NRG Innovations Price List

NRG Innovations, created 2003 by a group of enthusiasts highly in-tune with the performance aftermarket. NRG Innovations has caught the attention of racers throughout the import and domestic markets. Whatever the event: drag racing, circuit, autocross, time-attacks, rally and whatever the style: Drag, drift, grip, or tarmac. Look to NRG Innovations and its subdivisions to maintain the cutting edge in keeping your vehicles competitive in the racing world. “No-Tune, No-Life”

Since then, NRG Innovations has grown almost at an exponential level. To a point where it has had to relocate to a larger, better facility. NRG now boasts a variety of new parts and accessories, even the new ability to test and fabricate high-level suspension parts and tuning. Now not just limited to high end steering and interior accessories, NRG Innovations strives to reach new heights while still maintaining its original focus and goals.
176 Parts by NRG Innovations
Arm RestsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Carbon Fiber Arm Rests134488(1992-1995) Civic299.99258.38
134489(1996-2000) Civic299.99258.38
Damper KitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Damper Kits134525(1996-2000) Civic89.9973.21Blue
134526(1996-2000) Civic89.9973.21Red
134527(1996-2000) Civic89.9973.21Silver
134521(1992-1995) Civic89.9973.21SOHC - Blue
134522(1992-1995) Civic89.9973.21SOHC - Red
134523(1992-1995) Civic89.9973.21SOHC - Silver
134524(1992-1995) Civic89.9973.21SOHC - Titanium
134528(1996-2000) Civic89.9973.21Titanium
Door TrimsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Carbon Fiber Door Trims134484(2003 and up) 350Z219.99183.02L/R Pair
Engine CoversVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Carbon Fiber Engine Covers134485(2003 and up) 350Z219.99193.79
Fuel Pressure RegulatorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Fuel Pressure Regulators134535 119.9977.52Blk. Chr. Fuel Regulator
134538 19.9914.00Fuel Regulator Connector - Mitsubishi
134539 19.9914.00Fuel Regulator Connector - Toyota , Mazda, Nissan
360232 49.9923.69Fuel Regulator Gauge (100psi)
249834 39.9919.38Fuel Regulator Gauge (70psi)
134536 119.9977.52TN Fuel Regulator
Headlight CoversVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Carbon Fiber Headlight Covers134486(2003 and up) 350Z199.99161.49
Hood DampersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Hood Dampers171157(2005 and up) 6129.99129.99
171155(2003 and up) 350Z129.99129.99
171150(1992-1995) Civic129.99129.99
171151(1996-2000) Civic129.99129.99
171152(2002 and up) RSX129.99129.99
171156(1993-1995) RX-7129.99129.99
171153(2000 and up) S2000129.99129.99
351941(2005-2006) tC129.99129.99
171154(2000 and up) WRX129.99129.99
351939(2005-2006) xA129.99129.99
351940(2005-2006) xB129.99129.99
171162(2000 and up) STi149.99149.99Carbon Fiber
171161(2000 and up) S2000149.99149.99Carbon Fiber
171160(2002 and up) RSX149.99149.99Carbon Fiber
171164(1993-1995) RX-7149.99149.99Carbon Fiber
171158(1992-1995) Civic149.99149.99Carbon Fiber
171159(1996-2000) Civic149.99149.99Carbon Fiber
171165(2005 and up) 6149.99149.99Carbon Fiber
171163(2003 and up) 350Z149.99149.99Carbon Fiber
476037(1994-2001) Integra129.99129.99Chrome
351938(1989-1994) 240SX129.99129.99S13
Hood PinsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Carbon Fiber Hood Pins134482 49.9932.30Black Carbon Fiber Overlay Hood Lock w/ key
436654 149.00135.34Carbon Fiber Flush Mount Hood Lock w/ Key (Variable Mount)
134483 49.9932.30Silver Carbon Fiber Overlay Hood Lock w/ key
Lower Frame BracesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Lower Frame Braces134548(2002 and up) WRX79.9953.83
134549(1996-2000) Sentra69.9939.832 PT
351881(1992-1995) Civic69.9939.832 PT
351882(1996-2000) Civic69.9939.832 PT
134543(1992-1995) Civic69.9939.832 PT
134546(1996-2000) Civic69.9939.832 PT
351883(1989-1993) 240SX69.9939.832 PT Rear
134547(1996-2000) Civic69.9953.834 PT
134544(1992-1995) Civic79.9953.834 PT
134550(2002 and up) MRS79.9953.834 PT
351880(1984-1987) Corolla69.9939.83GTS, 2 PT
Mirror CoversVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers134470(1996-2000) Civic69.9948.45Black CF
134472(1992-1995) Civic69.9948.45Black CF
134473(1992-1995) Civic69.9948.45Silver CF
134471(1996-2000) Civic69.9948.45Silver CF
Oil Catch TanksVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Chrome Oil Catch Tanks134551 99.9964.60Oil Catch Tank Kit
Seat Belt HarnessesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
4 Point Seat Belt Harnesses134565 49.9932.304 Point - Black
134566 49.9932.304 Point - Blue
134567 49.9932.304 Point - Red
Cam Lock Seat Belt Harnesses356621 129.9996.896 Pt 3 inch Seat Belt Harness / Cam Lock- Black
356623 129.9996.896 Pt 3 inch Seat Belt Harness / Cam Lock- Blue
356622 129.9996.896 Pt 3 inch Seat Belt Harness / Cam Lock- Red
134568 99.9964.60Seat Belt Harness / Cam Lock- Black
134569 99.9964.60Seat Belt Harness / Cam Lock- Red
Seat Belt PadsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Racing Seat Belt Pads385794 15.0010.77Black Seat Belt Pads
Type R Replica Seats134559 199.99160.41Cloth Sport Seat Black w/ Red Stitching, LEFT
351885 199.99160.41Cloth Sport Seat Black w/ Red Stitching, RIGHT
360066 199.99160.41Cloth Sport Seat Red w/ Red Stitch (Left)
360067 199.99160.41Cloth Sport Seat Red w/ Red Stitch (Right)
EVO Style Sport Seats435293 399.99366.66EVO Style Cloth Sport Seat w/ Logo - Black
Shift KnobsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Shift Knobs361773 49.9932.3050mm - 1.5 lbs Shift Knob Brush Stainless Steel
361771 75.0043.0650mm - 230g Black Carbon Fiber
361772 39.9932.3050mm - 230g Brush Aluminum
361770 39.9932.3050mm - 230g Titanium Aluminum
134607 29.9921.53Dark Titanium Aluminum
134605 29.9921.53Nickel Aluminum
351648 29.9924.61Pink to Orange Titanium Ball Style Type-R
134606 49.9932.30Silver Carbon Fiber
Slope BoxesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Aluminum Slope Boxes134571 39.9923.69Slope Box
Steering Wheel HubsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Quick Release Steering Wheel Hubs351889 110.00102.28Silver/Black Carbon Fiber
5068877 100.0091.51Silver/Black/Chrome
351888 100.0091.51Silver/Blue
351891 100.0091.51Silver/Matte Silver
351890 100.0091.51Silver/Red
351892 100.0091.51Silver/Titanium
Locks Steering Wheel Hubs209604 119.99113.04Black
361574 25.0018.30Lock Holder
209606 119.99113.04Shine Black
209605 119.99113.04Silver
Quick Release Kit Gen 2.0 Steering Wheel Hubs351897 149.99118.43Black Body/Black Carbon Fiber Ring
351898 149.99135.34Black Body/Silver Carbon Ring
351894 129.99102.28Black Body/Titanium Chrome Ring
351899 129.99107.66Black Body/Titanium Chrome Ring, 5 Hole
351896 129.99102.28Blue Body/Titanium Chrome Ring
351900 129.99107.66Blue Body/Titanium Chrome Ring, 5 Hole
476016 129.99102.28Red Body/Titanium Chrome Ring
351901 129.99107.66Red Body/Titanium Chrome Ring, 5 Hole
Quick Release Kit Gen 2.5 Steering Wheel Hubs4964770 149.99134.58Black/Black Chrome Ring
351908 149.99139.96Black/Black Chrome Ring (5hole)
351902 149.99139.96Black/Black Ring
351907 149.99139.96Black/Black Ring (5hole)
351905 149.99139.96Blue/Blue Ring
351910 149.99139.96Blue/Blue Ring (5hole)
5093077 149.99139.96Orange/Orange Ring
4814350 159.99175.33Purple Body/Diamond Cut Neochrome Ring
405609 149.99139.96Purple/Purple
351904 149.99139.96Red/Red Ring
351909 149.99139.96Red/Red Ring (5hole)
4473039 159.99175.33Rose Gold/Neo Chrome Ring
351906 149.99139.96Silver/Silver Ring
Quick Release Kit Thin Version Steering Wheel Hubs351911 129.99107.66Black
351913 129.99107.66Blue
360451 149.99118.43Carbon Fiber
351912 129.99107.66Red
351914 129.99107.66Silver
Short Steering Wheel Hubs5092981(2002-2007) WRX109.99102.28
360445(1990-1996) MR2109.99102.28
439781(2002-2007) RSX109.99102.28
351933 S2000109.99102.28
4869078(1969-1993) Corvette129.99118.43
351920(1988-1991) CRX129.99118.43
5093000(1990-1998) Talon109.99102.28
380313(2003-2006) EVO149.99139.96
351923(1999-2002) Golf129.99118.43
417139(1997-2001) Prelude109.99102.28
382905(1992-1995) Civic109.99102.28
351919(1990-1993) Integra129.99118.43
381949(1994-2001) Integra109.99102.28
351922(1999-2002) Jetta129.99118.43
351921(1998-2006) Beetle129.99118.43
351934(1989-1998) 240SX129.99118.43
351924(1998-2001) A4129.99118.43
351925(1997-1999) A6129.99118.43
351926(1997-2003) A8129.99118.43
405608 350Z149.99139.96
4869290 328iC149.99139.96All E36
1438500 328iS149.99139.96All E36
520773 328i149.99139.96All E36
1438177(1995-1999) M3149.99139.96All E36
1261571(2001-2006) M3149.99139.96All E46
4868829 330Ci149.99139.96All E46
1199628 Miata129.99118.43All Miata
4473040 325i149.99139.96E30
439094(1996-2000) Civic109.99102.28EK9
5092968(1992-1995) Civic119.99107.66Red
4814351(1992-1995) Civic119.99107.66Rose Gold
4868857(2008 and up) WRX149.99139.96with Resistor
Steering WheelsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Steering Wheels405607 119.99107.66320mm Sport Leather Steering Wheel Oval
4964771 119.99107.66320mm Sport Leather Steering Wheel w/ 2 Button
354315 119.99107.66320mm Sport Suede Steering Wheel Oval
1261570 149.99159.95350mm - Limited Edition Sport (Black w/ silver double center markings)
368911 119.99123.04350mm, 3" Dish, Black Suede Leather
Strut Tower BarsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Flat Strut Tower Bars134614(1998-2000) Accord69.9959.21- Front
134613(1994-1997) Accord69.9959.21- Front
134615(1992-1995) Civic69.9959.21- Front
134617(1996-1998) Civic69.9959.21- Front
134619(2001-2005) Civic69.9959.21- Front
134618(1996-1998) Civic69.9959.21- Rear
134616(1992-1995) Civic69.9959.21- Rear
Carbon Fiber Trunks134468(2002 and up) Cooper249.99270.69Black Carbon Fiber
134465(1992-1995) Civic249.99242.24Hatch - Black Carbon Fiber
134469(1994-2000) Integra249.99242.24Hatch - Black Carbon Fiber
134466(1996-2000) Civic249.99242.24Hatch - Black Carbon Fiber
134467(2003 and up) Civic249.99242.24Hatch - Black Carbon Fiber
Black Carbon Fiber Trunks134479(1996-2000) WRX499.99452.17
134475(1992-1995) Civic499.99452.17Coupe
134477(1996-2000) Civic499.99452.17Coupe
134476(1996-2000) Civic499.99452.17Hatch
134474(1992-1995) Civic349.99355.28Hatch
134478(2002-2003) Civic499.99452.17Hatch Si
Voltage RegulatorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Voltage Regulators361381 89.9964.60Chargine System - Compact Size
361380 89.9964.60Charging System
5068834 89.9973.82Charging System