TurboXS Price List

75 Parts by TurboXS
Air IntakesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Air Intakes172284 STi169.00152.10
172285 EVO129.00116.10VIII Intake Kit (MAF Adapter)
Blow Off Valve Install KitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Blow Off Valve Install Kits190006 GTI39.0039.001.8T For Type-H
190008 Passat39.0039.001.8T For Type-H
62044 Jetta39.0039.001.8T For Type-H
68741 A439.0039.001.8T For Type-H
68742 A439.0039.001.8T For Type-S
62052 Jetta39.0039.001.8T For Type-S
190009 Passat39.0039.001.8T For Type-S
190007 GTI39.0039.001.8T For Type-S
62043(1991-1993) 3000GT49.0049.005spd For Type-H
62037(2003 and up) SRT479.0079.00Adapter For Type H
62042(1990-1996) 300ZX69.0069.00For Type H
62038(1991-1995) MR249.0049.00For Type-H
103202 200SX79.0079.00For Type-H
103206(up to 1998) WRX39.0049.00G2, For Type H
103207(1999-2001) WRX49.0049.00G3, For Type H
103208(2002 and up) WRX39.0039.00G4, For Type H
103203 Skyline69.0069.00GTR, For Type-H
103204 Skyline69.0069.00R32, For Type-H
103205 Skyline49.0049.00R33, For Type-H
62035(1986-1992) Supra39.0039.00Type-H
62036(1993-1998) Supra39.0039.00Type-H
62050(1993-1998) Supra39.0039.00Type-S
68743(1986-1992) Supra39.0039.00Type-S
97503(2004 and up) Forester49.0049.00XT for Type H
Blow Off Valve Mounting FlangesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Universal Blow Off Valve Mounting Flanges103209 29.0029.001.75" T Piece - For Type H
62045 39.0039.0090 Degree elbow for STD BOV/RBV type-H adapter
103211 5.005.00Aluminum Weld-On for Type-H
62054 5.005.00Flange Made Of Aluminum, Type-S Weld On Flange
62048 5.005.00Flange Of Mild Steel, Type-H Weld On Flange
62053 5.005.00FLange Of Mild Steel, Type-S Weld On Flange
62046 29.0029.00Flange To Mount TurboXs BOV/RBV On Greddy Flange
62047 29.0029.00Flange To Mount TurboXs BOV/RBV on HKS flange
Blow Off ValvesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Type H Blow Off Valves73083 179.00162.89Blow Off Valve Type H
Type H-RFL Blow Off Valves74905 189.00163.39Blow Off Valve Type H-RFL
Type-S Blow Off Valves86313 129.00116.10Blow off valve type s (includes steel and alum flange)
Type H34 Blow Off Valves97499 189.00170.10Racing Bypass Valve
Type H25 Blow Off Valves97500 169.00152.10Racing Bypass Valve
Type H34 Reversible Blow Off Valves172071 189.00170.10RRV Type H Reversible
Boost ControllersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Dual Stage Boost Controllers48995 249.00224.10
62025 269.00242.10High Performance Dual Stage Boost Controller
Quad Stage Boost Controllers171961 399.00359.10Quad Stage Boost Controller
DTEC Boost Controllers171962 550.00495.00DTEC Boost Controller Pro
Downpipes172128 STi369.00332.10
5093167(2008-2012) Ralliart205.00181.34Catless (Extra O2 Bung)
EGT SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
DTEC EGT Sensors172012 159.00159.00DTEC Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor
Exhaust SystemsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Exhaust Systems393792(2008 and up) EVO699.00620.15Catback
442573(2008-2010) Cobalt479.00479.00Catback
5093164(2008-2011) Ralliart799.00706.78Catback - 3" Stainless Steel
172084 STi1,096.00971.10Catless Exhaust Titanium Tip
172086 STi667.00600.30Catless Stealth Exhaust
172085 STi767.00690.30Stealth Exhaust
442574(2008-2010) Cobalt678.00678.00Turboback - Catless
442575(2008-2010) Cobalt788.00788.00Turboback - w/ Cat
172082 STi1,149.001,034.10Turboback Exhaust
172083 STi1,179.001,061.10Turboback Exhaust Titanium Tip
172097(2003-2006) EVO599.00539.10VIII Catback Exhaust (does not include front pipe)
172098(2003-2006) EVO898.00808.20VIII Turboback Exhaust
Axle Back Exhaust Systems172129 WRX409.00368.10Rear Muffler
172130 WRX439.00395.10Rear Muffler Ti Tip
Gauge AccessoriesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Game Boy Gauge Accessories171987 49.0049.00DTEC Gameboy Advance Mounting Kit
Intake Air Temperature SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
DTEC Intake Air Temperature Sensors172011 99.0099.00DTEC Air Temp Sensor
Intercooler Piping KitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Intercooler Piping Kits5083913(2003-2007) EVO479.00422.77VIII (Black Couplers)
5083912(2003-2007) EVO479.00422.77VIII (Blue Couplers)
Intercoolers172286 WRX849.00764.10Top Mount Intercooler Kit with Silicon Turbo to IC Hose
Front Mount Intercoolers172291 STi1,199.001,079.10Front Mount IC
Front Mount No Piping Intercoolers172306(2003-2006) EVO699.00629.10
Pressure SensorsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
DTEC Pressure Sensors172013 99.00100.00DTEC 4 Bar Pressure Sensor
Test PipesVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Test Pipes172234 RX-8149.00284.05Catless Race Pipe
5093166(2008-2012) Ralliart269.00237.95Midpipe/Catpipe (Hi-Flow Cat Option)
360143(2003-2006) 350Z199.00169.00Race Pipe
172198 EVO139.00139.00VIII Race Pipe
Catless Uppipes172201 STi199.00179.10Catless Uppipe
Wideband KitsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Tuner Control Unit Wideband Kits172047 399.00399.00Tuner System Complete (VW O2 Sensor)