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HPF E46 M3 Turbo Kits: Troubleshooting

HPF E46 M3 Turbo Kits Troubleshooting Guide

HPF E46 M3 Turbo Kits

Clutch (Manual and SMG)

Clutch engages harshly

  • This is a normal condition for high performance clutches.
  • (Manual) - Start from stop at higher rpm.
  • (SMG) The new clutch needs to be calibrated by a BMW service center: This should be done hot.
  • (SMG) Engine holds at high RPM after shifting: Call HPF if engine holds at high RPM only.
  • Faulty smg box: Please contact HPF.
  • Incorrectly installed SMG box, refer to the installation manual to ensure the SMG box is installed correctly.
  • Faulty ems: Please contact HPF.
  • Incorrect tune: Please contact HPF.
  • Faulty clutch: Replace clutch and attemp to recreate fault.
  • Smg system issues: Have the SMG system inspected by a factory trained technician to confrim the health of the system.