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Product Testimonials

Customers with our HorsepowerFreaks M3 turbo systems have been out punishing the competition. Show below are some customer testimonials of their impressive results on various BMW forums. Snap-shots of these testimonials are also shown below.

Our HPF M3 turbo kits come in 3 reliable stages. All three stages comes with maps for pump gas and race fuel that are controlled by the simple flip of a switch. Stages 2 and 3 come with a state of the art methanol system that literally detects methanol in the tank and uses it only when needed.

Click HPF M3 Turbo Kits for more details about our HorsepowerFreaks M3 turbo systems.

Stage 1 M3 Turbo Kit Testimonials

Fabio Salzarulo's M3 Stats

Fabio Salzarulo
I can`t explain how much it was a pleasure to deal with a company like HPF. Every time I called and spoke to them, they went out of there way to help me with anything I needed. I can`t tell you the last time a company would call me and ask how everything was (car related and personally) The check-up phone calls to see if I was happy and to see If the car made it safely were very refreshing.

Now we all know that the car makes great power so I`m not going to get into that to much. But what I would like to tell you is how my wife, who is a very picky person, went down to Buffalo to pick up the car for me, and how she drove the car around Buffalo and got stuck in 3 hour traffic and the border without having any issues with the car. She didn`t even realize that the clutch had been changed. That speaks volumes about the drive ability of this kit.

As soon as I got the car I decided the first place I would go on Sunday morning was the track. We`ve seen Jim`s car smoke some car`s on the HWY, and we`ve seen Rob set the recored for the quickest 1/4 mile, so I figured to do something that no one thought would be suitable for the car. I went auto crossing. Everyone there was looking at the car with disbelief, there I was with a 420wrhp M3(pump gas setting) with "turbo lag" about to compete in a competition filled with E30`s with roll cages and R comp tires, 355 Ferrari`s, e36 M3`s and more. Needless to say they all were stunned when my car posted the fastest lap times till the very end finishing in second.

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Oscar Trevizo's M3 Stats

Oscar Trevizo
Listen, I was first a doubter before a believer. I came across HPF through a magazine. So I called to find out what all the hoopla was about. David answered. From this point on a match was made and I'm not talking about the one in your mind now. Rather a match between power and aerodynamics. We were able to put the best of two worlds together. I had a vision a while ago about an M3 wide body with at least 700hp. Well HPF certainly exceeded anything I had envisioned. Know we had the ability to truly take advantage of the power these turbos where making with the Asuka Design Body kit. I'm very pleased to have met Chris and the HPF family. They have all been a crucial part in making this project come to life. Everyone there is an expert in their respective positions and truly knowledgeable, but most importantly were friendly and sincere. As for the car it self. I can honestly say that I have never driven anything like this EVER! The car is docile during normal driving but a BEAST when flooring it. I also can't express how incredibly proud I'm of HPF and Asuka Design in making products that will make statements in our industry for quality and uniqueness. I look forward in working with HPF today and years to come. Oscar, President KARWERKZ AUTOMOTIVE SPA

Stage 2 M3 Turbo Kit Testimonials

Evan Kozak's M3 Stats

Evan Kozak
Hi Guys! I finally received my car from HPF on 12/5 and after driving a few days wanted to give my detailed review!! First of all this is the first time I have ever seen my car, I purchased it sight unseen and sent it to HPF direct! It's a beautiful 2006 Alpine White/Black M3 w/ Comp. Package and has no sunroof or power seats (ideal lightweight!!). The car has only 8800 miles on it and is like new in everyway with not a mark on it!! Got really lucky with this one!! Now onto the HPF Stage 2 Kit... Power: 1. Pump Mode: Feels great, has enough power to put you back in your seat and is great for daily driving around! 2. Pump + Meth Mode: A huge difference from just pump! Pulls VERY hard and will pin you to the seat! 3. Race Mode: Hits even harder than pump+meth and starts to push you through the seat! 4. Race+Meth: Ok, your officially driving from the backseat because the power has put you through the seat! The powerband is very smooth in all modes and lag is very minimal in all modes! In 2-4 the car has pretty much no traction in 1st and will loose it a bit in 2nd too, but when it catches or you shift 3rd... WATCH OUT!! It goes into warp speed! Drivability: 1 word... PERFECT! This car drives better than stock off boost. Someone riding in the car for the first time would never think twice that there was anything done to the car (so long as you stay off boost and don't blow off ? ). There is no jerkiness whatsoever, no stalling, no idle fluctuation, NOTHING! Just drives perfect and when you lay into it you are brought to triple digit speeds very quickly! For those of you worried the power is useless and you can't drive it everyday, that's just not the case.. Sure 1st and 2nd will spin, but that's any high HP car and even when it does spin its very predictable and controllable!! Kit Quality: Extremely clean, professional and OEM looking! I work for a BMW dealership and the techs could not believe how nice the kit was! They have seen a lot of aftermarket cars come through and said they had never seen anything that impressed them like this! Exact words out of my master tech who works on my cars exclusively "Those HPF guys got skills man!!". Sound: I am running the kit with a stock section2 and SuperSprint Race exhaust. The SuperSprint is very surprisingly QUIET! I have heard this exhaust on non-turbo M3's and its pretty damn loud, but not with the turbo. I like it though, nice deep rumble at idle and deep throaty sound from idle to about 3K rpms... After 3K all you hear is the turbo and BOV (which is fantastic). So its nice a deep in the lower rpm's and sounds like a jet taking off above 3K! Clutch: Very good feel. It is for sure a bit stiffer than stock, but nothing to cry over (and I just had ACL Knee Surgery 2 months ago!!). It does chatter every once in awhile depending how you let it out (yes even with 6speed), but again nothing to complain about. It grabs great and is easy to feel the release point (no surprises!)

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Samer Albarghouthi's M3 Stats

Samer Albarghouthi
By the way,we have a BMW club Dubai,there`s a guy who has a vf-E M3,poor guy he`s not in the highlight as everyone has been talking about the first HPF M3 in Dubai and the region. Went to check some stuff on my car and accidently met the club manager,this guy has been looking for me all over town. So yeah,to make it short,I took him for a drive,it was like taking a 12 year old kid in daddys fast car,was he surprised and excited lol... So yeah,they have a show on the weekend of the 14th and 15th,car will be showcasing there with the good open,showing off that beautiful intake manifold,and I`ll definately be burning some tire and I`m quite sure you`ll have people contacting you after this ;) So HPF is getting a name now in the region,so you guys better start giving me good discounts if business starts rolling, lol just kidding. Will take photos and keep you updated on how it goes. Will detail the car myself as I do a much better job than any other place...

Ravi Johal's M3 Stats

Ravi Johal
Hey Everyone, First off, I would like the Thank everyone at HPF for helping me! Thanks you Chris, David and John for everything! You guys are the coolest guys I've met! As some of you know, before HPF, I had a supercharger kit installed on my car! After getting sick of idle surges, driving hesitations, re-clearing adaptation codes and dealing with a oil problem, I decided to step up and pull the trigger on a HPF Stage 2 turbo kit! I drove my car all the way down to Portland, and met with Chris, David and the shop techs! Chris took me around the shop. One word, Unbelievable. I had never seen a shop so organized and clean! Before I knew it, I was on my way back home L. After 2 months, having the Engine rebuilt and waiting for parts, I finally picked up my car on 12//11 , Thursday night. I saw my car parked in front of the shop. I was ecstatic! I met with Chris and David again. Chris had my keys and we jumped in my car for my first test drive! Put the key in the ignition, and the car started perfect! No idle surges or anything. HPF had race fuel in the car, but my first pull was on pump mode. The first thing I noticed was the blow off valves... I laughed like a little school girl, amazing! The pump mode pull felt great! It kept me pinned in my seat and pulled hard all the way to redline! I had a meth switch installed, so Chris flips the switch. After one pull in 3rd gear on pump + meth, I want from yay to what the heck Chris!!!! OMG just incredibly fast! I was shaking.. Hahaha! Chris had a small grin on his face, and turned the race fuel switch on. At that point I was So I downshifted into 3rd again, got onto a straight and opened her up! At 3k rpm, I hit full boost and was rocketing down the street! I felt like I had tunnel vision..haha I shifted into 4th and broke the tires loose. (30 degree weather). I was scarred and couldn't even compose a sentence! I'm afraid of race fuel and meth! After the test drive, Chris took my friends and I for some round table pizza! Yum! Thanks man! I drove 3 hours back home and the car ran PERFECT! Just, PERFECT! Not a Single problem! Awesome! The intercooler and intake manifold were super cold. Drivability: Perfect, and I have a smg. At first I had some bad chatter and Chris assured me the clutch needed to be broken in. After 300 miles and on the quickest shift setting, the clutch is perfect! The car runs really smooth and feels like stock! Starts perfect on the first try and zero idle issues! I love it! Sorry for the long post! I can go on and on about this kit! Thanks HPF!!!

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Tommy Reyes's M3 Stats

Tommy Reyes
So I land in Portland Oregon, walk outside,...only to see David waiting out front for me in MY CAR!! I get in the drivers seat, start the car, and the car just comes to life. It sounds incredible, and I could just feel the power that lurked beneath. So all I was able to feel was the pump gas mode on low boost.> But let me tell you, that alone was power I`ve never experienced before, and can only imagine whats to come. I want to say THANKS to all the guys.. David, Chris, John, JP, Brandon, Aaron, Josh and Kyle for their hospitality and showing me around and taking the time to help me understand how this Turbo kit works and the "attention to detail" in every component that goes into it. Many of you may question the price, but the quality and design are so incredible, that everthing fits like a glove and looks like it came out of the factory this way. You have NO IDEA of the quality and precision of these parts unless you view them yourself. Even the hoses are incredibly built to the point that they are designed to eliminate multiple fittings so they can fit without being twisted and placed in awkward positions. The facility itself is also incredible! Very clean and organized. I`ve never been in a shop that was so NOT cluttered with crap all over the place and stains all over the floor. Top notch for sure.

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Raj Mehta's M3 Stats

Raj Mehta
Hey all, thought I`d share some comments as well. Mine is the Imola Red one (Raj), and I`ve been daily driving my HPF 750 Stg-II here in Minneapolis for about 2 weeks now. So far I`ve been thru the tank of race gas that was in the car, and am running 92 octane pump gas as I drive it to work, and weekends. Right now temps are ranging from -10F to about 25F, and in pump gas mode, I`m hititng 7 psi of boost. Here some daily driving notes: 1. Starts and idles just as it was when stock. 2. Throttle and boost response is amazing. 3. Low boost 7 psi mode, the car runs quite strong 4. Full boost 12-13 psi on race fuel, wicked accleration. 5. Quality and setup, is really top notch. Everything from the tuning, to the construction of the components, and layout. 6. Power is addicting Driving to work has taken a whole new dimension

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Robert Henning's M3 Stats

Robert Henning
mine is a daily driver 60,000 miles on it and still runs strong as actually heading off soon for a couple races and will have some videos up tonight! i would say the only CON is the price but once you turn that race switch you dont think of anything else but how insanly fast the car is PROS are quality of the kit and how clean and perfect it fits...the power it produces..the drivability,a car with 760bhp seriously feels stock till you hit the gas! and HPF is just one of the best companies ive ever worked with always put you first and always make sure everything is perfect. any other questions i will be happy to answer.

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Josh taylor's M3 Stats

Josh taylor
Hey guys, just wanted to add a few thoughts. I`ve been without my ride for a few weeks as I was getting a bit of touch-up work done (some paint touch-up, paintless dent removal, full detail, and clear bra). The guy doing the work for me has TONS of very high-end cars coming through his shop. When I picked up the car today he said they are really going to miss it because of all the attention it got while it was there. He said customer after customer gravitated over to the car to take a look. He had the hood open for many of them to take a peek and said that he received many compliments on the turbo kit and how professionally everything was done. So, needless to say, the comments were fun for me to hear. Afterward I finally got back behind the wheel. This was only the third time I`ve driven it since getting it back from Chris and the boys. I REALLY can`t wait for some warm weather. The temps were only in the low teens here today so my traction is still fairly non-existant but at least I was able to get on her a bit in third and fourth gear on the highway. I love how the car feels like stock until you start hitting boost and then it just pushes you back in your seat for as long as you`re willing to hold on. I`ll try to get some pics taken sometime soon. She`s really looking good and is fun as can be!!

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Kevin Yeung's M3 Stats

Kevin Yeung
I`m in LOVE with my HPF turbo M3. The drivability, reliability, is just amazing. I`m a born horsepower fanatic and have gone through many cars. What I really like about the car besides the GOOOOBs of power is the quality. It maintains the solid feel of a European car and doesn`t feel riced out. In pump gas mode you will take out a lot of cars out there. On pump gas, I was pretty much dead even with the saleen s281 extreme which is rated at 550hp. I rarely have to go into race mode, but its addicting. I`m lucky to have a gas station with 110 leaded race gas from a PUMP @ 5.89 a gallon, so I only run that. If you have the dinero, go with stage 2. It`ll pay off trust me. Any other question, feel free to ask HPF turbo m3 owners or hpf themselves. They are extremely responsive and don`t feel like you are asking too many questions. They will answer it all.

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Stephen Wetherell's M3 Stats

Stephen Wetherell
I am pleased to announce I recently joined the HPF family. I added the HPF Stage 2 Turbo Kit to my M3. The Kit came off of Jim Pak's (ST06M3) car. As the Kit was pre-owned, this makes me HPF's first stepchild I guess. However, HPF has gone out of its way to ensure I have been fully welcomed into the HPF family. I spent several weekends and several weeknights installing the Kit. HPF includes excellent and very detailed installation instructions. HPF clearly prepared its instructions in anticipation of DIY installs; kudos to them for doing this. I am very impressed with the quality of the Kit parts and the design of the overall Kit. HPF did an excellent job designing its Kit to "assimilate" into our E46 M3's rather than be an obvious add-on. Along this line, I think they did a particularly good job utilizing OEM mounting points for almost all the components of its Kit. Even more impressive than the Kit's design, the quality of its individual components, how well the pieces mate with our cars, and the mind-numbing power the Kits generate on our M3's, is HPF's commitment to customer service and satisfaction. I can't say enough positive things about Chris Bergemann, David Nguyen and Josh Adams and HPF in that regard. HPF and its people are completely focused on making sure its customers are happy with its service and products. This applies, as I was surprised and thrilled to learn, equally to direct purchasers of the HPF Turbo Kit as well as those fortunate enough to get a hold of a pre-owned Kit. From the great pricing on new parts, to the free flash of the AEM ECU, to allowing the original warranty on the Kit to be transferred with the Kit HPF is truly about satisfied and happy customers. I am pleased to count myself among HPF's very satisfied and happy customers - the treatment and consideration I received from HPF every step of the way was nothing short of stellar. I also need to give props to Jim Pak and Goodspeed Performance in Chandler, Arizona. Jim gave me a great Kit at a very fair price and Goodspeed did a extraordinarily careful and meticulous job removing the Kit from Jim's car. There is no doubt that Goodspeed's conscientious attention to all aspects of the removal served me well when I was installing the Kit on my car. Cheers folks.

Robert Boren's M3 Stats

Robert Boren
Hey everone, i`m Rob. My car was dubbed the "evil twin" in the HPF shop because it`s the same color as Chris` car. I`ve got a little over 4k on the kit now, and it hasn`t skipped a beat. The car is the current E46 world record holder, running 11.41 @ 131 mph. The highest trap of the day was 133 mph. The HPF feramic clutch is also holding up very well, and I do not baby this car. It is a true daily driver, weather permitting of course. HPF prides themselves on tuning for drivability, and I don`t think it could be any better. Here is a vid for anyone who hasn`t seen it. The M5 in the vid wil have the HPF twin turbo installed hopefully by this summer. Note the tires coming loose on the race gas pull at about 70 mph!

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Jim Pak's M3 Stats

Jim Pak
Hello there, I`m Jim. I was the first one to get the HPF Stage 1 Kit. I had been researching for a F/I solution for about 8 months before I settled with HPF. I had contacted all of the current players like AA, VF, ESS, and Dinan. I came really close to buying the VF kit since they had a local VF rep. But I decided to wait until Bimmerfest. Once I meet the HPF crew and got a test ride, I was pretty much hooked. I have about 4K miles on the car and it runs great. I decided to get the cat option and run unleaded. I run VP109 unleaded which is the highest rated unleaded that I can buy here in AZ. I also have a special 97 pump mode, which gives me 500RWHP. Luckily there is a 101 octane gas pump nearby and that is my primary fuel. I only go into race fuel mode when I video races or enter Dyno contests. Although the race fuel mode only gives me an extra 50WHP, the extra boost and the torque provides an unbelievable rush. I am very tempted to get Stage 2 but I will probably hold off and see what Stage 3 offers.

Here are some vids

Jesse Jordan's M3 Stats

Jesse Jordan
First things about the kit, IT IS CLEAN, everything fits as if it was made by BMW and was suppose to be there from the factory. Looking at the kit to ME looked like it wasnt going to be hard at all and shouldnt take me to long, As I got into the first day I blasted thru the first 70 pages, and I though to myself wow ive gotten pretty far, then I went ahead and noticed the Instructions, "Which are some Very good and thought out instructions and make alot of the install seem easy" was 150 pages long. Thats when i was like, dang I got alot to go, The first 70 pages is pretty much disassembly, now for the fun stuff. untill I had to replace all 18 manifold studs with longer ones, that is by far, the most tedious part of the install. everything else went together great, mounting the turbo, putting on the downpipe and wastegate, all the electronics was simple, however thats my main job in the military right infront of just being a mechanic. If you notice in my pictures, my Front bumper is a little different, which made me have to think about how to get the intercooler to mount just right, All i did was bend the top mounts just a little bit. The guys at HPF got to look at it when I Drove it 3 hours to there shop to get the OK on my install and to take notes on the different style front bumper. Over all it took me 3 full days to get the car all done up with the Turbo Kit, half the day two was driving around to find a fitting I broke that goes into the top of the Oil pan, the return from the Secondary Oil Pump and trying to find the right Internal ring pliers to get those BOV`s mounted into the hot side pipe and the Intake manifold, I ended up braking some tools during that step.

I installed this kit myself. Here's a review of my experience, 27mpg with HPF Stage 2

Greg Ogden's M3 Stats

Greg Ogden
I just had a HPF Stage 2 Turbo kit installed on my M3 last week. One of the first things i noticed was the drivability of the car, it was like stock! I couldn`t even tell there was a turbo on the car intill i stepped on the pedel and it launched me into my seat! The power was unbelievable and the throttle response was instant. I drove the car from HPF`S shop in portland to bimmerfest in santa Barbara with the guys from HPF and four other customers. And the one thing we all noticed going down was the gas mileage. All four cars were equal on gas and before i had the kit installed i ranged anywhere from 14 to 17 mpg on the highway. But after the install myself and the other three customers were getting around 24 mpg!!! And that was at an average speed of 80 mph. Also i wanted to talk about the customer service i recieved from HPF. I first contacted them to get a qoute on a stage 2. I then recieved an e-mail from them inviting me down for a tour of the shop and a ride in a stage 2, which of course i took them up on the offer. I was impressed with how clean and organized their shop was. David was very friendly and answered all my questions. A couple weeks later i brought my car down to have the turbo installed and david stayed in contact with me the whole time and kept me updated on the progress. Once we were in santa Barbara david and Chris took care of all their customers making sure we had rides around town while our cars were in the show and taking us out on nights around town. All of us had a great time in santa barbara and are looking forward to M-FEST! Chris, David and the rest of the crew at HPF don`t call their customers "customers" but rather family! I am very satified with the turbo kit and am very proud to be a part of the Horsepower Freaks Family! All you guys at HPF keep up the good work!

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Shelton Kwan's M3 Stats

Shelton Kwan
So I`ve been kinda keeping the project under wraps till it`s done, and she`s almost done! I wanted something with retarded amounts of horsepower, and have heard a lot of great things about the HPF turbo kit for the E46 M3. So I pulled the trigger, and the guys at TC Motorsport (exclusive HPF dealer) had a Stage 2 kit shipped and installed on my M3 Cab. The HPF Stage 2 kit is their upgraded meth kit which gives race gas power with 91 pump. Thanks to the Precision T67 turbo, the car puts out around 700hp on 91 octane pump gas, 750hp on 110 octane race gas (without meth it puts out about 550hp on pump, 700hp on race). The beauty of this kit is the OEM look... the kit is soooo clean. I`ve never seen an aftermarket kit look so good. Everything is CAD designed and CNC machined. I`ve also opted for their Feramic clutch kit, which works perfectly with the SMG tranny. One of the big reasons I went with the HPF turbo kit and not one of the M3 supercharger kits is that at 3700ft elevation, superchargers lose power compared to sea level. The HPF kit targets boost using it`s MAP sensor, so it makes the exact same power at sea level. Their stage 1 turbo kit will walk every M3 supercharger kit at sea level, and blow them away at our elevation. I drove the car with the kit for the first time yesterday, 2nd gear is now completely useless haha. Nothing but wheelspin. 3rd gear hooked up half decent with light wheelspin, and it just hauled ass. Definately one of the top 3 fastest cars I`ve ever driven.

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Stage 3 M3 Turbo Kit Testimonials

Ardika Sulaiman's M3 Stats

Ardika Sulaiman
just arrived at milpitas at the hotel now, just wanna say my god this car at full throttle feels like the car is floating, such a crazy car love it so much!!! love the car to bits!!! although pump gas feels slow now hahaha... but love the meth button... i can drive like nuts on pump gas and feel safe but when the meth comes in i still have that stupid smile on my face

My First Impressions, Video of the first time seeing and driving my M3, Video of my car being built

My Tran's M3 Stats

My Tran
I smoke my buddy 800 whp c5 z06 by at least 8 car length on pump only, I got 100% traction on 60 mph on 3rd gear. He had traction problem, but he always win at the end with all the other car he race. He was never been beaten yet until now. I just flew by him right away awhile he was spinning his fat 305 and didnt even come close on catching up. Before that vette muffler alway growl the meanest and loudest but now he said my exhaust make his sound like a kitty cat now. I didnt video tape it because he came by on a suprise before I left town.
Worth every pennies thinking about it I wasted a lot of money with active and performance not even close it is so hard to find someone to sit in my passenger seat again. Can`t wait to get the traction control. I was suppose to run a American muscle but their whole crew just left when I beat the bike I am the king of the road in my small town.

Florida M3 with HPF Stage 3