HPF M3 Turbo Intercooler Couplers

On turbo vehicles, intercooler couplers can frequently come loose unless they are designed with close attention paid to the stresses, boost pressures and wall thicknesses of the couplers themselves. In most cases When an intercooler coupler comes off all boost is lost and the car reverts back to a normally aspirated power level. This is not only an inconvenience but can cost the driver a race. We designed our own intercooler couplers to prevent this by utilizing 5 ply technology that resists ballooning and provides an extra thick material for the T-Bolt clamps to sink into. We also developed two hump hoses that connect our intercooler pipes to our intercooler itself which allow the engine to rock without stressing the couplers themselves. Each coupler was designed to provide the intake air charge with the highest flowing path possible by using large radius bends as well as perfect matching from the turbo all the way to the intake manifold.