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RC Engineering Parts and Accessories

RC Engineering started out as a header manufacturer for Honda motorcycles in 1969. It's founder Russ Collins raced Honda 750s and up until the formation of RC Engineering had been an authority on high performance motorcycle engines. After Russ started RC, he began breaking records that were previously only held by Harly-Davidson and Triumph. Collins was not the only one breaking records though. His customers were also breaking records using his parts. Soon after RC Engineering was THE place for Japanese bike parts. Russ' motto holds true to this day. "We prove our products in the face of our competitors."

After many years of motorcycle racing domination, RC Engineering turned it's interests towards automobile racing. Particularly Hondas with similar Japanese four cylinder engines as the motorcycles they were so used to building. RC Engineering soon became the engine supplier for factory supported Honda race teams. In the years to come, RC Engineering would work with many manufacturers and teams. Continuously learning more about engine building and what is required to win. During this journey, it became apparent that the fuel injection market was literally untapped. Knowledge on the subject was scarce at best. Like many other pioneers in the industry, if the resources could not accommodate you, make your own. RC Engineering manufactured their first injector flow bench and started to learn for themselves just what fuel injectors were capable of.

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