Mitsubishi Parts and Accessories

Mitsubishi Motors is a member of the Mitsubishi Group of Companies in Japan. These group companies in Japan consist of very diverse markets that cooperate and share strategies to further their development. The Mitsubishi Group is made up everything from banking, glass manufacturing, optics, real estate and paper to name few. These companies truly are mega corporations that have the ability to do any and everything.

The first Mitsubishi company was started in 1870 as a shipping firm by Yataro Iwasaki. In 1873, the name of the company was formally changed to Mitsubishi Shokai. Mitsubishi loosely translates to three stars, hence the three star logo that represents Mitsubishi. Since the formation of Mitsubishi Shokai, it began to grow rapidly, acquiring a vast variety of companies. One of the industries that became a part of Mitsubishi was the aircraft industry. This comes into play during World War II. Much like BMW in the European conflict, Mitsubishi was the manufacturer of the Zero fighter plane that was the primary naval fighter on the Japanese side of the Pacific conflict. Following the aftermath of the war, the sheer resources available to the Mitsubishi Group allowed them to advance at a steady pace and become a world wide corporation.

In 1970, Mitsubishi Motors was formed under Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and has become the 5th largest auto manufacturer in Japan and the 15th largest in the world. Almost immediately, Mitsubishi made it's presence known in the motorsport world with early wins in the 1970s WRC. From then on, the Lancer evolved into what is now the Lancer Evolution. The Lancer Evolution continues to be a widely respected car both on the street and track.

Mitsubishi Balance Shaft Eliminator Kits

Mitsubishi Serpentine Belts

Mitsubishi OEM Blow Off Valves

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Mitsubishi Cam Position Sensors

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Mitsubishi Crankshafts

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Mitsubishi Engine Gasket Sets

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Mitsubishi Manifold Exhaust Gaskets

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Mitsubishi EVO 3 Exhaust Manifolds

Mitsubishi Flywheel Bolts

Mitsubishi Fuel Injector O Rings

Mitsubishi Gear Oil

Mitsubishi Head Gaskets

Mitsubishi Headlight Covers

Mitsubishi OEM Heads

Mitsubishi Ignition Coils

Mitsubishi Intercooler Piping

Mitsubishi Knock Sensors

Mitsubishi Revised 4G63 Lifters

Mitsubishi Main Bearings

Mitsubishi Motor Mounts

Mitsubishi Power Steering Pump O Rings

Mitsubishi EVO 3 O2 Housings

Mitsubishi OEM O2 Sensors

Mitsubishi Oil Feed Lines

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Mitsubishi Oil Filler Caps

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Mitsubishi Piston Rings

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Mitsubishi JDM EVO 9 Rear Bumpers

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Mitsubishi Speedometer Gears

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Mitsubishi 3000GT Taillights

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Mitsubishi Thermostat Gaskets

Mitsubishi Thermostats

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Mitsubishi Elbow to Throttle Body Gaskets

Mitsubishi Throwout Bearings

Mitsubishi Thrust Bearings

Mitsubishi Tie Rod Ends

Mitsubishi OEM Timing Belts

Mitsubishi 2G Install Kit Turbo Accessories

Mitsubishi 1G Rear Water Pipe Turbo Coolant Lines

Mitsubishi Exhuast Manifold Turbo Gaskets

Mitsubishi Inlet Turbo Gaskets

Mitsubishi O2 Housing Turbo Gaskets

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