HPF M3 Turbo Manifolds

Each kit includes our state of the art "2 piece" turbo manifold produced by "Steed Speed" specifically for the E46 M3. Each turbo manifold is literally carved out of a large chunk of steel with each individual section welded together. There are several reasons for this incredible design. #1) Assembly takes 1/4 of the time as the head flange simply bolts right up without any interference, then the main section is bolted on with 4 bolts. #2) There is no chance of warpage or cracking with this manifold as opposed to tubular manifolds that tend to warp and/or crack over time as the pipes and the flanges have different rates of thermal expansion. #3) Each manifold will be exact in every dimension to precisely .001" which is just not possible where individual pipes are cut and welded together. #4) Every runner has an individual path directed to the turbo flange. These short clean runners provide the ultimate quick spool characteristics. Top end power is also improved over a comparable log style manifold as each runner follows it's own path the turbo as opposed to all runners going down the same channel. #5) This manifold directs air flow from all 6 runners into the wastegate. This is not possible where merge collectors are used on tubular manifolds. This allows the computer to ramp up boost much quicker as the wastegate can remain closed until the last possible second and then opened quickly without creating boost spikes. #6) In addition to manifold design, every manifold is also ceramic coated to keep under hood temperatures at stock levels retaining factory under hood conditions.

Click www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNJn_8x7CYA to watch a video of the inside port machining on our HorsepowerFreaks M3 turbo manifold.

The HPF head flange pictured below bolts directly to the head and
connects to the HPF turbo manifold with 5 easy to access allen bolts.
This makes installation a snap.