Vorsteiner Price List

Vorsteiner has been engineering some of the highest quality body parts for BMW, Porsche and Mercedes autos. From carbon fiber sills and front bumpers to rear diffusers and carbon fiber hoods, Vorsteiner has created a masterpiece that blends lightweight carbon fiber with agressive lines transforming your every day car into a show winning machine. These parts are not only durable and rugged but have an award winning finish that you would expect for your BMW, Mercedes or Porsche. Vorsteiner recently teamed up with Oakley to promote some of their events and is also directing some attention to their new wheel line. You can see Vorsteiner products in just about every magazine you pick up.
89 Parts by Vorsteiner
Door TrimsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Carbon Fiber Sill Door Trims367949(2005 and up) 997529.00503.00INF 1x1
Exhaust SystemsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Exhaust Systems4084060(2011 and up) 535i3,195.003,095.00F10 M-tech Only Program - VMS Stainless Steel Sport Exhaust, Quad Exhaust Tips
4084061(2011 and up) 535i4,995.004,933.32F10 M-Tech Only Program - VMS Titanium Sport Exhaust, Quad Exhaust Tips
4084087(2007 and up) C63 AMG3,195.003,095.00VBR Stainless Steel Exhaust, Cat Back. Dual Muffler Quad Oval Tips. Matt Gray Finish, Vorsteiner Engraved.
4084088(2007 and up) C63 AMG4,995.004,895.00VBR Titanium Exhaust, Cat Back. Dual Muffer Quad Oval Tips, Vorsteiner Engraved. Matt Gray Finish Throughout.
Front BumpersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
V-CSL Front Bumpers455194(2000-2006) M31,249.001,230.00DVWP Front Bumper
435575(2000-2006) M3499.00474.00Front Bumper Carbon Fiber Flipper Replacement (2 piece set)
472327(2000-2006) M3499.00474.00Replacement 1 Piece Carbon Lip for Bumper
438793(2001-2006) M3149.00142.00V-SL Front Bumper Package DVWP 1 Piece Splitter Upgrade PP 1x1
V-GT Front Bumpers402833(2004 and up) 997995.00945.00V-GT Replacement Carbon Fiber Chin Spoiler
GTS3 Front Bumpers419599(2007-2012) M32,590.002,460.00E92/E93 - Carbon Fiber - Carbon Fiber Flippers - Black
4084089(2006-2012) 599 GTB1,995.001,895.00Replacement Front Bumper Chin Spoiler Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
V-RT Front Bumpers435568(2005-2011) 9974,895.004,650.25Carbon Fiber - Carbon Fiber Inlets - Carbon Fiber Front Chin Spoiler - Primered
V-PT Front Bumpers4084063(2010 and up) Panamera995.00945.00970 Turbo VP-T Program - Optical Carbon Fiber Turbo LED Marker Housings (Left & Right) PP 1x1
Front Lip SpoilersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
VRS Front Lip Spoilers352903(2006-2008) M51,095.001,040.002-Piece Add On Spoiler
367575(2007-2011) M31,195.001,135.00Aero Add On Spoiler Carbon Fiber
367630(2006-2008) M61,595.001,515.00Carbon Fiber Front Add On Spoiler
4084052(2007-2011) M3926.00879.00E90 (*Sedan Only) Aero 2-Piece Splitters Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
4084042(2007-2011) M3926.00879.00E92/93 - Aero 2-Piece Splitters Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
435594(2007-2011) X51,895.001,800.00M - Aero Add On Spoiler Carbon Fiber
435595(2010-2011) X61,895.001,800.00M - Aero Add On Spoiler Carbon Fiber
GTS3 Front Lip Spoilers435581(2007-2011) M3695.00660.00E92 Coupe & E93 Cabriolet - Carbon Fiber Replacement Lip for Front Bumper
4084062(2007-2011) M31,979.001,880.00E92/93 - Front Bumper Package DVWP Carbon Fiber Lip Black PP
VMS Front Lip Spoilers4084037(2011 and up) M51,895.001,800.00F10 - Aero Front Add On Spoiler Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
MEV Front Lip Spoilers435588(2003-2010) SLR McLaren3,495.003,320.00VBR Carbon Fiber
VTR Front Lip Spoilers435607 GT-R2,495.002,370.00R35 - Aero w/ Integrated Diffuser Pan - Full Carbon (OE Factory Bumper)
VBR Front Lip Spoilers4084079 CLK63 AMG1,795.001,705.00Carbon Fiber INF 2x2
4084080 CLK63 AMG1,795.001,705.00Carbon Fiber INF 2x2
435626(2003-2009) E63 AMG1,695.001,610.00Sedan - Add-On Carbon Fiber
435627(2007 and up) C63 AMG1,529.001,452.00Sedan Add-On Carbon Fiber
V-GT Front Lip Spoilers435642 9971,345.001,278.00MKII Carrera Add-On Carbon Fiber
GTS-V Front Lip Spoilers475532(2007-2011) M33,295.003,130.00E92/E93 w/ Underbelly Panel Carbon Fiber 1x1
VR7 Front Lip Spoilers4084055(2008 and up) 740i1,695.001,610.00F01/02 - Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
4084056(2008 and up) 750i1,695.001,610.00F01/02 - Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
4084057(2008 and up) 760i1,695.001,610.00F01/02 - Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
4084058(2008 and up) 750Li1,695.001,610.00F01/02 - Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
4084059(2008 and up) 760Li1,695.001,610.00F01/02 - Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
VRS Vented Race Hoods352927(2005-2010) M62,795.002,655.00E63 - Carbon Fiber Single Sided - Black
4084091(2006-2012) 599 GTB5,495.005,220.00Louvered Race Hood Primered, Carbon Fiber Optic Vents PP 1x1
GTS3 Vented Race Hoods435545(2008-2011) M33,295.003,295.00E92/93 M3 - Single Sided Carbon Fiber - Black
VRS Aero Sculpted Hoods435552(2006-2011) X52,795.002,655.00E70 M Program - DVWP Carbon Fiber Vents INF 1x1
435553(2008 and up) X62,795.002,655.00E71 M Program - Carbon Fiber Single Sided
Rear BumpersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
BR9 Rear Bumpers435551(2003-2010) Continental6,375.006,056.25Carbon Fiber w/ Integrated Rear Diffuser
V-RT Rear Bumpers435556 9975,150.004,892.50Vented Carbon Fiber w/ Integrated Carbon Fiber Diffuser + CF Intercooler Shrouds MKI
435554 9975,150.004,892.50Vented Carbon Fiber w/ Integrated Carbon Fiber Diffuser + CF Intercooler Shrouds MKII LED
V-PT Rear Bumpers4084066(2010 and up) Panamera395.00375.00*Replacement Part* 970 Turbo V-PT Program - Flat Bottom Panel DVWP Replacement
4084065(2010 and up) Panamera495.00470.00*Replacement Part* 970 Turbo V-PT Program - Rear Bumper Replacement Aero Fins Carbon Fiber (Does not include Diffuser Body) PP 1x1
4084064(2010 and up) Panamera1,995.001,895.00*Replacement Part* 970 Turbo VP-T Program - Rear Bumper Replacement Diffuser Carbon Fiber (Does Include Aero Fins) PP 1x1
4084067(2010 and up) Panamera895.00850.00*Replacement Part* 970 Turbo VP-T Program - Flat Bottom Panel Carbon Fiber Replacement PP 1x1
435561(2010 and up) Panamera6,295.005,980.25Turbo - Sculpted And Vented Rear Bumper Cover - Carbon Fiber (Including Lower Rear Diffuser) - Carbon Fiber
Rear DiffusersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
V-CSL Rear Diffusers352805(2000-2004) M3695.00660.00Full Carbon Fiber
GTS3 Rear Diffusers352829(2000-2004) M3795.00755.00Full Carbon Fiber
4084090(2006-2012) 599 GTB7,995.007,595.00Primered, Integrated Rear Diffuser Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
VRS Rear Diffusers352905(2006-2011) M5995.00945.00Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
4084054(2007 and up) X51,895.001,800.00E70 M Program - Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
4084053(2008 and up) X62,495.002,370.00E71 M Program - Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
435726(2007-2011) M3895.00850.00E90 (*Sedan Only) Carbon Fiber Type II INF 1x1
435727(2007-2010) M3895.00850.00E92/93 Type II PP 1x1
V-GT Rear Diffusers435703(2006-2010) M61,150.001,092.50Carbon Fiber
VMS Rear Diffusers4084035(2011 and up) M51,595.001,435.50Aero Rear - Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
VR7 Rear Diffusers435677(2009 and up) 750i1,395.001,325.00BMW 7 Series - Aero Replacement Carbon Fiber
4964634(2009 and up) 740iL1,395.001,325.00BMW 7 Series - Aero Replacement Carbon Fiber
4964635(2009 and up) 740i1,395.001,325.00BMW 7 Series - Aero Replacement Carbon Fiber
4964636(2009 and up) 750iL1,395.001,325.00BMW 7 Series - Aero Replacement Carbon Fiber
4964637(2009 and up) 760i1,395.001,325.00BMW 7 Series - Aero Replacement Carbon Fiber
VBR Rear Diffusers435683(2007 and up) C63 AMG1,464.001,390.00C63 AMG - Add-On (Fits OEM) Carbon Fiber
4084081(2003-2010) SLR McLaren3,995.003,795.00Carbon Fiber INF 2x2
435682(2003-2009) E63 AMG1,795.001,705.00E63 - Add-On (Fits OEM) Carbon Fiber
VTR Rear Diffusers435716 GT-R1,995.001,895.00Carbon Fiber Full
Roof PanelsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
V-RT Roof Panels435610(2005 and up) 9971,500.001,425.00Turbo - Carbon Fiber
4084085(2007 and up) C63 AMG2,195.002,085.00VBR - Carbon Fiber INF 2x2
Side SkirtsVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
V-PT Side Skirts435566(2009-2011) Panamera4,995.004,745.25Turbo - V-PT Sculpted Side Skirts Full Carbon Fiber PP
VR7 Spoilers435596(2008 and up) 745i1,095.001,040.00Aero Deck Lid Spoiler - Carbon Fiber
435597(2008 and up) 750i1,095.001,040.00Aero Deck Lid Spoiler - Carbon Fiber
435598(2008 and up) 760i1,095.001,040.00Aero Deck Lid Spoiler - Carbon Fiber
1442443(2008 and up) 745Li1,095.001,040.00Aero Deck Lid Spoiler - Carbon Fiber
VRS Spoilers435599(2009-2011) X61,095.001,040.00M Series - VRS Aero Deck Lid Spoiler - Carbon Fiber
Trunk SpoilersVariantIDVehicleMSRPPriceSpecifics
Trunk Spoilers4084048(2007-2011) M51,695.001,610.00E90 (*Sedan Only) LCI Aero Boot Lid Single Sided Carbon Fiber Black. PP 1x1
4084045(2007-2011) M32,295.002,180.00E93 (*Cabriolet Only) Aero Boot Lid Single Carbon Fiber Black PP 1x1
367633(2006-2008) M5995.00945.00Full Carbon Fiber
4084082(2003-2009) E63 AMG1,195.001,135.00VBR Aero Deck Lid Add-On Rear Spoiler Carbon Fiber PP 2x2
4084084(2007 and up) C63 AMG1,129.001,072.00VBR Aero Deck Lid Add-On Rear Spoiler Carbon Fiber PP 2x2
4084038(2011 and up) M61,095.001,040.00VMS Aero Deck Lid Spoiler Carbon Fiber PP 1x1
402102(2008-2010) M61,025.00973.00VRS Deck Lid Add-on Carbon Fiber
V-CSL Trunks352796(2000-2004) M32,195.002,085.00Carbon Fiber Double Sided
352797(2000-2004) M31,695.001,610.00Carbon Fiber Single Sided
VRS Trunks367639(2007-2011) M31,895.001,800.00Coupe - Single Sided - Black
367638(2007-2011) M32,295.002,180.00Coupe/Cabriolet - Double Sided-Black
352909(2006-2008) M5995.00945.00Full Carbon Fiber