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Prothane Parts and Accessories

PROTHANE™ Motion Control has become synonymous with innovative, hi-performance polyurethane or urethane for short, based bushings and driveline components. From bushing, bump stops and body mounts to stressed driveline components like motor and transmission mounts and lift kits, PROTHANE™ engineers are constantly developing innovative new hi-performance polyurethane based parts. As enthusiasts and racers, we take great pride in being the first to bring you better polyurethane bushings, transmission and motor mounts to enhance the performance of your vehicle.

PROTHANE™ R & D focuses on finding the weak and high stressed areas of your vehicles components where rubber bushings and mounts have become worn and damaged. Then we will take the OEM part and develop a high performance part. We Design all our high performance components using SolidWorks a 3D CAD based program. This makes sure all our research and innovative designs will create the ultimate performance parts for your vehicles OEM replacements. PROTHANE™ is proud to say all of our products machining and manufacturing processes are done in house in the USA. This allows for a full proof product from beginning to end.

Prothane Bushings

Prothane AE86 Bushings

Prothane Control Arm and Sway Bar Bushings

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