Tecnocraft Price List

33 Parts by Tecnocraft
Air IntakesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Dry Carbon Fiber Envy Air Intakes394945(2008 and up) M3624.99624.83Charge Pipe Only - Dry Carbon Fiber
394946(2008 and up) M3699.99699.81Charge Pipe Only - Dry Carbon Kevlar
394949(2008 and up) M3699.99774.79Charge Pipe w/BMC Air Filter - Dry Carbon Fiber
394950(2008 and up) M3774.99699.81Charge Pipe w/BMC Air Filter - Dry Carbon Kevlar
394943(2008 and up) M3449.99449.87Enlarged Intake Cover Only - Dry Carbon Fiber
394944(2008 and up) M3525.00524.86Enlarged Intake Cover Only - Dry Carbon Kevlar
394938(2008 and up) M31,699.991,699.56Full Intake Kit - Dry Carbon Fiber
394939(2008 and up) M31,899.991,899.51Full Intake Kit - Dry Carbon Kevlar
394941(2008 and up) M3349.99349.90Transition Chamber Only - Dry Carbon Fiber
394942(2008 and up) M3399.99399.89Transition Chamber Only - Dry Carbon Kevlar
Dry Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intakes394981(2003-2010) Gallardo4,599.004,368.91Dry Carbon Fiber
394982(2003-2010) Gallardo4,599.004,368.91Dry Carbon Kevlar
Console PlatesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Dry Carbon Fiber E-Gear Console Plates394979(2003-2010) Gallardo449.99431.30Dry Carbon Fiber
394980(2003-2010) Gallardo449.99431.30Dry Carbon Kevlar
Dry Carbon Fiber Underbody Panel Diffusers394977(2003-2010) Gallardo2,899.992,772.82Dry Carbon Fiber
394978(2003-2010) Gallardo2,899.992,772.82Dry Carbon Kevlar
Front BumpersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Carbon Fiber Front Bumpers414177 Gallardo4,500.004,500.00
Front Lip SpoilersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Dry Carbon Fiber GT Front Lip Spoilers394956(2003-2010) Gallardo4,499.994,369.05Dry Carbon Fiber
394957(2003-2010) Gallardo4,499.994,369.05Dry Carbon Kevlar
Dry Carbon Fiber Envy Front Lip Spoilers396191(2008 and up) M31,699.991,500.00Dry Carbon Fiber
396192(2008 and up) M31,999.991,800.00Dry Carbon Fiber w/clear coat
Dry Carbon Fiber Hoods394975(2003-2010) Gallardo6,799.996,440.29Dry Carbon Fiber
394976(2003-2010) Gallardo6,799.996,440.29Dry Carbon Kevlar
Intake Air DuctsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
RAM Scoop Intake Air Ducts394951(2008 and up) M3349.99349.99Dry Carbon Fiber
394952(2008 and up) M3349.99379.99Dry Carbon Kevlar
T2 Seats5070608 2,195.002,195.00Carbon Fiber - Black Pads
413200 1,999.991,999.99Carbon Fiber - No Pads
414150 1,999.991,999.99Carbon Kevlar - No Pads
414149 2,195.992,195.99Carbon Kevlar - With Pads
Dry Carbon Fiber GT Assembly Spoilers394953(2003-2010) Gallardo6,799.996,554.05Dry Carbon Fiber
394954(2003-2010) Gallardo6,799.996,554.05Dry Carbon Kevlar
Dry Carbon Fiber Trunks394966(2003-2010) Gallardo5,999.995,784.55Dry Carbon Fiber
394967(2003-2010) Gallardo5,999.995,784.55Dry Carbon Kevlar