Complete Full Color Instructions for each HPF Turbo Kit

Whether you install this kit yourself, bring it to us for the install or have your local authorized installer install this kit for you, we want to ensure that your install goes perfectly. Our instructions were designed and produced assuming that "customers" would be installing these kits themselves. As such we've laid out the entire disassembly and installation process in a very easy step by step work-flow. We've detailed every nut, bolt, clip and all parts removed or installed with a picture describing the part along with it's location. To further ensure the right steps were followed, we've added arrows and the exact motion required to remove or install each part on the pictures themselves. Following these steps allows the installer to proceed in a very simple, straightforward process that takes them from planning out the installation all the way to driving the car and testing the results.

Here are some excerpts from our HPF turbo kit instructions.