Professional Products Price List

Professional Products started out making polished manifolds for small block Chevys. In response to overwhelming demand, they increased the number of applications and developed options to fit many American V8 engines for race cars, hot rods, and daily drivers. They also added a harmonic damper program that offers unmatched precision and performance, compared to others that ask twice the price.

As the company has grown, they have added on many additional manifold and damper applications as well as a greatly expanded line of fuel system components including fuel filters, fuel regulators, throttle bodies, fuel pumps, and fuel inlet kits
12 Parts by Professional Products
Throttle BodiesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Throttle Bodies361169(1994-2001) Integra259.23213.30Gsr, 65mm - Polished
361170(1994-1999) Integra197.07183.90Gsr, 65mm - Satin
361171(1994-2001) Integra259.23213.30Gsr, 68mm - Polished
361172(1994-2001) Integra197.07183.90Gsr, 68mm - Satin
361174(1999-2000) Civic259.23213.30Si, 65mm - Polished
361176(1999-2000) Civic197.07183.90SI, 65mm - Satin
361178(1999-2000) Civic259.23213.30SI, 68mm - Polished
361180(1999-2000) Civic197.07183.90Si, 68mm - Satin
361173(1997-2001) Integra259.23213.30Type R, 65mm - Polished
361175(1997-2001) Integra197.07183.90Type R, 65mm - Satin
361177(1997-2001) Integra259.23213.30Type R, 68mm - Polished
361179(1997-2001) Integra197.07183.90Type R, 68mm - Satin