MXP Price List

44 Parts by MXP
Downpipes373606(2008 and up) STi357.15339.29
366425(2003-2007) EVO283.33269.16
366426(2008 and up) EVO152.38144.76
391451(2009 and up) Genesis Coupe307.15291.792.0T
Exhaust ManifoldsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Exhaust Manifolds393689(2008 and up) EVO619.05588.10
393690(2003-2007) EVO619.05588.10
393687(2008 and up) STi761.90723.81 w/Up Pipe
411032(2009 and up) Genesis666.67633.342.0T - Stock Turbo Configuration
441021 240SX666.67633.34SR20DET
Exhaust SystemsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Exhaust Systems441024(2009-2011) FX351,723.001,238.41
393683(2009 and up) GT-R2,190.482,071.54Catback
391456(2008 and up) G371,428.571,351.00Catback - 60mm Piping w/115mm Tips
391457(2009 and up) 370Z1,428.571,351.00Catback- 60mm Piping w/115mm Tips
373607(2008 and up) EVO1,095.231,035.76Catback- 77mm Piping w/Dual 105mm Tips
373608(2008 and up) STi1,095.231,035.76Catback- 77mm Piping w/Quad 90mm Tips
391455(2009 and up) Genesis1,095.231,035.74Catback- 77mm Piping w/Quad Tips
366497(2001-2006) M3857.15810.61E46- Axle Back- 60mm Piping w/Quad 76mm Tips (Dual Canister)
402050 M32,000.001,900.00E92
441028(2008 and up) M32,976.182,814.58E92
441029(2008 and up) WRX416.67394.05Rear Section
441026(2008 and up) G371,872.001,531.14Sedan - Quad Tips
441027(2008 and up) G371,810.001,351.00Sedan - Single Tips
441022(2009 and up) GT-R1,785.721,688.75Straight Pipe
393621(2007 and up) M32,869.052,713.27w/Cat Delete- 65mm Piping
441025(2005 and up) Corvette2,154.001,621.20Z06
Titanium Exhaust Systems393678(2008 and up) STi3,523.823,332.47Catback- 77mm Piping w/Dual 105mm Tips
393679(2008 and up) G374,642.854,390.75Catback- AT/MT- 77mm Piping w/Quad 90mm Tips
393680(2007 and up) M36,904.776,529.84Catback- E92
441031(2009 and up) GT-R5,476.185,178.83Dual Tip
441033(2008 and up) M33,719.053,517.11E92 - Rear Section Only
441030(2008 and up) G373,523.823,332.47Quad Tip
441032(2009 and up) GT-R3,333.333,152.33Straight Pipe
Headers393691(2006 and up) 325i1,250.001,187.50
393692(2007 and up) 328i1,250.001,187.50
393693(2006 and up) 330i1,250.001,187.50
441034(2008 and up) STi761.90720.53Equal Length w/ Up Pipe
O2 HousingsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
O2 Housings391458(2009 and up) Genesis Coupe202.38192.262.0T
Test PipesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Test Pipes391452(2009 and up) Genesis Coupe190.48180.962.0T w/Resonator
391454(2008 and up) G37304.77289.53MT
391453(2008 and up) G37545.23517.97MT w/Resonator
441035(2009 and up) GT-R833.33788.08Pair (77mm)
373611(2008 and up) EVO190.48180.96w/Resonator
Y PipesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Y Pipes441036(2008 and up) G37486.00394.0555mm
373609(2009 and up) GT-R619.05588.1076mm-89mm Piping