499 or $50 for purchases of $500 or more.

1) Valid for the purchase of any MSD, Racepak, MSD Powersports, MSD Pro-Mag and Atomic EFI products purchased through an Authorized MSD and Racepak Dealer between Aug. 1 and September 30, 2012. 2) Requests must be postmarked by October 15, 2012. 3) Offer good only in the USA and Canada. 4) Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law. 5) Groups or organizations are not eligible for the offer. 6) MSD is not responsible for lost, late or misspelled mail. 7) Please allow 6-8 weeks for rebate check delivery. If you have not received your check after 8 weeks, please contact us; 1490 Henry Brennan Dr., El Paso, Texas 79936. 8) Requests with invalid or undeliverable address will be denied. 9) Consumers should retain copies of all materials submitted as submitted materials may not be returned. 10) Offer valid to end users only, No Dealers. 11) Rainchecks will not be honored. 12) One submission per customer and/or household. 13) Fraudulent submissions could result in federal prosecution under US Mail fraud statutes (18 USC Sections 1341 and 1342). ©2012 MSD.

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289 Parts by MSD
Boost ControllersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Programmable Turbo Launch Boost Controllers302287  441.40
Coil IgnitersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Dual Coil Igniters300938  81.00CPC Signal Converter
300937  75.90Dual Coil Ignitor
Coil Interface ModulesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
GM Coil Interface Modules405669  41.30GM Dual Tower Coils
Crimping ToolsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Crimping Tools130885  20.00Plug Wire Boots and Terminal Kit
130886  81.00Pro Crimp Tool, Rachet Action
Distributor CapsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Sport Compact Distributor Caps303153(1992-1995) Civic 47.101.5L/1.6L w/Tec Dist. [Exc. HX] Cap & Rotor
438679(1996-2000) Civic 47.101.5L/1.6L w/Tec Dist. [Exc. HX] Cap & Rotor
303155(1992-2000) Civic 61.901.5L/1.6L w/Tec Dist. [Exc. HX] Extreme
303156(1992-2000) Civic 47.101.5L/1.6L w/Tec Dist. [Exc. HX] OE Extreme
303154(1992-2000) Civic 70.701.5L/1.6L w/Tec Dist. [Exc. HX] Red Power
303149(1988-1991) Civic 50.301.5L/1.6L w/Tec Dist. Cap & Rotor
303114(1988-1991) Integra 50.301.6L/1.8L, w/Tec Dist. Cap & Rotor
303118(1992-1993) Integra 47.101.7L/1.8L, w/Tec Dist. Cap & Rotor
303120(1992-1993) Integra 61.901.7L/1.8L, w/Tec Dist. Extreme
303121(1992-1993) Integra 47.101.7L/1.8L, w/Tec Dist. OE Extreme
303119(1992-1993) Integra 70.701.7L/1.8L, w/Tec Dist. Red Power
303125(1994-2001) Integra 47.101.8L, GS,LS,RS, w/Tec Dist. Cap & Rotor
303127(1994-2001) Integra 61.901.8L, GS,LS,RS, w/Tec Dist. Extreme
303128(1994-2001) Integra 47.101.8L, GS,LS,RS, w/Tec Dist. OE Extreme
303126(1994-2001) Integra 70.701.8L, GS,LS,RS, w/Tec Dist. Red Power
303129(1994-2001) Integra 54.901.8L, GS-R/Type-R w./Tec Dist. Cap & Rotor
303174(1997-2001) CR-V 47.102.0L, w/Tec Dist. Cap & Rotor
303177(1997-2001) CR-V 47.102.0L, w/Tec Dist. OE Extreme
303175(1997-2001) CR-V 70.702.0L, w/Tec Dist. Red Power
303130(1990-1997) Accord 47.102.2L, [exc. VTEC] w/Tec Dist. Cap & Rotor
303133(1990-1997) Accord 47.102.2L, [exc. VTEC] w/Tec Dist. OE Extreme
303131(1990-1997) Accord 70.702.2L, [exc. VTEC] w/Tec Dist. Red Power
303169(1992-2001) Prelude 47.102.2L/2.3L, w/Tec Dist. Cap & Rotor
303170(1992-2001) Prelude 70.702.2L/2.3L, w/Tec Dist. Red Power
303135(1998-2002) Accord 47.102.3L, DX Only w/Tec Dist. Cap & Rotor
303138(1998-2002) Accord 47.102.3L, DX Only w/Tec Dist. OE Extreme
303136(1998-2002) Accord 70.702.3L, DX Only w/Tec Dist. Red Power
471032(1996-2001) Civic 42.704 Cyl.
367728(1999-2000) Integra 54.90GSR - 1.8L B18C1 w./Tec Dist. Cap & Rotor
Distributor RotorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Distributor Rotors471033(1996-2001) Civic 12.61Race Rotor for MSD Part Number 8488
303196(1997-2001) CR-V 20.70w/Tec Dist.
303197(1992-2001) Prelude 20.70w/Tec Dist.
303195(1992-2000) Civic 20.70w/Tec Dist. [Exc. HX]
303194(1998-2002) Accord 20.70w/Tec Dist. DX Only
303192(1992-2001) Integra 20.70w/Tec. Dist.
303193(1990-1997) Accord 20.70w/Tec. Dist. [Exc. VTEC]
Distributors5890 Jeep 419.406 cyl, AMC Jeep 232/258, 4.0L
303228(1994-2000) Civic 573.90Pro-Billet, Honda/Acura JDM/USDM 1.6L/1.8L DOHC
303229(1996-2001) Integra 573.90Pro-Billet, Honda/Acura JDM/USDM 1.6L/1.8L DOHC VTEC (OBDII only)
5911 Corvette 515.00V8, Tach Drive w/Vacuum Advance
Fuel ComputersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Fuel Pump Boost Control Fuel Computers403258  412.00Fuel Pump Boost Control
Fuel Pressure RegulatorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Fuel Pressure Regulators6276  104.60Fuel Pressure Regulator, w/boost Reference
Ignition Coil AccessoriesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Ignition Coil Accessories301675  81.00Automatic Coil Selector
301677  7.31Coil Bracket
301676  20.00Coil Wire Retainer
301679  17.70Firewall Feed-Thru, Red/Black
250654  176.60SC Coil Driver Ignition
302082  18.60Stock Style HEI Coil Cover
302083  37.70Stock Style Modified HEI Coil Cover
301678  14.10Tach Splitter
Ignition CoilsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Ignition Coils351258(1997-2004) Corvette 119.30LS1 LS6 Blaster - MSC Coil (Individual)
301632(1998-2002) Camaro 119.30LS1 LS6 Blaster - MSC Coil (Individual)
351257(1998-2002) Firebird 119.30LS1 LS6 Blaster - MSC Coil (Individual)
250898(1998-2002) Camaro 740.40LS1 LS6 Blaster - MSC Coil Kit (Set of 8)
250899(1998-2002) Firebird 740.40LS1 LS6 Blaster - MSC Coil Kit (Set of 8)
351238(1997-2004) Corvette 740.40LS1 LS6 Blaster - MSC Coil Kit (Set of 8)
301630(1998-2002) Camaro 98.70LS1 LS6 Blaster - MSC II Coil (Individual)
351259(1998-2002) Firebird 98.70LS1 LS6 Blaster - MSC II Coil (Individual)
351260(1997-2004) Corvette 98.70LS1 LS6 Blaster - MSC II Coil (Individual)
351239(1998-2002) Firebird 670.00LS1 LS6 Blaster - MSC II Coil Kit (Set of 8)
351240(1997-2004) Corvette 670.00LS1 LS6 Blaster - MSC II Coil Kit (Set of 8)
301629(1998-2002) Camaro 670.00LS1 LS6 Blaster - MSC II Coil Kit (Set of 8)
300859(2005-2007) Corvette 109.00LS2 Multi-Spark - Individual
351276(2005-2006) GTO 109.00LS2 Multi-Spark - Individual
351277(2005-2006) GTO 790.00LS2 Multi-Spark - Set of 8
300860(2005-2007) Corvette 790.00LS2 Multi-Spark - Set of 8
256987(1996-1999) Neon 85.00Mitsubishi 4-Tower
45988(1993-1994) Eclipse 85.00Mitsubishi 4-Tower - 2.0L, (Non Turbo) Red, 4 Tower, with Flat Harness Terminals
45987(1995-1999) Eclipse 85.00Mitsubishi 4-Tower - 2.0L, (Non Turbo) Red, 4 Tower, with Flat Terminals in Connector
256986(2003-2005) SRT4 85.00Mitsubishi 4-Tower - SRT-4
Ignition System AccessoriesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Programable Digital 7 Ignition System Accessories301461  102.50Cam Sync Pickup
301462  128.70Manual Launch Control
301458  235.40Programmer/Monitor
301460  110.40Spark Plug Wire Sync Kit
Tach Accessories Ignition System Accessories302944  92.70Distributorless Tach Driver
302558  52.90GMR Pickup
355173  84.70Ignition Adapter (2 required for DIS-4)
302931  70.70Magnetic Trigger Tach Adapter for Autogage, Stewart, Sun, AMC, Jeep, Chrysler, Ford, and Import Tachs
302930  47.10White Wire Trigger Tach Adapter for Autogage, Stewart, Sun, AMC, Jeep, Chrysler, Ford, and Import Tachs
Ignition SystemsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
6 Series Ignition Systems476039  303.106AL - Will work on single coil only
301141  382.606ALN
301135  451.10Digital-6 Plus
394473  346.30Ignition Kit MSD-6AL-2; w/2-Step Limiter; For 4, 6 & 8 Cylinder Engines [Universal]
301283  529.70Professional Racing Ignition 6 HVC w/Rev Limiter
Drag Racing Ignition Systems301386  596.007AL-2 Plus
301387  829.107AL-3
301388  685.60Digital-7
301392  1,056.30Programmable Digital-7 Plus
301390  971.70Programmable Digital-7 w/Boost Retard Curve
Distributorless Ignition Systems301582  41.30Coil Interface Module, GM
301571  662.10DIS-2 Plus (For 4-cylinder engines with one or two coil packs.)
301576  721.00DIS-2 Plus HO, 2-Coil Packs
301574  29.02DIS-2/4 to Dodge/Mitsubishi Harness
301573  54.70DSI-4 to Dual Ford Coil Packs Harness
301578  84.70Dual Ignition Adapter
301569  500.30Ford Modular Ignition Controller
5294  735.70Ignition Box, DIS-4 Plus HO, Digital, Capacitive Discharge, Universal, DIS, 4-Channel (Each)
301570  691.60MSD DIS-4 Plus (For use on 6 or 8-cylinder engines with two, three, or four coil packs.)
301294  131.00Programmable Midget - Coil Pack
301293  772.60Programmable Midget - Ignition System
Ignition Timing ControllersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Crank Trigger Kits Ignition Timing Controllers302216  359.70BB Chevy, 8" Balancer
302218  379.90BB Chrysler, 7.25" Balancer
302240  37.60Crank Trigger EZ-Adjust Kit
5957  379.90Crank Trigger Kit, Ford BB
5958  359.70Crank Trigger Kit, V8 Pontiac
302247  110.40Magnetic Pickup (for old style crank triggers only)
302239  86.30Non Magnetic Pickup for Flying Magnet Crank Trigger Kits (3/4"X16X2.25")
302213  344.10SB Chevy, 6.25" Balancer
302214  344.10SB Chevy, 7" Balancer
302215  344.10SB Chevy, 8" Balancer
302217  359.70SB Chrysler, 7.25" Balancer
302220  359.70SB Ford, 289,302,351W, 6.562" Balancer
5951  183.60Trigger Wheel, Flying Magnet, BB Chevy
5947  161.90Trigger Wheel, Flying Magnet, SB Chevy
302238  359.70Universal
Ignition Timing Controllers300792(1996-2004)  252.994.6L, Ford
300793(2003-2006)  246.885.7L, Dodge
301172  555.606BTM - 4,6 (even fire only) and 8-cylinder
49308  367.90BTM For MSD Ignitions
301237  367.90Controller for Gen III Engines
300856  397.30Ignition Controller for Carburated LS2/LS7, Not legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles.
300790  251.64LS1/LS6
300791  251.64LS2
6120  463.50Multi function ignition controller
49307  304.56Universal
Electronic Ignition Timing Controllers302282  6.250 Degree Retard Module
302283  72.900-11 Degree Retard Module Selector
302284  72.900/10-20 Degree Retard Module Selector
302281  30.601,2,3,4,5 Degree Retard Module
302278  30.6011,12,13,14,15 Degree Retard Module
302279  30.6016,17,18,19,20 Degree Retard Module
302280  32.705,6,7,8,9,10 Degree Retard Module
302271  191.30Adjustable
302276  304.70Digital Multi-Read
302275  242.90Start/Retard
302273  123.70Starter Saver
302277  275.30Three Stage Retard
Ignition Timing HarnessesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Ignition Timing Harnesses301218  89.906M-2/6-Offroad to GM Dual Connector Coil
300830  110.40Dual DIS-4 - Harness
300831  84.70Dual DIS-4 - Tach Adapter
300858 40.9030.29Early LS2 Cam Sensor Extension Harness for 6LS-2
301238  95.70for 6LS
300857  147.10for 6LS-2
301214  26.60Ford TFI Harness
301216  35.40GM
301215  35.40GM Dual Connector Coil
301217  50.90GM HEI (internal coil) without Vacuum Advance
300841  294.30Harness Adapter for 6-Mod
Nitrous SwitchesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Nitrous Switches19119  113.40RPM Activated Switch Kit
20552  106.30RPM Activated Window Switch
Rev LimitersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Rev Limiters302469  26.38Adjustable Low RPM Module
302481  176.60Digital RPM Window Switch
302483  32.60Double-Pole Double-Throw30Amp/12VDC
302471  17.27Flexible Module Holder
302389  206.00Launch Control Module Selector for MSD 6 & 7 Series
302472  72.90Module Selector, 3k-5.2k
302473  72.90Module Selector, 4.6k-6.8k
302474  72.90Module Selector, 6k-8.2k
302475  72.90Module Selector, 7.6k-9.8k
302476  72.90Module Selector, 9k-11.2k
302441  32.10RPM Module Kit Even, 10k-10.8k
302442  32.10RPM Module Kit Even, 11k-11.8k
302434  32.10RPM Module Kit Even, 3k-3.8k
302435  32.10RPM Module Kit Even, 4k-4.8k
302436  32.10RPM Module Kit Even, 5k-5.8k
302437  32.10RPM Module Kit Even, 6k-6.8k
302438  32.10RPM Module Kit Even, 7k-7.8k
302439  32.10RPM Module Kit Even, 8k-8.8k
302440  32.10RPM Module Kit Even, 9k-9.8k
302444  32.10RPM Module Kit Odd, 3.1k-3.9k
302445  32.10RPM Module Kit Odd, 4.1k-4.9k
302446  32.10RPM Module Kit Odd, 5.1k-5.9k
302447  32.10RPM Module Kit Odd, 6.1k-6.9k
302448  32.10RPM Module Kit Odd, 7.1k-7.9k
302449  32.10RPM Module Kit Odd, 8.1k-8.9k
302450  32.10RPM Module Kit Odd, 9.1k-9.9k
302482  28.10Single-Pole Double-Throw30Amp/12VDC
302386  120.70Soft Touch Rev for MSD
302385  160.40Soft Touch Rev for Points and OEM
302388  100.10Three Step Module Selector
302387  89.00Two Step Module Selector
Shift LightsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Shift Lights300939  188.40Programmable Shift Light
302519  138.40Shift Light
Spark Plug AccessoriesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Spark Plug Accessories103283  5.70Coil 90 degree Boot & Terminals for PN 8202, PN8203
103281  6.00Coil 90 degree Socket Boots & Terminals
409822  9.96Pro Race, High Temp Boots, Straight, 2/Card
103280  6.00Silicone 90 degree HEI Boots & 90 degree Terminals
103279  8.10Silicone 90 degree Spark Plug Boots & Terminals
103278  6.00Silicone Straight Boots & Terminals
103282  7.84Straight Socket Boots & Terminals
Spark Plug WiresVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Super Conductor Spark Plug Wires5564(1982-1983) Camaro 100.10
5581(1988-1992) Camaro 91.30
5610 Mustang 147.10(96/97) 4.6L
5609(1996-1997) Mustang 160.40, 4.6L
303210(1992-2000) Civic 101.60[Exc. DOHC VTEC] Extreme cap wire set
303207(1990-2001) Integra 88.30[Exc. VTEC] Extreme cap wire set
302752(1988-1995) Civic 101.601.5L, SOHC Red
302792(1990-1995) Civic 101.601.6L SOHC [Exc. VTEC] Red
302756(1988-1991) Civic 101.601.6L SOHC 16V VTEC 4WD Wagon Red
302797(1994-2000) Civic 101.601.6L, DOHC VTEC Black
302796(1994-2000) Civic 101.601.6L, DOHC VTEC Red
302795(1992-2000) Civic 101.601.6L, SOHC VTEC Black
302794(1992-2000) Civic 101.601.6L, SOHC VTEC Red
302759(1996-2000) Civic 101.601.6L, SOHC, CX,DX,LX,HX Black
302758(1996-2000) Civic 101.601.6L, SOHC, CX,DX,LX,HX Red
302832 Miata 58.001.6L/1.8L
302620(1992-1993) Integra 101.601.7L, GS-R DOHC 16V Non-VTEC Black
302622(1992-1995) Integra 101.601.8L, GS-R DOHC 16V Non-VTEC Black
302641(1996-2001) Integra 101.601.8L, GS-R, Type R, DOHC 16V Non-VTEC Black
302640(1996-2001) Integra 101.601.8L, GS-R, Type R, DOHC 16V Non-VTEC Red
302618(1990-2001) Integra 101.601.8L, LS, RS, GS, DOHC 16V Black
302617(1990-2001) Integra 101.601.8L, LS, RS, GS, DOHC 16V Red
5798 Camaro 78.001999 LS1 truck engines
302844(1995-1998) Neon 56.002.0/2.4L, DOHC 16V, Black
302848(1995-1998) Voyager 56.002.0/2.4L, DOHC 16V, Black
302847(1995-1998) Voyager 56.002.0/2.4L, DOHC 16V, Red
302843(1995-1998) Neon 56.002.0/2.4L, DOHC 16V, Red
302693(1999-2004) Focus 86.902.0L, 4V Red
302747(1997-2001) CR-V 101.602.0L, DOHC 16V Black
302746(1997-2001) CR-V 101.602.0L, DOHC 16V Red
302814(1995-1999) Eclipse 56.002.0L, DOHC 16V, Black
302813(1995-1999) Eclipse 56.002.0L, DOHC 16V, Red
302817(1995-1999) Eclipse 97.702.0L, DOHC Turbo, Red
302845(1997-2000) Neon 71.402.0L, SOHC 16 V, Red
302849(1997-2000) Voyager 71.402.0L, SOHC 16 V, Red
302646(1997-2000) Cirrus 71.402.0L, SOHC 16V Red
302648(1997-2000) Sebring 71.402.0L, SOHC 16V Red
302665(1997-2000) Caravan 71.402.0L, SOHC 16V Red
302669(1997-2000) Stratus 71.402.0L, SOHC 16V Red
302661(1997-2000) Avenger 71.402.0L, SOHC 16V Red
302815(1997-2000) Eclipse 71.402.0L, SOHC 16V, Red
302695(1998-2004) Escort 86.902.0L, ZX-2 Red
302668(1995-1998) Stratus 56.002.0L/2.4L, DOHC 16V Black
302664(1995-1998) Caravan 56.002.0L/2.4L, DOHC 16V Black
302645(1995-1998) Sebring 56.002.0L/2.4L, DOHC 16V Black
302643(1995-1998) Cirrus 56.002.0L/2.4L, DOHC 16V Black
302660(1995-1998) Avenger 56.002.0L/2.4L, DOHC 16V Black
302659(1995-1998) Avenger 56.002.0L/2.4L, DOHC 16V Red
302644(1995-1998) Sebring 56.002.0L/2.4L, DOHC 16V Red
302663(1995-1998) Caravan 56.002.0L/2.4L, DOHC 16V Red
302667(1995-1998) Stratus 56.002.0L/2.4L, DOHC 16V Red
302642(1995-1998) Cirrus 56.002.0L/2.4L, DOHC 16V Red
302744(1993-2001) Prelude 110.402.2L, DOHC 16V, VTEC Red
302719(1994-1998) Accord 101.602.2L, EX, EXL, SOHC 16V, Red
302725(1990-1997) Accord 101.602.2L, SOHC 16V, [Exc. VTEC] Red
302739(1992-1996) Prelude 101.602.2L, SOHC 16V, [Exc. VTEC] Red
302677(2003-2005) Neon 57.402.4L, Turbo Black
302679(2003-2005) PT Cruiser 57.402.4L, Turbo Black
302680(2003-2005) PT Cruiser 57.402.4L, Turbo Red
302676(2003-2005) Neon 57.402.4L, Turbo Red
302820(1992-1996) 3000GT 116.403.0L, Turbo V6 Red
302821(1992-1996) Diamante 116.403.0L, Turbo V6 Red
5795(1998-2000) Camaro 64.303.8L V6
71403(1998-2000) Firebird 64.303.8L V6
5593 Grand National 67.403.8L V6 distless
5616(1994-1998) Mustang 85.403.8l, V6
5565(1985 and up) C3500 97.10305-350
5583 Corvette 92.30305-350 HEI
5566 Corvette 95.70350 TPI
5596 Pickup 56.304 cyl., 22R/22RE
171138(1991-1998) Cherokee 80.704.0L 8.5mm (Black)
171139(1991-1998) Cherokee 80.704.0L 8.5mm (Red)
402573(1992-1998) Grand Cherokee 80.704.0L 8.5mm (Red)
5611(1993-1998) Wrangler 80.704.0L, 6 cyl.
5608(1994-2004) Mustang 94.305.0L
388280(1985) Monte Carlo 86.905.0L
5809(1997-1999) Dakota 106.405.9L V8
5606 Ram 1500 Pickup 88.3094-97, 318-360
5794(1997-2003) Grand Prix 84.00also Pontiac Grand Prix GTP V6
5604(1996-1997) Tahoe 125.10Chevy Pickup, Tahoe, Sub, Vort, V8
303206(1988-1993) Integra 88.30Extreme cap wire set
5811(2000) Mustang 79.60Ford 3.8L V6
5797(1997-2004) Corvette 72.10LS1 Engine
71404(1997-2002) Camaro 72.10LS1 engine
5602 Camaro 134.00LT1 93-96
5603(1994-1997) Impala 147.10LT1, 5.7L/4.3L
5605(1992-1997) Corvette 147.10LT1, V8
302754(1988-1991) CRX 101.60Red
5601 Firebird 147.10Universal LT1 w/90 degree boots
5600 Firebird 147.10Universal LT1 w/straight boot
303208(1994-2000) Integra 101.60VTEC Extreme cap wire set
Sport Compact Spark Plug Wires302619(1992-1993) Integra 101.601.7L, GS-R DOHC 16V Non-VTEC Red
302621(1992-1995) Integra 101.601.8L, GS-R DOHC 16V Non-VTEC Red