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Tein Parts and Accessories

TEIN had a very humble, yet epic beginning in the early 1980s. It began as the collaboration between two rival rally drivers, Hakaru Ichino and Yoshio Fujimoto, joined forces to compete together. As they began racing together, they realized that there was no suspension that could keep up with their aggressive driving! With the idea to manufacture their own shocks that would withstand their driving, Ichino started a new company. That company was named TEIN after TEchnical INovation . Fujimoto quit his current job soon after and began working with Ichino to develop a suspension system that would take them to the top.

In 1990 products started to be released under the TEIN brand name and were an immediate success and orders started to exceed their manufacturing capabilities. Their success as an international rally team brought much positive attention to TEIN. 1995 was a critical turning point for TEIN and all other suspension manufacturers in Japan. Deregulation now allowed for the use of aftermarket suspension on street vehicles. As expected, demand for TEIN products increased nearly overnight and they became the front runner in the new tuner culture. A company that was started by 2 people in a room that was less than 250 square feet was now listed in the Japanese stock market! Even with so much success, Ichino and Fujimoto remain humble. Their goal, is to have no goal. To constantly innovate and top themselves with every product.

TEIN designs and manufactures high quality suspension components for both the street and track. They are best known for their coilover systems, lowering springs and EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller).

Tein Basis Coilovers

Tein Comfort Sport Coilovers

Tein FLEX Coilovers

Tein HG Coilovers

Tein HT Coilovers

Tein Mono FLEX Coilovers

Tein Street Advance Coilovers

Tein Super Drift Coilovers

Tein Super Racing Coilovers

Tein Super Street Coilovers

Tein Super Street with Pillowball Upper Mounts Coilovers

Tein Pillow Ball Mounts

Tein Gravel Only Shocks

Tein G Tech Springs

Tein High Tech Springs

Tein S Tech Springs

Tein EDFC Controller Suspension Electronics

Tein EDFC Motor Kit Suspension Electronics

Tein EDFC Strut Kit Suspension Electronics

Tein Tension Rods

Tein Tie Rod Ends