HPF M3 Turbo Boost and Wideband Gauges

We wanted all of our customers to be able to view their boost and A:F ratios while driving so we designed them right into the steering column. They're out of the way of the other gauges, tbey allow you to shift with the SMG paddle shifters and are easily viewable while driving.

Run your car until the mileage says 0 miles left, go another 10 miles, then put a minimum of 10 gallons of 110 octane "leaded" race fuel in the car and flip the race fuel switch on the right of the picture below. The LED on top of the pod will light up and you are now in race mode. The computer automatically targets high boost, advances the timing to account for the better fuel and you are now flowing significantly more fuel into your engine. Time to hang on and keep both hands on the steering wheel because you just added 150rwhp or more depending on your stage! We also secretly designed a 110db knock siren into the back of the boost gauge. If you ever hear a loud chirp come from inside the cabin of the car, lift off the throttle immediately. You may have gotten a batch of bad gas and the HPF computer system had to quench this pre-ignition with extra fuel and pull out timing.