Methanol Components for each HPF Turbo Kit

All of our Stage 2, stage 2.5, stage 3 and stage 4 turbo kits for the E46 M3 come with the ability to run methanol. All of the methanol components come pre-mounted to a bracket that installs directly underneath the front bumper and wraps around the fog lights, our intercooler piping and clears the front bumper support. These components are simply plugged into a harness that also plugs into the HPF engine management system. Since the factory horns were in the way of our bracket, we created a mounting location for each horn and etched the picture of the horn directly on our polished bracket so they have a perfect location and the horn wires require no extension. Our methanol kit utilizes a sureflow pump and an FJO methanol fogger. This methanol fogger is unique in that it creates an extremely dense fog by pressurizing the methanol against a wall. This almost instantly vaporizes the methanol providing an extremely cool "high octane" intake charge. Our methanol system is automatic. No flipping switches or uploading maps is required. When methanol is detected, our system automatically allows the turbo to provide more boost, increases timing to benefit from the higher effective octane, and drops fuel to the injectors to compensate for the methanol fuel creating a very safe A:F ratio. Everything is plug-n-play. The methanol system plugs directly into our EMS without any cutting or wiring, and the hard parts bolt to factory mounting points.