Neuspeed Price List

NEUSPEED® is the most committed Total Car Performance Tuning Company in the Audi and Volkswagen aftermarket. We are always the first to bring you the best products available for your car – long before other tuner companies. We began developing products in 1975, when the first VW Scirocco hit our shores and the VW Rabbit shortly thereafter. We thought this new line offered the best compact cars of the era – with fine German engineering and unlimited performance potential – we were right! NEUSPEED® has built its reputation by producing the best springs, sway bars, tie-bars, brake parts, engine performance and appearance parts. We partnered and became a distributor for only the best and finest parts that compliment the NEUSPEED® product line; Bilstein and Koni shocks, StopTech, Hawk, Momo, K&N, OE German parts and many others.
444 Parts by Neuspeed
Air IntakesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
P-Flo Air Intakes284090(2001) Beetle199.95197.351.8T 20V
7474(1998-2006) Beetle209.95207.222.0L 8V w/ Air Pump
9005(1998-2006) Beetle189.95187.482.0L 8V w/o Air Pump
7497(1993-1999) Jetta79.9578.91Cold Air Upgrade - heat shield only
7478(1993-1999) Golf179.95177.61Golf III 2.0L w/ air pump
7471(1993-1999) Golf199.95197.35Golf III VR6
7491(1999 and up) Golf199.95197.35Golf IV (2.0L)
307902(2006 and up) Golf289.95286.18Golf V 2.0T FSI
383200(1993-1999) Golf139.95138.13III- Heat Shield Upgrade for P-Flo Intake
7499(1993-1999) Jetta179.95177.61Jetta III, 2.0L w/ air pump
7500(1993-1999) Jetta199.95197.35Jetta III, VR6
374958(2004-2006) Touareg369.95365.14V6 3.2L - with stainless steel heat shield
307742(2006 and up) GTI289.95286.18VW MKV 2.0T FSI
Brake LinesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Stainless Steel Brake Lines69158(1999 and up) Golf189.95187.48
69159(1999 and up) Jetta189.95187.48
69112(2000-2002) S4169.95167.74
69143(1998-2006) Beetle189.95187.48
69146 Fox124.95123.33
69109 A4169.95167.74(96-99.5) FWD
69110 A4239.95236.83(99.5-01) FWD
69160(1993-1995) Passat179.95177.6116V and VR6
69153(1993-1998) Cabrio134.95133.208V w/ Rear Drums
380637(2006) Passat199.95197.35B6 TDI (4 line set)
69167 Cabriolet129.95128.26Cabrio I w/ Rear Drums
69162(1998-1999) Passat244.95241.77FWD
69163(2000-2005) Passat169.95167.74FWD
69144 Corrado179.95177.61G60
69149(1985-1992) Golf179.95177.61GTi w/ Rear Discs
69155(1993-1998) Jetta134.95133.20III 8V and VR6 w/ Rear Discs
69154(1993-1998) Golf179.95177.61III and VR6 w/ Rear Discs
69151(1993-1998) Golf134.95133.20III w/ Rear Drums
69152(1993-1998) Jetta134.95133.20III w/ Rear Drums
69166 Jetta129.95128.26Jetta I w/ Rear Drums
69168 Scirocco179.95177.61Scirocco II 16V
69156(1996-1999) Golf229.95226.96VR6
69145 Corrado179.95177.61VR6
69157(1996-1999) Jetta229.95226.96VR6
69161(1996-1997) Passat224.95222.03VR6 w/ 11.3" Discs
69150(1985-1992) Jetta179.95177.61w/ Rear Discs
69164 Rabbit129.95128.26w/ Rear Drums
69165 Scirocco129.95128.26w/ Rear Drums
69147(1985-1992) Golf129.95128.26w/ Rear Drums
69148(1985-1992) Jetta129.95128.26w/ Rear Drums
Sway Bar Bushings61571(1992-2000) Civic39.9539.43Polyurethane Factory Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit - 22mm Bar
61567(1993-1997) Civic Del Sol39.9539.43Polyurethane Factory Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit w/ 21mm Bar
61568(1992-1997) Civic Del Sol39.9539.43Polyurethane Factory Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit w/ 22mm Bar
61551 Integra39.9539.43Polyurethane Factory Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit w/ 22mm Bar
61553 RSX39.9539.43Polyurethane Factory Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit w/ 23mm Bar
61569(1992-1997) Civic Del Sol39.9539.43Polyurethane Factory Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit w/ 24mm Bar
61572(1992-2000) Civic39.9539.43Polyurethane Factory Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit w/ 24mm Bar
61576(2001-2005) Civic39.9539.43Polyurethane Factory Front Sway bar Bushing Kit w/ 25mm Bar
61564(1988-1991) Civic39.9539.43Polyurethane Factory Rear Sway Bar Bushing Kit - 22mm Bar
61550 Integra39.9539.43Sway Bar Bushing Kit w/ 21mm Bar
61552 Integra39.9539.43Sway Bar Bushing Kit w/ 24mm Bar
Solid and Hydraulic Cams358181 Jetta279.95276.31MKII 2.0L 16V .378 lift, 250 duration
Clutch KitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Sport Clutch Kits69071(1999-2010) Beetle999.95986.951.8T, Includes Flywheel
69065(1993-1998) Golf649.95641.50III
69066(1993-1998) Jetta649.95641.50III
69069(1999 and up) Golf999.95986.95Includes Flywheel
69070(1999 and up) Jetta999.95986.95Includes Flywheel
69067 Corrado649.95641.50VR6
69068 Passat649.95641.50VR6
Race Clutch Kits69102(1999-2010) Beetle999.95986.951.8T
69096(1993-1998) Golf649.95641.50III
69097(1993-1998) Jetta649.95641.50III
69100(1999 and up) Golf999.95986.95Includes Flywheel
69101(1999 and up) Jetta999.95986.95Includes Flywheel
69098 Corrado649.95641.50VR6
69099 Passat649.95641.50VR6
Full Coilovers61511(1996-2000) Civic1,399.951,381.75All .75-2.5(F) .75-2.5(R)
61512(1992-1997) Civic Del Sol1,399.951,381.75All .75-2.5(F) .75-2.5(R)
61508(1994-2001) Integra1,399.951,381.75All .75-2.5(F) .75-2.5(R)
61510(1992-1995) Civic1,399.951,381.75EG All .75-2.5(F) .75-2.5(R)
Cap Dipsticks284129 Beetle59.9559.17
Discharge PipesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Discharge Pipes307903(2006 and up) GTI299.95296.052.0LT FSI
Downpipes356344 Golf289.95286.181.8T FWD only
413850 Beetle289.95286.181.8T FWD Only
61641 Jetta289.95286.181.8T FWD Only
Engine CoversVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Carbon Fiber Engine Covers307743(2006 and up) GTI329.95325.66CARBON FIBER ENGINE COVER
Exhaust SystemsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Cat Back Exhaust Systems49350 Golf799.95789.55(02.5+) 1.8T, VR6, 60mm (DTM)
363266 S41,299.951,283.05(B6) 4.2L V8 70mm Dual Polished Straight Tip
61656(2002-2005) A4 Quattro1,099.951,085.651.8T includes downpipe 60mm
61653(1999 and up) TT Quattro749.95740.20180HP 60mm Single Tip Billet
61654(2000 and up) TT899.95888.25225HP 70mm Single Tip Billet
7533 A4 Quattro1,099.95888.255 Speed Only - A4 1.8T Sedan and Wagon, Manual Trans. 2 1/2 DST
61651 S2000899.95888.2560mm Single Tip Billet
61652(2000-2002) S4899.95888.2580mm Single Tip Billet
392881(2002-2005) A4 Quattro999.95986.95A4 V6 3.0
61649(2001-2005) Civic699.95690.85EX Single Tip Billet.
7531 Golf899.95888.25Golf III All 60MM (DTM)
356343(2005) Golf799.95789.55Golf IV 1.8T w/cutout
7541 Jetta899.95888.25Jetta III Fits All (DTM)
49348 Jetta799.95789.55Jetta IV (All) w/ Bumper Cut-Out DST
7543(1998-2005) Passat999.95986.95Passat 1.8T Sedan & Wagon std. trans. 2 1/2 DTM
49349(2002-2006) Beetle799.95789.55Turbo S 1.8T 60mm (DST)
Intercooler PipingVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Intercooler Piping474901(2006-06/2008) GTI169.95169.95GTI V 2.0T (Hi-Flo Air Charge Conversion)
474900(06/2007-06/2008) GTI299.95299.95GTI V 2.0T (Hi-Flo Turbo Discharge Conversion)
136413(1999-2000) TT259.95256.57Non-variable cam timing engine with factory K03 or K04/SuperK04 turbos.
136412(2001 and up) TT259.95256.57Variable cam timing engine with K04 or Super K04 turbo only.
Oil Filler CapsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Oil Filler Caps284131 Beetle69.9569.04
Power Steering ReservoirsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Cap Power Steering Reservoirs284130 Beetle59.9559.17
Pulleys248433(2000-2005) TT239.95236.83180hp model
474907(2006-06/2008) Golf199.95199.952.0T FSI (BPY)
Short ShiftersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Short Shifters61667 TT Quattro229.95226.96
9021(1998) Passat499.95493.45
7555(1998-1999) Beetle249.95246.70
61664 S4219.95217.09(00-01.5) 6-Speed
61665 S4219.95217.09(01.5-02) 6-Speed
61666 TT189.95187.48FWD
9016(1985-1992) Golf79.9578.91Golf II (5-Speed) 1-Piece kit
9024 Golf249.95246.70Golf IV (5-Speed)
39192(1994-2001) Integra174.95172.68Includes Poly bushings
9015(1985-1992) Jetta79.9578.91Jetta II (5-Speed) 1-Piece kit
413677 Jetta189.95187.48MK 1V TDI
358182 Jetta99.9598.65MKII (short rod)
61669(2002-2005) Civic119.95118.39Si
9020 Corrado499.95493.45VR6 & G60
Spark Plug WiresVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Spark Plug Wires61724 Jetta149.95148.002.0 8V
61728 Jetta219.95187.482.8 VR6
61729 Jetta219.95187.482.8 VR6 (yellow)
61736(1998-2005) Passat279.95266.442.8L, 30V
61737(1998-2005) Passat279.95266.442.8L, 30V (Yellow)
68754 A4279.95276.3189+ 2.8L 30V
61685 A4279.95276.3189+ 2.8L 30V (Yellow)
61718 Jetta149.95148.008V
61721 Jetta149.95148.008V (yellow)
61710 Beetle149.95148.0098+ 8V 2.0L
61717 GTI269.95148.00All 16V (Yellow)
61714 Jetta109.9598.65ALL 8V
61715 Jetta109.9598.65ALL 8V (Yellow)
61719 Jetta239.95197.35All VR6 W/dist
61720 Jetta239.95197.35All VR6 W/dist (yellow)
61722 Jetta229.95197.35All VR6 w/o Dist
61723 Jetta229.95197.35All VR6 w/o Dist (yellow)
Race Springs7066 Jetta269.95266.44(85-89/93-96.5) 8V TDI 1.5(F) 1.25(R)
7057 Corrado269.95266.44(92-94.5) VR6 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7060 Golf269.95266.44(93-96.5) 8V 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7058 Corrado269.95266.44(94.5-95) VR6 2.0(F) 1.75(R)
7061 Golf269.95266.44(96.5-99) 8V 2.0(F) 1.75(R)
7070 Jetta269.95266.44(96.5-99) 8V 2.0(F) 1.75(R)
7076(1980-1981) Scirocco269.95266.441.25(F) 1.25(R)
7077(1982-1988) Scirocco269.95266.441.25(F) 1.25(R)
7054(1980-1994) Cabriolet269.95266.441.25(F) 1.25(R)
7055(1995-1999) Cabrio269.95266.442.0(F) 1.75(R)
61491(1990-1993) Accord239.95236.832.2(F) 2.0(R)
251316(1996-2000) Civic239.95236.832.25 (F) 2.0 (R)
61439(1997-1999) CL239.95236.832.3 4 Cyl 2.0(F) 2.0(R)
61498(2001-2005) Civic239.95236.832dr 4dr 2.0(F) 2.0(R)
61489(1999 and up) TT269.95266.442WD 1.75(F) 1.75(R)
61448(2000-2003) CL239.95236.833.0 6 Cyl (& Type S) 2.2(F) 2.0(R)
61478(1999 and up) TL239.95236.833.2 V6 (& Type S) 2.2(F) 2.0(R)
61492(1996-1997) Accord239.95236.834 Cyl 2.2(F) 2.0(R)
61493(1998-2002) Accord239.95236.834 Cyl 2.2(F) 2.0(R)
61494(1994-1995) Accord239.95236.834 Cyl 2.2(F) 2.0(R)
61440(2000-2003) CL239.95236.834 Cyl 2.2(F) 2.0(R)
61485(2002-2005) A4269.95266.444 Cyl Sedan, Avant 2.0(F) 2.0(R)
61483(1996-2000) A4 Quattro269.95266.444 Cyl Sedan, Avant 2.0(F) 2.0(R)
7062(1999 and up) Golf269.95266.448V 2.0L 2.0(F) 2.0(R)
7071(1999 and up) Jetta269.95266.448V 2.0L 2.0(F) 2.0(R)
7059(1985-1992) Golf269.95266.44All 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7065(1980-1984) Jetta269.95266.44All 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
6990(1998-2006) Beetle269.95266.44All 1.75(F) 1.75(R)
61479(1994-2001) Integra239.95236.83All 2.0(F) 1.75(R)
61495(1988-1991) Civic239.95236.83All 2.25(F) 2.0(R)
61496(1988-1991) CRX239.95236.83All 2.25(F) 2.0(R)
61499(1992-1997) Civic Del Sol239.95236.83ALL 2.25(F) 2.0(R)
61501(1988-1991) Prelude239.95236.83ALL 2.25(F) 2.0(R)
61481(2002-2005) A4269.95266.44FWD 4 Cyl
61482(2002-2005) A4269.95266.44FWD V6 2.0(F) 2.0(R)
7056(1990-1992) Corrado269.95266.44G60 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
61503(1998-2001) Prelude239.95236.83SH only (With Factory Shocks) 2.5(F) 2.0(R)
61500(2002-2005) Civic239.95236.83Si 2.0(F) 2.0(R)
61497(1992-1995) Civic239.95236.83Si, Del Sol, 2dr 4dr Type EG 2.25(F) 2.0(R)
61480(1997-2001) Integra239.95236.83Type R 2.0(F) 1.75(R)
61487(2001) A4 Quattro269.95266.44V6 Sedan, Avant 2.0(F) 2.0(R)
61488(2002-2005) A4 Quattro269.95266.44V6 Sedan, Avant 2.0(F) 2.0(R)
61486(1996-2000) A4 Quattro269.95266.44V6 Sedan, Avant 2.25(F) 2.0(R)
7064(1999 and up) Golf269.95266.44VR6 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7073(1993-1999) Jetta269.95266.44VR6 2.0(F) 1.75(R)
7063(1993-1999) Golf269.95266.44VR6 2.0(F) 1.75(R)
7074(1999 and up) Jetta269.95266.44VR6 2.0(F) 2.0(R)
Sport Springs7116(1977-1979) Rabbit269.95266.06(w/large front spring hat) 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7119(1975-1979) Scirocco269.95266.06(w/Large front spring hat) 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7192(2000-2009) S2000239.95236.831.25(F) 1.25(R)
61385(1999 and up) TT Quattro269.95266.441.25(F) 1.25(R)
61382(2000) S4269.95266.441.5(F) 1.5(R)
61383(2001-2002) S4269.95266.441.5(F) 1.5(R)
7171(1986-1989) Accord239.95236.831.5(F) 1.5(R)
7185(1991-2005) NSX349.95345.401.5(F) 1.5(R)
7178(1992-1996) Prelude239.95236.831.7(F) 1.5(R)
7176(1994-1995) Accord239.95236.831.75(F) 1.5(R)
7182(1996-2000) Civic239.95236.831.75(F) 1.5(R)
7100(1998-2006) Beetle269.95266.441.75(F) 1.75(R)
61387(1990-1993) Accord239.95236.831.8(F) 1.7(R)
7173(1988-1991) Prelude239.95236.831.8(F) 1.8(R)
7174(1990-1993) Integra239.95236.831.8(F) 1.8(R)
7104(1990-1994) Passat269.95266.4416V Sedan 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7105(1990-1994) Passat269.95266.4416V Wagon 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7118(1986-1988) Scirocco269.95266.4416V 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7085(1987-1992) Golf269.95266.4416V 1.3(F) 1.3(R)
7191(2001-2005) Civic239.95236.832 Door, 1.75(F) 1.5(R)
7172(1988-1991) Civic239.95236.832.0(F) 1.8(R)
7086(1999 and up) Golf269.95266.442.0L 8V 1.75(F) 1.75(R)
7175(1997-1999) CL239.95236.832.2L, 1.75(F) 1.5(R)
59709(2000-2003) CL239.95236.832.3L, 1.8(F), 1.7(R)
61384(1999 and up) TT269.95266.442WD 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7106(1998-2001) Passat269.95266.444 Cyl Sedan 1.5(F) 1.5(R)
7186(1998-2002) Accord239.95236.834 Cyl 1.8(F) 1.7(R)
61388(1996-1997) Accord239.95236.834 Cyl 1.8(F) 1.7(R)
7107(1998-2001) Passat269.95266.444 Cyl Wagon 1.5(F) 1.5(R)
7080(1996-2000) A4269.95266.444 Cyl, 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
9032(1996-2000) A4 Quattro269.95266.444 Cyl, 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7190(2001-2005) Civic239.95236.834 Dr. 1.75(F) 1.5(R)
7188(1998-2002) Accord239.95236.836 Cyl 1.8(F) 1.7(R)
7177(1995-1997) Accord239.95236.836 Cyl, 1.75(F) 1.5(R)
7097(1993-06/1996) Jetta269.95266.448V 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7088(1993-06/1996) Golf269.95266.448V 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7090(1985-1989) Golf269.95266.448V 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7092(1985-1989) Jetta269.95266.448V 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7101(1980-1994) Cabriolet269.95266.448V 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7089(1990-1992) Golf269.95266.448V 1.3(F) 1.3(R)
7093(1990-1992) Jetta269.95266.448V 1.3(F) 1.3(R)
7087(05/1996-1999) Golf269.95266.448V 1.3(F) 1.3(R)
7082(1995-1999) Cabrio269.95266.448V 1.3(F) 1.3(R)
7098(1998-2005) Jetta269.95266.448V 1.75(F) 1.75(R)
7108(1995-1997) Passat269.95266.448V Sedan .75(F) .75(R)
7109(1995-1997) Passat269.95266.448V Wagon 1.3(F) 1.3(R)
7121(1980-1981) Scirocco269.95266.44All 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7095(1980-1984) Jetta269.95266.44All 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7117(1980-1984) Rabbit269.95266.44All 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
9034(1988-1991) CRX239.95236.83all 2.0(F) 1.8(R)
7180 Civic Del Sol239.95236.83Del Sol 1.8(F) 1.6(R)
7179(1992-1995) Civic239.95236.83EG6 1.8(F) 1.6(R)
7181(1997-2001) Integra239.95236.83Exc. Type R, 1.75(F) 1.5(R)
7079(1996-2000) A4269.95266.44FWD 4 Cyl, 1.3(F), 1.3(R)
7078(1996-2000) A4269.95266.44FWD V6, 1.3(F) 1.3(R)
7083(1990-1992) Corrado269.95266.44G60 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7189(2002 and up) RSX239.95236.83Incl. Type S, 1.75(F), 1.5(R)
61434(06/2002 and up) Passat269.95266.44Sedan 4 Cyl Typ B5 1.5(F) 1.5(R)
61436(06/2002 and up) Passat269.95266.44Sedan V6 Typ B5 1.5(F) 1.5(R)
61389(2002-2005) Civic239.95236.83SI 1.5(F) 1.5(R)
7094(05/1996-1999) Jetta269.95266.44TDI 8V 1.3(F) 1.3(R)
61390(1999-2005) Jetta269.95266.44TDI 1.8T VR6 8V 1.5(F) 1.5(R)
7187(1997-2001) Integra239.95236.83Type R 1.75(F) 1.5(R)
61379(2002-2005) A4 Quattro269.95266.44V6 1.5(F) 1.5(R)
7081(1996-2000) A4 Quattro269.95266.44V6, 1.25(F) 1.25(R)*
7111(1998-2001) Passat269.95266.44V6, Typ B5 Sedan 1.5(F) 1.5(R)
7099(06/1994-1995) Corrado269.95266.44VR6 1.3(F) 1.3(R)
7084(1992-06/1994) Corrado269.95266.44VR6 1.3(F) 1.3(R)
7091(1993-1999) Golf269.95266.44VR6 1.5(F) 1.3(R)
7096(1999 and up) Golf269.95266.44VR6 1.5(F) 1.5(R)
7103(1999-2005) Jetta269.95266.44VR6 1.5(F) 1.5(R)
7114(1995-1997) Passat269.95266.44VR6 Sedan .75(F) .75(R)
7112(1993-1994) Passat269.95266.44VR6 Sedan 1.25(F) 1.25(R)
7102(1999-2005) Jetta269.95266.44VR6 TDI 1.5(F) 1.3(R)
7115(1995-1997) Passat269.95266.44VR6 Wagon .75(F) .75(R)
7113(1993-1994) Passat269.95266.44VR6 Wagon 1.3(F) 1.3(R)
61437(06/2002 and up) Passat269.95266.44Wagon Type B5 1.5(F) 1.5(R)
61435(2002 and up) Passat269.95266.44Wagon V6 Typ B5 1.5(F) 1.5(R)
Strut Tower BarsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Front Upper Strut Tower Bars7414(1987-1989) Jetta159.95157.8716V
7395(1987-1989) Golf159.95157.8716V
7409(1990-1994) Passat159.95157.8716V
7389(1993-1995) Cabrio159.95157.878V
7396(1993-1995) Golf159.95157.878V
7400(1996-1998) Golf159.95157.878V
7392(1996-1998) Cabrio159.95157.878V
7394(1985-1989) Golf159.95157.878V
7416(1993-1995) Jetta159.95157.878V
7413(1985-1989) Jetta159.95157.878V
7420(1996-1998) Jetta159.95157.878V
7410(1990-1992) Golf159.95157.878V & 16V
7415(1990-1992) Jetta159.95157.878V & 16V
7411(1996-1998) Cabrio179.95177.618V Polished
7421(1996-1998) Jetta179.95177.618V Polished
7418(1993-1995) Jetta179.95177.618V Polished
7391(1993-1995) Cabrio179.95177.618V Polished
7397(1993-1995) Golf179.95177.618V Polished
7401(1996-1998) Golf179.95177.618V Polished
61621(1994-2001) Integra279.95276.31ALL Incl. Type R, GSR Billet Alluminum
61606(1996-2000) Civic179.95177.61All Polished
61601(1992-1995) Civic159.95157.87All powdercoated
61603(1992-1995) Civic Del Sol159.95157.87All Powdercoated
61599(1988-1991) CRX159.95157.87All Powdercoated
61605(1996-2000) Civic159.95157.87All Powdercoated
7427 Rabbit159.95157.87All w/ FI only
61620(1994-2001) Integra179.95177.61Exc. Type R Polished
61619(1994-2001) Integra159.95157.87Exc. Type R Powdercoated
382090 Golf159.95157.87Golf IV 1.8t
7430(1982-1988) Scirocco159.95157.87II, 8V
7405 Jetta159.95157.87Jetta I w/ FI only
61622(2002 and up) RSX159.95157.87Non Type S
61623(2002 and up) RSX179.95177.61Non Type S Polished
61618(1990-1993) Integra179.95177.61Non-ABS Polished
61617(1990-1993) Integra159.95157.87Non-ABS Powdercoated
61600(1988-1991) CRX179.95177.61Polished
61597(1988-1991) Civic159.95157.87Powdercoated
68748(2002-2005) Civic179.95177.61Si Polished
61625(2002 and up) RSX179.95177.61Type S
61624(2002 and up) RSX159.95157.87Type S Powdercoated
7399(1994-1998) Golf159.95157.87VR6
7406(1993-1995) Passat159.95157.87VR6
7393(1992-1995) Corrado159.95157.87VR6
7417(1994-1998) Jetta159.95157.87VR6
7398(1994-1998) Golf179.95177.61VR6 Polished
7419(1994-1998) Jetta179.95177.61VR6 Polished
7428 Rabbit159.95157.87w/16V Engine Conversion w/Scirocco 16V Inj. Only
7390(1990-1993) Cabriolet159.95157.87w/FI only
Rear Strut Tower Bars7450 Jetta329.95325.66
7465(1985-1992) Golf329.95325.66
7467(1985-1992) Jetta329.95325.66
9036(1975-1981) Scirocco329.95325.66
7449 Rabbit329.95325.66(exc. convertable)
7466 Golf329.95325.66(w/out rear leg )
7468 Jetta329.95325.66(w/out rear leg)
61637(1994-2001) Integra269.95266.44ALL Black
61635(2002 and up) RSX249.95246.70All Polished
61636(1994-2001) Integra279.95276.31ALL polished
61631(1992-1995) Civic269.95266.44black
61627(1988-1991) Civic269.95266.44black
61629(1988-1991) CRX269.95266.44Black
61630(1988-1991) CRX279.95276.31Polished
61628(1988-1991) Civic279.95276.31polished
61632(1992-1995) Civic279.95276.31Polished
Sway BarsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Sway Bars75805(2003-2007) Accord299.95296.05(27mm) Front
104448 Passat419.95414.49(B5) 28mm Rear Adjustable
61559(1999-2003) CL299.95296.051 1/16 (27mm) Front
61561(1998-2002) Accord299.95296.051 1/16 (27mm) Front
61554 RSX259.95256.571 1/16 (27mm) Front (Tubular)
61556(1999 and up) TL299.95296.051 1/16 Front (27mm)
61574(1993-1997) Civic Del Sol469.95463.8419mm Bar
61562(1998-2002) Accord239.95236.8319mm Rear
7310(1996-2001) A4389.95384.8819mm rear adjustable
61575(1996-2000) Civic469.95463.8419mm Rear Sway Bar
61573(1992-1995) Civic469.95463.8419mm Sway Bar
366736(2005-2007) A4289.95286.1821mm Rear
2045438 Rabbit Convertible299.95296.0522mm Front w/ Factory Sway Bar
7371 Rabbit299.95296.0522mm Front w/ Factory Sway Bar
7372 Rabbit419.95414.4922mm Front w/o Factory Sway Bar
2045439 Rabbit Convertible419.95414.4922mm Front w/o Factory Sway Bar
61566(1988-1991) CRX449.95444.1022mm Rear
61578(2001-2005) Civic469.95463.8422mm Rear w/ Factory Sway Bar
61565(1988-1991) CRX209.95207.2222mm w/ Factory Sway Bar Front
61563(1988-1991) Civic209.95207.2222mm with factory sway bar Front
7333(1998-2006) Beetle319.95315.7925mm Front
61579(1992-1996) Prelude229.95226.9625mm Front Sway Bar
61581(1997) Prelude229.95226.9625mm Front Sway Bar
61584(1998-2001) Prelude229.95226.9625mm Front Sway Bar
7314(1998-2006) Beetle359.95355.2725mm Rear
7373 Rabbit239.95236.8325mm Rear
7368(1990-1997) Passat389.95384.8825mm Rear Adjustable
61582(1997-2001) Prelude469.95463.8425mm Rear Sway Bar
61580(1992-1996) Prelude469.95463.8425mm Rear Sway Bar
61577(1992-1996) Prelude229.95226.9627mm Front (Tubular)
7374 Rabbit239.95236.8328mm Rear
7315(1998-2006) Beetle399.95394.7528mm Rear
7369(1990-1997) Passat399.95394.7528mm Rear Adjustable
7370(1998-2005) Passat259.95256.5729mm Front
61560(1999-2003) CL239.95236.833/4 rear (19mm)
61557(1999 and up) TL239.95236.833/4 Rear (19mm)
61555 RSX469.95463.847/8" (22mm) Rear
7311(1996-2001) A4259.95256.57AWD 29mm front
357041(1999 and up) TT229.95226.96AWD (19mm Rear)
7332(1999 and up) TT399.95394.75AWD (28 mm Rear Adjustable)
189728(2001-2005) Civic259.95256.57Front
74787(1999 and up) TT259.95256.57FWD (22mm Front)
74788(1999 and up) TT259.95256.57FWD (25mm Front)
74789(1999 and up) TT359.95355.27FWD (25mm Rear Adjustable)
74790(1999 and up) TT399.95394.75FWD (28mm Rear Adjustable)
7312(1996-2001) A4389.95384.88FWD 25mm Rear Adjustable
7331 Corrado269.95266.44G60 25mm Front
7317 Corrado419.95413.90G60 25mm rear adjustable
7318 Corrado419.95413.90G60 28mm Rear adjustable
7328 Golf259.95256.57Golf II 8V/16V 22mm Front w/ Factory Sway Bar
7324 Golf279.95276.31Golf II 8V/16V 22mm Front w/o Factory Sway Bar
7325 Golf269.95266.44Golf II 8V/16V 25mm Front w/ Factory Sway Bar
7329 Golf289.95286.18Golf II 8V/16V 25mm Front w/o Factory Sway Bar
7326 Golf419.95413.90Golf II 8V/16V 25mm Rear Adjustable
7330 Golf419.95413.90Golf II 8V/16V 28mm Rear Adjustable
7327 Golf259.95256.57Golf III 8V 22mm Front
7335 Golf419.95413.90Golf III 8V 25 mm Rear Adjustable
7334 Golf269.95266.44Golf III 8V 25mm Front
7336 Golf419.95413.90Golf III 8V 28mm Rear Adjustable
7337 Golf229.95226.96Golf III VR6 25mm Front
7338 Golf419.95413.90Golf III VR6 25mm Rear Adjustable
7339 Golf419.95413.90Golf III VR6 28mm Rear Adjustable
7340 Golf319.95315.79Golf IV 25mm Front
7341 Golf359.95355.27Golf IV 25mm Rear Adjustable
7342 Golf399.95394.75Golf IV 28mm Rear Adjustable
7343 Jetta299.95296.05Jetta I 22mm Front w/ Factory Sway Bar
7344 Jetta419.95414.49Jetta I 22mm Front w/o Factory Sway Bar
7345 Jetta239.95236.83Jetta I 25mm Rear
7346 Jetta259.95256.57Jetta I 28mm Rear
7347 Jetta259.95256.57Jetta II 8V/16V 22mm Front w/Factory Sway Bar
7348 Jetta279.95276.31Jetta II 8V/16V 22mm Front w/o Factory Sway Bar
7350 Jetta289.95286.18Jetta II 8V/16V 25m Front w/o Factory Sway Bar
7349 Jetta269.95266.44Jetta II 8V/16V 25mm w/ Front Factory Sway Bar
7352 Jetta419.95413.90Jetta II 8V/16V 28mm Rear Adjustable
7363 Jetta419.95413.90Jetta II VR6 25mm Rear Adjustable
7353 Jetta259.95256.57Jetta III 8V 22mm Front
7354 Jetta269.95266.44Jetta III 8V 25mm Front
7355 Jetta359.95355.27Jetta III 8V 25mm Rear Adjustable
7356 Jetta419.95413.90Jetta III 8V 28mm Rear Adjustable
7357 Jetta229.95226.96Jetta III VR6 25mm Front
7364 Jetta419.95413.90Jetta III VR6 28mm Rear Adjustable
101669 Jetta359.95355.27Jetta III, 8V/VR6, 25mm Rear Adjustable
7365 Jetta319.95315.79Jetta IV 25mm Front
7366 Jetta359.95355.27Jetta IV 25mm Rear Adjustable
7367 Jetta399.95394.75Jetta IV 28mm Rear Adjustable
375104(2006-2008) Jetta329.95325.66Jetta V 25mm Front
375105(2006-2008) Jetta329.95325.66Jetta V 25mm Rear
7375(1980-1988) Scirocco299.95296.05Scirocco 1&2 22mm Front w/ Factory Sway Bar
7376 Scirocco419.95414.49Scirocco 1&2 22mm front w/o factory sway bar
7377 Scirocco239.95236.83Scirocco 1&2 25mm Rear
7378 Scirocco259.95256.57Scirocco 1&2 28mm Rear
26713 GTI229.95226.96VR6 25mm front
26714 GTI419.95413.90VR6 25mm Rear adjustable
7321 Corrado419.95413.90VR6 25mm Rear Adjustable
7320 Corrado419.95413.90VR6 28mm Rear Adjustable
26715 GTI399.95394.75VR6 28mm Rear adjustable
Tie BarsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Rear Tie Bars229001(2000-2009) S2000179.95177.61All
61626(2002 and up) RSX129.95128.26ALL polished
28738(1994-2001) Integra129.95128.26Black
46490(1988-1995) Civic129.95128.26Black
46491(1994-2001) Integra129.95128.26Polished
Front Lower Tie Bars68979(1998-2002) Accord169.95167.744 Cyl (Polished)
68978(1996-2001) A4279.95276.315 speed (Polished)
68994(1998-2005) Passat279.95276.315 speed (Polished)
68984 Jetta129.95128.26Jetta I w/ Manual Trans. (Black)
68986 Scirocco129.95128.26Scirocco I+II w/ Manual Trans. (Black)
68987(1998-2006) Beetle129.95128.26w/ Manual Trans. (Black)
68985 Rabbit129.95128.26w/ Manual Trans. (Black)
68990(1999 and up) Golf129.95128.26w/ Manual Trans. (Black)
68991(1999 and up) Jetta129.95128.26w/ Manual Trans. (Black)
68992(1999 and up) Jetta139.95138.13w/ Manual Trans. (Polished)
68988(1999 and up) Golf139.95138.13w/ Manual Trans. (Polished)
68989(1998-2006) Beetle139.95138.13w/ Manual Trans. (Polished)
405693(2002-2007) RSX339.95335.53X-Brace (Black)
405694(2000-2009) S2000299.95296.05X-Brace (Black)
Turbo KitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Turbo Kits7508(1998-2005) Passat2,299.952,270.051.8T kit w/manifold
7507(1998-2005) Passat1,999.951,973.951.8T kit w/o manifold
438744(2000) GTI1,999.951,973.951.8T Upgrade
248432(2000-2005) TT1,999.951,973.95180hp
9043(1997-2001) A41,999.951,973.95kit w/manifold
9044(1997-2001) A41,999.951,973.95kit w/o manifold