Tanabe Price List

When you hear the name Tanabe, thoughts of quality immediately enter your mind. With over 2 decades of experience building high performance automobile parts, Tanabe is definitely a name to consider when building your car for the street or the track.

Tanabe was founded in 1982 in Ikeda-City in the Osaka-Prefecture in Japan. Their initial line up consisted of upgrade suspension components, clutches and flywheels. As Tanabe began to grow, they in turn began to expand their product line to further accommodate tuners and racers alike. In 1987, Tanabe purchased land in Nishishoji, Osaka to begin construction of a new headquarters and moved in a year later. In 1989 the Japanese Automotive Sports Muffler Association (JASMA) was formed to create guidelines for aftermarket exhausts to meet the strict government standards for passing car inspections. Tanabe's dedication to quality led them to be one of the initial members of JASMA.

Tanabe's success has continued to allow them to grow and prosper and required them to construct an even larger headquarters in Higashionohara Minoo, Osaka in 1992 where they still design, manufacture and distribute high quality suspension and exhaust components.
444 Parts by Tanabe
Sustec Pro S-0C Coilovers54867(2003-2008) 350Z990.00966.24
436012(2009 and up) 370Z990.00966.24
438696(2010-2011) CR-Z1,190.001,161.44
438697(2010 and up) Insight1,190.001,161.44
54876(1995-1999) Eclipse990.00966.242WD/AWD (Spring Rate 6kg/4kg)
54875(1998-2002) Accord890.00868.644/6 Cyl (Spring Rate 8kg/4kg)
394695(2009-2010) Yaris990.00966.245dr - +1/4-1 3/4in Front, -1 1/4-2 3/4in Rear (Spring Rate 4kg/3kg)
382551(2008) G37990.00966.24Coupe- Spring Rate 10k Front/9k Rear)
54871(2000-2001) EVO990.00966.24Evo 5/6 (Spring Rate 8kg/6kg)
54863(2003 and up) EVO990.00966.24Evo 8 (Spring Rate 8kg/6kg)
475563(2011 and up) CT200990.00966.24h - Spring Rate 4kg/6kg (Adjustable Front Height - 0 in - 1.75 in) (Adjustable Rear Height - .75 in - 1.75 in)
382550(2007) G35990.00966.24RWD Sedan- Spring Rate 10k Front/9k Rear)
54873(2000-2005) IS300990.00966.24Spring Rate 10kg/8kg (Rear Mount Incl.)
54874(1998-2001) GS300990.00966.24Spring Rate 14kg/12kg (Rear Mount Incl.)
54869(1998-2001) GS400990.00966.24Spring Rate 14kg/12kg (Rear Mount Incl.)
54879(2004 and up) xA990.00966.24Spring Rate 5kg/3kg (Adjustable Rear Spring)
54865(2004 and up) xB990.00966.24Spring Rate 5kg/3kg (Adjustable Rear Spring)
54868(1994-1997) Accord990.00966.24Spring Rate 6kg/4kg
54866(1992-2001) Prelude990.00966.24Spring Rate 8kg/4kg
54882(1995-1999) Celica1,190.001,161.44Spring Rate 8kg/6kg
471016(2011 and up) tC1,150.001,122.40Spring Rate: Front-3.4kg Rear-6.3kg
470950(2011 and up) WRX1,090.001,063.84Spring Rate: Front-5kg Rear-4kg
470949(2011 and up) STi1,090.001,063.84Spring Rate: Front-8kg Rear-6kg -
54864(1997-2001) Integra990.00966.24Type-R (Spring Rate 6kg/4kg)
413678(2003-2007) Accord990.00966.24V6 Accord - Spring Rate 8k Front/4k Rear (1"-3 1/4") (1/4"-2 1/2")
Sustec Pro Five Coilovers351721(2004 and up) RX-81,550.001,512.80(SE3P) (Spring Rate 8.0 / 6.0)
351719(2006 and up) IS3501,190.001,161.44(Spring Rate 10.0 / 7.0)
351720(2001-2005) LS4301,450.001,415.20(UCF30) (Spring Rate 12.0 / 10.0)
351726(2003-2008) 350Z1,780.001,737.28(Z33)(Spring Rate 10.0 / 8.0)
351718(2006 and up) IS2501,190.001,161.442WD (Spring Rate 10.0 / 7.0)
351716(2006) GS3001,190.001,161.442WD (Spring Rate 8.0 / 9.0)
351717(2006) GS4301,190.001,161.442WD (UZS190) (Spring Rate 8.0 / 9.0)
351714(2003-2008) G351,780.001,737.28COUPE (Spring Rate
Sustec Pro Z40 Coilovers474866(1998-2005) GS3001,990.001,942.2410K Front 8K Rear (-3.75"F/-3.75"R) Height Adjustable
474867(1998-2001) GS4001,990.001,942.2410K Front 8K Rear (-3.75"F/-3.75"R) Height Adjustable
474868(2001-2005) GS4301,990.001,942.2410K Front 8K Rear (-3.75"F/-3.75"R) Height Adjustable
508006(2001-2005) LS4301,990.001,942.2410K Front 8K Rear (-4.75"F/-3"R) Height Adjustable
4964246(2013 and up) BRZ2,190.002,137.445K Front 5K Rear (-1 7/8"F/-1 3/4"R) Height Adjustable
4964247(2013 and up) FR-S2,190.002,137.445K Front 5K Rear (-1 7/8"F/-1 3/4"R) Height Adjustable
Downpipes187809(2003 and up) 350Z590.00550.53
29355(1986-1992) Supra420.00391.9070-80mm Pipe Dia.
84840(1986-1992) RX-7290.00270.6070mm
84841(2003-2005) EVO410.00382.5770mm
187808(2006 and up) EVO410.00382.5770mm
29354(1990-1995) MR2390.00363.9170mm Pipe Dia.
187806(2002-2006) WRX490.00457.2280mm
187807(2004 and up) STi490.00457.2280mm
1937(1993-1998) Supra360.00335.9280mm Pipe Dia.
187810(1995-1999) Eclipse490.00457.22GST, 70mm
59457(1989-1999) 240SX310.00289.26SR20DET S13/S14 60-70mm Pipe Dia.
29357(1991-1999) 3000GT840.00783.80TT 60-70mm Pipe Dia.
Exhaust GasketsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Adapters Exhaust Gaskets65708(2001-2004) Civic220.00205.28DX/LX (T43EAZ)
65707(1992-1993) Integra105.0097.98LS/RS/GS/SE (T29EAZ)
Exhaust SystemsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Concept G Blue Exhaust Systems207773(1989-1994) 240SX1,230.001,147.71
207774(1995-1998) 240SX1,230.001,147.71
207770(2004-2005) STi1,240.001,157.04(80mm pipe, 100mm tip)
207767(2003-2006) EVO1,280.001,194.3780mm pipe, 100mm tip
207769(2002-2005) WRX1,240.001,157.0480mm pipe, 100mm tip
251385 FIT470.00438.56Rear Section Only - Axle Back
251386(2006-2010) Civic460.00429.23Rear Section Only - Axle Back
207775(1990-1999) 3000GT2,130.001,987.50VR4, 60-80mm pipe, 100mm tip
Medalion Touring Exhaust Systems1481587(2004-2008) TL1,280.001,194.373.2L - Pipe Dia. 60mm / Tip Dia. 115mm
304145(2003-2007) Accord830.00774.474Cyl. Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
362610(2008) xB460.00429.23Axle Back, Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
363085(1992-2000) SC300690.00655.50Axle Back, Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 115mm
363086(1992-2000) SC400790.00737.15Axle Back, Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 115mm
394059(2008 and up) STi1,340.001,250.35Cat Back, Pipe Dia. 60-70mm Tip Dia. 90mm x4
351699(2006) Civic820.00765.14Coupe - 60mm Pipe Dia. 100mm Tip Dia.
304159(2003-2008) G35990.00923.77Coupe - Pipe Dia. 70mm Tip Dia. 115mm (single Canister, Dual Tip W/Heat Sheild)
304149(1996-2000) Civic730.00681.16Coupe SI - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
362622(2008) G37990.00923.77Coupe, Axle Back, Pipe Dia. 60-70mm Tip Dia. 115mm
304150(1992-1995) Civic730.00681.16Coupe/Sedan - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304151(1996-2000) Civic730.00681.16Coupe/Sedan EX - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
396121(2007-2008) Lancer640.00597.18DE/ES/GTS 60 mm piping diameter & 100 mm tip diameter
304167(2006 and up) IS350840.00783.80Dual Muffler
304148(2001-2005) Civic780.00727.82DX/LX/EX - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia.
304130(1994-1999) Integra730.00681.16GSR - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304131(2000-2001) Integra730.00681.16GSR - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304152(1988-1991) Civic690.00643.84HB - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304153(1992-1995) Civic710.00662.50HB - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304154(1996-2000) Civic730.00681.16HB - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304135(2002-2005) RSX790.00737.15Non Type S Pipe Diam. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
388633(2009 and up) GT-R1,990.001,856.87Pipe Dia 80-70-60mm/ Tip Dia. Quad 120mm
304177(2004 and up) xB390.00363.91Pipe Dia. 50-60 Tip Dia. 90mm (axle-back)
304176(2004 and up) xA390.00363.91Pipe Dia. 50-60mm Tip Dia. 90mm (axle-back)
304168(2001-2002) Protege5430.00401.23Pipe Dia. 50mm Tip Dia 100mm (axle back)
304137(2003-2006) TSX1,240.001,157.04Pipe Dia. 60-50mm Tip Dia. 100mm (Dual Muffler)
304158(2000-2006) S20001,050.00979.76Pipe Dia. 60-50mm Tip Dia. 100mm (Dual Muffler)
304162(2006-2007) GS300990.00923.77Pipe Dia. 60-50mm Tip Dia. 115. (dual muffler)
304165(2006) GS430990.00923.77Pipe Dia. 60-50mm Tip Dia. 115mm (dual muffler)
304166(2000-2005) IS300730.00681.16Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304156(1988-1991) CRX690.00643.84Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304157(1992-1995) Civic Del Sol680.00634.51Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304147(2006-2010) Civic750.00699.83Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304180(2000-2005) Celica730.00681.16Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304175(2005-2010) tC680.00634.51Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm (axle-back)
4964241(2013 and up) BRZ1,340.001,250.35Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm (cat-back)
4964242(2013 and up) FR-S1,340.001,250.35Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm (cat-back)
476992(2011 and up) tC580.00541.20Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm Dual Tip
304163(1998-2001) GS4001,050.00979.76Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 115mm (dual muffler)
304164(2001-2005) GS4301,050.00979.76Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 115mm (dual muffler)
304170(2004-2006) RX-8990.00923.77Pipe Dia. 70-60mm Tip Dia. 90mm (Dual Muffler)
304172(2003-2008) 350Z1,050.00979.76Pipe Dia. 70mm Tip Dia. 115mm
304171(2003-2006) EVO790.00737.15Pipe Dia. 80mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304178(2002-2005) WRX840.00783.80Pipe Dia. 80mm Tip Dia. 115mm
304179(2004-2005) STi840.00783.80Pipe Dia. 80mm Tip Dia. 115mm
304169(1993-1995) RX-7600.00559.86Pipe Dia. 80mm Tip Dia. 115mm
304181(1993-1998) Supra810.00755.81Pipe Dia. 80mm Tip Dia. 115mm
304161(1998-2005) GS3001,050.00979.76Pipe. Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 115mm(dual mufller)
304132(1994-2001) Integra730.00681.16RS/LS/GS - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304133(1990-1993) Integra690.00643.84RS/LS/GS/GSR Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
362608(2007 and up) Sentra560.00522.54SE-R Spec V, Axle Back, Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304160(2003-2006) G35760.00709.16Sedan - Pipe. Dia. 70mm Tip Dia. 115mm
362623(2008) G35790.00737.15Sedan, Axle Back, Pipe Dia. 50-60mm Tip Dia. 115mm
304155(2002-2005) Civic790.00737.15SI HB - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
362624(1987-1992) Supra830.00774.47Turbo, Pipe Dia. 80mm, Tip Dia. 115mm
304134(1997-2001) Integra730.00681.16Type R Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304136(2002-2005) RSX790.00737.15Type S Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304146(2003-2007) Accord1,240.001,157.04V6 - Pipe Dia. 60-50mm Tip Dia. 100mm
362625(1990-1999) 3000GT1,130.001,054.40VR4, Pipe Dia. 80-60-50mm, Tip Dia. 115mm
Concept G Exhaust Systems304128(2004-2005) STi890.00830.46 Pipe Dia 80mm Tip Dia. 100mm
268097(2000-2005) Celica730.00681.1660mm Pipe Dia. 100mm Tip Dia.
304120(2006 and up) Eclipse380.00354.58Axle Back
433170(2009 and up) FIT460.00429.23Axle Back
362605(2008) xB470.00438.56Axle Back, Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 90mm
373605(2008 and up) EVO990.00923.77Cat Back, Pipe Dia. 70mm w/100mm Tip
304109(1996-2000) Civic730.00681.16Coupe(all) - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100m
476526(2011-2012) tC620.00578.52Dia. 60mm / Tip 100mm (Axle Back)
304101(1994-1999) Integra730.00681.16GSR - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia.100mm
304121(1995-1999) Eclipse730.00681.16GST - Pipe Dia. 80mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304110(1996-2000) Civic730.00681.16HB - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304125(2005 and up) tC470.00438.56Pipe Dia 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm (axle-back)
304127(2002-2005) WRX890.00830.46Pipe Dia 80mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304119(2000-2005) Eclipse640.00597.18Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304116(2000-2005) IS300670.00625.18Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304112(1988-1991) CRX730.00681.16Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304113(1992-1995) Civic Del Sol680.00634.51Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304117(2003 and up) 6630.00587.85Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm Axle Back, Dual Muffler
304115(2000-2006) S2000990.00923.77Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm Dual Muffler
304124(2003 and up) 350Z1,050.00979.76Pipe Dia. 70-60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304122(1989-1994) 240SX640.00597.18Pipe Dia. 80mm Tip Dia. 100mm (silencer included)
304123(1995-1998) 240SX640.00597.18Pipe Dia. 80mm Tip Dia. 100mm (silencer included)
304102(1994-2001) Integra730.00681.16RS/LS/GS - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
362604(2007) Sentra420.00391.90SE-R Spec V, Axle back, Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100mm
304106(2002-2005) RSX730.00681.16Type S - Pipe Dia. 60mm Tip Dia. 100m
Universal Mufflers29369 280.00261.27(Hyper Style) 60mm Pipe Dia. 100mm Tip Dia.
29366 280.00261.2760mm Pipe Dia. 120mm Silencer Dia. 90mm Tip Dia.
29368 340.00317.2580mm Pipe Dia. 140mm Silencer Dia. 100mm Tip Dia.
GF210 Grip Feeling Springs307534(2005-2006) WRX365.00312.95
368915(2008 and up) WRX340.00291.52 .8in Front, .6in Rear
52822(2004) WRX325.00278.66(1.3in Front, 1.0in Rear)
268320(2004 and up) STi325.00278.66(1.3in Front, 1.0in Rear)
368916(2008 and up) STi340.00291.52.8in Front, .6in Rear
29505(2000-2009) S2000280.00240.07.8in Front, .8in Rear
382574(2009 and up) GT-R345.00295.800.7in Front, 0.6in Rear
52823(1994-1999) Celica260.00222.921.0in Front, .8in Rear
29510(1990-1995) MR2315.00270.081.0in Front, 1.0in Rear
52812(1990-1998) Miata230.00197.201.0in Front, 1.2in Rear
52818(2003-2008) 350Z270.00231.501.0in Front, 1.2in Rear
52810(2003 and up) 6280.00240.071.2in Front, 1.2in Rear
52825(1987-1992) Supra350.00300.091.3in Front, .7in Rear
52820(2000-2001) Sentra260.00222.921.3in Front, 1.1in Rear
29514(1993-1995) RX-7270.00231.501.3in Front, 1.2in Rear
52805(1991-2001) NSX295.00252.931.3in Front, 1.3in Rear
52817(1989-1994) 240SX260.00222.921.5in Front, 1.0in Rear
29491(1994-2001) Integra295.00252.931.5in Front, 1.2in Rear
29508(2000-2006) Celica260.00222.921.5in Front, 1.5in Rear
29513(1989-1996) 300ZX295.00252.931.8in Front, 1.2in Rear
29515(2000-2005) Eclipse270.00231.502.0in Front, 1.5in Rear
249715(2000-2005) IS300295.00252.932.0in Front, 1.5in Rear
388643(2010 and up) Genesis Coupe340.00291.522.0T- 0.8" Front/0.9" Rear
29516(1995-1999) Eclipse295.00252.932WD/AWD (1.2in Front, 1.2in Rear)
29518(1998-2001) Impreza325.00278.664DR (1.3in Front, 1.0in Rear)
84797(2004 and up) RX-8270.00231.50all (1.4 front, 1.2 rear)
29498(1992-2000) Civic250.00214.35Coupe (1.5in Front, 1.0in Rear)
52804(2003 and up) EVO260.00222.92Evo 8 (1.5in Front, 1.0in Rear)
29497(1990-1993) Accord295.00252.93EX (1.2in Front, 1.2in Rear)
29501(2001-2005) Civic260.00222.92EX/LX (1.3in Front, 1.5in Rear)
52824(1985-1987) Corolla270.00231.50GTS RWD (1.0in Front, .7in Rear)
29502(1996-2000) Civic250.00214.35Hatchback (1.3in Front, 1.3in Rear)
29494(2002-2007) RSX295.00252.93Non Type-S (1.5in Front, 1.4in Rear)
52819(2002 and up) Sentra260.00222.92SE-R (1.3in Front, 1.1in Rear)
52807(2002-2005) Civic260.00222.92SI Hatchback (1.3in Front, 1.5in Rear)
29509(2000-2007) MR2250.00214.35Spyder (1.2in Front, 1.2in Rear)
29511(1993-1998) Supra350.00300.09Turbo (1.2in Front, 1.0in Rear)
52814(1986-1992) RX-7270.00231.50Turbo (1.5in Front, 1.5in Rear)
29490(1997-2001) Integra295.00252.93Type-R (1.0in Front, 1.0in Rear)
29493(2002-2007) RSX295.00252.93Type-S (1.3in Front, 1.3in Rear)
52813(2001-2003) Protege5300.00257.22Wagon, 1.2in Front, .9in Rear
DF210 Dress-Up Form Springs52762(1993-1997) Civic Del Sol270.00231.50
29573(2002-2003) WRX325.00278.66 40-50mm Front, 25-35mm Rear
473212(2011) tC295.00252.931.0in Front, 1.5in Rear
367786(2008 and up) WRX340.00291.521.1" F&R
367787(2008 and up) STi340.00291.521.1" F&R
394692(2010) Prius315.00270.081.3in Front, 1.6in Rear
388642(2010) Insight295.00252.931.5" Front, 2.0" Rear
52767(1990-1994) LS400345.00295.801.5in Front, 1.0in Rear
473238(2010-2012) 2295.00252.931.7in Front, 1.6in Rear
366790(2008) xB295.00252.931.7in Front, 2.1in Rear
52764(1997-2001) ES300345.00295.801.8in Front, 1.0in Rear
52766(1995-2000) LS400345.00295.801.8in Front, 1.5in Rear
52758(2003-2007) TSX295.00252.931.8in Front, 1.7in Rear
52773(2001-2006) Sentra295.00252.931.8in Front, 1.8in Rear
52765(1994-1997) GS300345.00295.801.8in Front, 1.8in Rear
52763(2002-2005) ES300345.00295.802.0in Front, 1.3in Rear
52775(2004-2007) xA295.00252.932.0in Front, 1.8in Rear
133475(2006) GS430345.00295.802.0in Front, 1.8in Rear
400802(2010) Genesis Coupe340.00291.522.0T (1.2" Front/1.8" Rear)
52774(2004-2007) xB295.00252.932.2in Front, 2.0in Rear
52776(1994-1999) Celica260.00222.922WD (2.2in Front, 1.5in Rear)
29572(1995-1999) Eclipse260.00222.922WD/AWD (35-45mm Front, 30-40mm Rear)
29570(1995-1999) 240SX295.00252.9330-40mm Front, 15-25mm Rear
29564(1992-1996) Prelude280.00240.0730-40mm Front, 25-35mm Rear
29565(1998-2005) GS300345.00295.8035-45mm Front, 20-30mm Rear
29562(1988-1991) CRX270.00231.5035-45mm Front, 35-45mm Rear
52761(1988-1991) Civic270.00231.5035-45mm Front, 35-45mm Rear
52759(2003-2007) Accord295.00252.934/6 Cyl (1.8in Front, 1.7in Rear)
29568(2000-2005) IS300315.00270.0840-50mm Front, 25-35mm Rear
29566(2001-2005) GS430345.00295.8040-50mm Front, 30-40mm Rear
29567(1998-2000) GS400345.00295.8040-50mm Front, 30-40mm Rear
29550(1994-2001) Integra295.00252.9345-55mm Front, 35-45mm Rear
29571(2000-2005) Eclipse270.00231.5045-55mm Front, 40-50mm Rear
29556(1994-1997) Accord295.00252.9345-55mm Front, 45-55mm Rear
29569(2000-2006) Celica260.00222.9245-55mm Front, 55-65mm Rear
29554(1998-2002) Accord315.00270.084Cyl (40-50mm Front, 30-40mm Rear)
29574(1998-2001) Impreza325.00278.664DR (25-35mm Front, 25-35mm Rear)
52769(2003-2008) G35280.00240.07Coupe (1.5in Front, 1.5in Rear)
29558(1992-2000) Civic270.00231.50Coupe (35-45mm Front, 25-35mm Rear)
29557(1990-1993) Accord295.00252.93EX (40-50m0m Front, 35-45mm Rear)
29560(2001-2005) Civic280.00240.07EX/LX (40-50mm Front, 50-55mm Rear)
29561(1996-2000) Civic270.00231.50Hatchback (35-45mm Front, 35-45mm Rear)
29559(1992-1995) Civic270.00231.50Hatchback (35-45mm Front, 35-45mm Rear)
29563(1997-2001) Prelude280.00240.07Incl. SH (25-35mm Front, 20-30mm Rear)
29549(1990-1993) Integra245.00210.06LS/RS (45-55mm Front, 45-55mm Rear)
29553(2002-2007) RSX295.00252.93Non Type-S (35-45mm Front, 40-50mm Rear)
52772(2002-2005) Sentra295.00252.93SE-R (1.8in Front, 1.8in Rear)
358831(2007) Sentra295.00252.93Se-r Spec V, 1.5in Front, 1.6 Rear
52770(2003-2008) G35295.00252.93Sedan (1.5in Front, 1.5in Rear)
392145(2006-2007) Civic390.00334.39SI
52760(2002-2005) Civic280.00240.07SI Hatchback
29548(1997-2001) Integra295.00252.93Type-R (45-55mm Front, 35-45mm Rear)
29552(2002-2007) RSX295.00252.93Type-S (30-40mm Front, 30-40mm Rear)
52771(2001-2003) Protege5325.00278.66Wagon, 1.8in Front, 1.5in Rear
NF210 Normal Feeling Springs435174(2011) M37415.00355.82.87 in Front .51in Rear
29582(2000-2009) S2000280.00240.07.8in Front, .8in Rear
249452(2006 and up) IS350335.00287.23.8in Front, 1.0in Rear
52790(1992-2000) SC300335.00318.251.0in Front, .4in Rear
249453(2001-2005) LS430345.00295.801.0in Front, .8in Rear
388853(2008 and up) G37345.00295.801.0in Front, 0.7in Rear, Coupe
352330(2007) G35345.00295.801.0in Front, 1.3in Rear, Sedan only
52789(2002-2004) SC430345.00295.801.1in Front, .8in Rear
362641(2007) Lancer295.00252.931.1in Front, 0.9in Rear
52796(2003-2007) 350Z280.00240.071.2in Front, 1.2in Rear
52791(2003 and up) 6295.00252.931.2in Front, 1.2in Rear
52784(2000-2004) Odyssey435.00372.971.2in Front, 1.2in Rear
29596(1993-1995) RX-7295.00252.931.2in Front, 1.3in Rear
133205(2006) GS430335.00287.231.3in Front, 0.9in Rear
52800(2004 and up) xA295.00252.931.3in Front, 1.0in Rear
29591(2001) GS430345.00295.801.3in Front, 1.0in Rear
29592(1998-2001) GS400345.00295.801.3in Front, 1.0in Rear
436637(2010 and up) 3295.00252.931.3in Front, 1.1in Rear
84799(2004 and up) RX-8270.00231.501.4 front, 1.2 rear
365861(2007-2008) LS460375.00321.531.5in Front, .8in rear
249450(1992-1995) Civic270.00231.501.5in Front, 1.0in Rear
249451(1996-2000) Civic270.00231.501.5in Front, 1.0in Rear
29593(2000-2005) IS300315.00270.081.5in Front, 1.0in Rear
29590(1998-2005) GS300345.00295.801.5in Front, 1.0in Rear
52787(2002-2005) ES300345.00295.801.5in Front, 1.0in Rear)
52781(2003 and up) TSX295.00252.931.5in Front, 1.5in Rear
29594(2000-2005) Celica260.00222.921.5in Front, 1.5in Rear
52780(1999 and up) TL325.00278.661.5in Front, 1.5in Rear)
52799(2004 and up) xB295.00252.931.7in Front, 1.2in Rear
29581(1994-1997) Accord295.00252.931.8in Front, 1.5in Rear
508102(2012 and up) iQ290.00248.651.8in Front, 1.7in Rear
394694(2010) Prius325.00278.661in Front, 1.1in Rear
52779(1997) CL295.00252.932.2L (1.8in Front, 1.5in Rear)
52778(1998-2000) CL295.00252.932.3L (1.5in Front, 1.5in Rear)
29580(1998-2002) Accord295.00252.934/6 Cyl (1.5in Front, 1.2in Rear)
52782(2003-2007) Accord295.00252.934/6 Cyl (1.5in Front, 1.5in Rear)
362640(2000-2006) LS375.00321.53460 (Exc. Air Suspension) - 1.5in Front, 0.8in Rear
29599(1998-2001) Impreza325.00278.664DR (1.3in Front, 1.0in Rear)
52785(2003-2008) G35280.00240.07Coupe (1.0in Front, .6in Rear)
29583(1992-2000) Civic270.00231.50Coupe (1.5in Front, 1.0in Rear)
52794(1998-2001) EVO270.00231.50EVO 5/ 6
5068875(1992-2000) SC400335.00318.25Front Lowering: 1.2in Rear Lowering: 0.9in Rear Spring Rate: 3.3kg/mm Front Spring Rate: 6.9kg/mm
29586(1996-2000) Civic270.00231.50Hatchback (1.3in Front, 1.3in Rear)
29579(2002-2007) RSX295.00252.93Non Type-S (1.2in Front, 1.5in Rear)
52786(2003-2008) G35295.00252.93Sedan (1.6in Front, .9in Rear)
52803(2000-2007) MR2260.00222.92Spyder (1.2in Front, 1.2in Rear
29578(2002-2007) RSX295.00252.93Type-S (1.2in Front, 1.2in Rear)
52777(2001-2003) CL325.00278.66Type-S (1.5in Front, 1.0in Rear)
378581(2008-2011) Accord345.00295.80V6 Coupe- 1.3in Front, 1.3in Rear
52792(2001-2003) Protege5300.00257.22Wagon, 1.2in Front, 1.0in Rear
Strut Tower BarsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Front Strut Tower Bars249094(1992-1995) Civic Del Sol139.00129.70
249106(2005 and up) tC139.00129.70
249113(2004 and up) xA139.00129.70
249114(2004 and up) xB139.00129.70
249103(2006 and up) Eclipse139.00129.70
249116(2002-2003) WRX139.00129.70
404005(2010 and up) Prius139.00129.70
405335(2007) FIT139.00129.70
458719(2011 and up) tC139.00129.70
249099(1990-1998) Miata139.00129.70(NA6(8)C)
249074(1994-1997) Accord139.00129.702 Door 4 Door
249118(1985-1987) Corolla139.00129.70AE86
249098(2002-2006) S2000139.00129.70AP1
249095(1992-1996) Prelude139.00129.70BB1/4
249089(1996-2000) Civic139.00129.70Coupe & Sedan
249076(2001-2005) Civic139.00129.70DX, LX, EX (AT Only)
249093(1988-1991) CRX139.00129.70EF
249075(1988-1991) Civic139.00129.70EF
249100(1986-1992) RX-7139.00129.70FC3S
249102(1993-1995) RX-7139.00129.70FD3S
249115(1998-2001) Impreza139.00129.70GC6/8
249090(1992-1995) Civic139.00129.70Hatchback EG
249091(1996-2000) Civic139.00129.70Hatchback EK
249092(2002-2005) Civic139.00129.70Hatchback EP
249121(1993-1998) Supra139.00129.70JZA80 (Turbo Only)
249072(2002-2005) RSX139.00129.70Non Type S
249070(1994-2001) Integra139.00129.70RS, LS, GS, GSR
249104(1989-1994) 240SX139.00129.70S13
249105(1995-1998) 240SX139.00129.70S14
249097(1997-2002) Prelude139.00129.70SH
249120(2000-2005) MR2139.00129.70Spyder ZZW30
249119(1990-1995) MR2139.00129.70SW20
249071(1997-2001) Integra139.00129.70Type R
249073(2002-2004) RSX139.00129.70Type S
249101(2003-2007) 6139.00129.70V6 Only
249117(2000-2005) Celica139.00129.70ZZT231
Rear Strut Tower Bars405336(2007) FIT139.00129.70
249159(1992-1996) Prelude139.00129.70BB1/4
249141(1988-1991) CRX139.00129.70EF
249136(1988-1991) Civic139.00129.70EF
249163(1993-1995) RX-7139.00129.70FD3S
249139(1992-1995) Civic139.00129.70Hatchback EG
249140(1996-2000) Civic139.00129.70Hatchback EK
249162(2000-2005) IS300139.00129.70JCE10L
249168(1993-1998) Supra139.00129.70JZA80
249134(1994-2001) Integra139.00129.70RS, LS, GS, GSR
249164(1989-1994) 240SX139.00129.70S13
249165(1995-1998) 240SX139.00129.70S14
249161(1997-2002) Prelude139.00129.70SH
249166(1990-1995) MR2139.00129.70SW20
249135(1997-2001) Integra139.00129.70Type R
249167(2000-2005) MR2139.00129.70ZZW30 Spyder
Sway BarsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Sustec Front Sway Bars84804(1994-1997) Accord245.00228.612/4 door (30.4mm)
304267(1995-1999) Eclipse245.00228.6120.0mm (2WD)
304270(2002-2004) WRX245.00228.6122.0mm
304268(2003-2005) EVO245.00228.6125.4mm
304264(1988-1991) CRX245.00228.6125.4mm
458718(2010) Prius245.00228.6125.4mm
304086(2000-2005) Celica245.00228.6125.4mm (ZZT231)
304262(2002-2004) RSX245.00228.6127.5mm
304263(2002-2005) Civic245.00228.6127.5mm
84806(1997-2001) Prelude245.00228.6130.4mm
84807(2000 and up) S2000245.00228.6130.4mm
84808(2000 and up) IS300245.00228.6130.4mm
84809(1989-1994) 240SX245.00228.6130.4mm
84812(1990-1995) MR2245.00228.6130.4mm
84813(1993-1998) Supra245.00228.6130.4mm
84814(1986-1992) Supra245.00228.6130.4mm
84802(1993-1995) RX-7245.00228.6130.4mm
84803(2004 and up) RX-8245.00228.6130.4mm
304265(1992-2002) Prelude245.00228.6130.4mm (all models)
304269(2003 and up) 350Z365.00340.5836.0mm
304266(2003 and up) G35365.00340.5836.0mm - Coupe
419743(1985-1987) Corolla245.00228.61AE86 (20mm)
84811(1985-1987) Corolla245.00228.61AE86 (25.4mm)
4963889(2013 and up) FR-S245.00245.00FRONT STABILIZER BAR
4963890(2013 and up) BRZ245.00245.00FRONT STABILIZER BAR
4963893(2013 and up) FR-S245.00245.00FRONT STABILIZER BAR
4963894(2013 and up) BRZ245.00245.00FRONT STABILIZER BAR
84805(1988-1991) Civic245.00228.61hatchback (25.4mm)
62806(1986-1992) RX-7245.00228.61Turbo II, 27.5mm
Sustec Rear Sway Bars304308(2000-2005) IS300245.00228.6118.0mm
304309(1986-1992) RX-7245.00228.6118.0mm
304312(1995-1999) Eclipse245.00228.6118.0mm (2WD)
304310(1993-1995) RX-7245.00228.6120.0mm
304297(1988-1991) CRX245.00228.6120.0mm
304320(1990-1995) MR2245.00228.6120.0mm
304292(1994-1997) Accord245.00228.6120.0mm 2dr/4dr
304293(1996-2000) Civic245.00228.6120.0mm Coupe Ex/Si
304294(1988-1991) Civic245.00228.6120.0mm HB
304295(1996-2000) Civic245.00228.6120.0mm HB
304290(1994-2001) Integra245.00228.6120.0mm RS/LS/GS/GSR
304311(2004 and up) RX-8245.00228.6120.4mm
304313(2003-2005) EVO245.00228.6122.0mm
304316(2003 and up) 350Z245.00228.6122.0mm
304317(2002-2003) WRX245.00228.6122.0mm
304318(2004) WRX245.00228.6122.0mm
304319(2004) STi245.00228.6122.0mm
304322(1993-1998) Supra245.00228.6122.0mm
304314(1989-1994) 240SX245.00228.6122.0mm (s13)
304307(2003 and up) G35245.00228.6122.0mm Coupe
304296(2002-2005) Civic245.00228.6122.0mm SI HB
304291(2002-2004) RSX245.00228.6122.0mm Type S
304083(2000-2005) Celica245.00228.6122mm (ZZT231)
304321(1986-1992) Supra245.00228.6125.4mm
304298(1992-2002) Prelude245.00228.6125.4mm (all models)
304315(1995-1998) 240SX245.00228.6127.5mm (S14)
304306(2000-2004) S2000245.00228.6130.4mm
4963895(2013 and up) FR-S245.00245.00REAR STABILIZER BAR
4963896(2013 and up) BRZ245.00245.00REAR STABILIZER BAR
4963891(2013 and up) FR-S245.00245.00REAR STABILIZER BAR
4963892(2013 and up) BRZ245.00245.00REAR STABILIZER BAR
Under BracesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Sustec 2 Point Under Braces472679(2007-2011) Yaris118.00110.11Front
394697(2009) Cube118.00110.11Front
394698(2010) Prius118.00110.11Front
394699(2005-2009) Prius118.00110.11Front
330501(2007) FIT118.00110.11Front
361948(2007) G35118.00110.11Front
361949(2008) xB118.00110.11Front
59583(1988-1991) Civic118.00110.11Front
59584(1989-1999) 240SX118.00110.11Front
59585(1998-2001) Impreza118.00110.11Front
29455(1994-1997) Accord118.00110.11Front
29451(1994-2001) Integra118.00110.11Front
29457(1992-2000) Civic118.00110.11Front
29459(1988-1991) CRX118.00110.11Front
29460(1997-2002) Prelude118.00110.11Front
29461(1992-1996) Prelude118.00110.11Front
29463(2000-2006) Celica118.00110.11Front
29466(1986-1992) RX-7118.00110.11Front
29467(1995-1999) Eclipse118.00110.11GS-T Front
249308(1992-1995) Civic118.00110.11Hatchback Rear
387391(1997-2002) Prelude118.00110.11Incl. SH Rear
249309(1996-2000) Civic118.00110.11Rear
304244(1995-1999) Eclipse118.00110.11Rear
304081(2000-2005) Celica118.00110.11Rear
249306(1997-2001) Integra118.00110.11Rear
Sustec 4 Point Under Braces367128(2008 and up) STi238.00222.08 Front
367129(2008 and up) EVO238.00222.08Front
458720(2011 and up) tC238.00222.08Front
268317(2004-2007) STi238.00222.08Front
29468(2002-2006) WRX238.00222.08Front
29464(2000-2005) MR2238.00222.08Front
29465(1990-1995) MR2228.00212.75Front
29462(2000-2001) IS300238.00222.08Front
29452(2002-2007) RSX238.00222.08Front
29456(2001-2005) Civic238.00222.08Front
367130(2008 and up) 3238.00222.08Mazdaspeed 3 Front
249319(2003-2005) EVO228.00212.75Rear
249320(1995-1998) 240SX248.00231.41Rear
249348(2000-2005) IS300238.00222.08Rear