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HPF E46 M3 Turbo Kits: Troubleshooting

HPF E46 M3 Turbo Kits Troubleshooting Guide

HPF E46 M3 Turbo Kits

Vehicle Startup

Vehicle does not start

  • DME Cover on too tight causing short: HPF Has released a Taller carbon fiber Dme cover to prevent the DME cover from compressing the wiring in the DME compartment. If you do not have the taller cover, remove the DME cover and again attempt to start the vehicle.
  • Insufficient Battery voltage: Battery may be insufficiently charged. Check battery to insure it falls into correct voltage and amperage ratings. Low voltage may cause insufficient starter speed and or component power.
  • Connectors at the ECU and jumper box are not inserted fully or correctly: Ensure that all connections are fully and securely inserted into the corresponding sockets.
  • Pressure or vacuum lines are installed incorrectly: Ensure all vacuum lines are securely installed and undamaged. An uninstalled or damaged vacuum line will cause engine flooding during a start attempt.
  • ECU pins are damaged: If the ECU plugs have been recently removed; remove the plugs again to verify the ECU pins and plug connectors are not damaged. If the ECU plugs have NOT been recently removed; attempt to start the vehicle again while SLIGHTLY adjusting the ECU plugs back and forward.
  • Vehicle is flooded: Remove Spark Plugs and crank engine for 20 seconds to clear any fuel, let the spark plugs rest for 10 minutes in open air to dry. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAN THE SPARK PLUG END IN ANY WAY, THIS MAY CAUSE CONTAMINANTS TO EMBED! Reinstall spark plugs to 25NM and attempt to start engine.
  • Faulty OE in-tank fuel pump: Turn key to "ON" position and listen for fuel pump sound, if no sound can be heard or positively identified, have the fuel pump inspected. Have a factory trained technician verify the functionality of the in-tank fuel pump.
  • Faulty ECU: Contact HPF for return instructions to have the ECU tested.
  • Faulty coils: Ensure your vehicle is NOT equipped with "BREMI" coils. These coils have a factory service bulletin and do not work with the HPF Turbocharger kit.
  • Faulty IAC: A faulty IAC (Idle Air Control) motor may/will cause a vehicle to fire but not maintain a run. Have the IAC inspected.
  • Faulty Crank Angle Sensor: A faulty crank angle sensor will not allow the car to start. Inspect/replace sensor if necessary.
  • Clutch Position Switch: If the clutch switch is faulty/disconnected the vehicle will not start. The clutch position switch is located on the clutch pedal assembly.
  • EML light: An EML light may cause a vehicle to fire but not maintain a run or not fire at all. Have the DME codes read out and rectify the fault, reattempt a vehicle fire.
  • Faulty ignition switch: A faulty ignition switch may prevent power from being distributed properly thus depriving certain components including the DME/ECU from powering up. Have the ignition system checked
  • Faulty Key: A damaged or faulty key may not allow the DME to engage a vehicle run . Have the Key tested.
  • Faulty DME: A Damaged DME may cause a vehicle to fire but not maintain a run. It may also cause a vehicle to not fire at all. Have the DME inspected.
  • Fuses may be blown: Check all fuses in vehicle at the glove compartment and in the DME compartment.
  • Spark Plugs are not gapped correctly: Check spark plugs to ensure proper gap and overall health of the plugs. Replace if necessary.
  • Fuel pressure regulator faulty: Check fuel pressure at the test port on the fuel pressure regulator to ensure it falls into the correct pressure window 5.0 bar +/- 0.02 Replace the fuel pressure regulator if necessary. Stage 3 and 4 are regulated at 50 psi static (no vacuum).

  • Clogged Fuel Filter: Remove the cartridges from the housing(s) and replace. Stage 3-4 Areomotive 12303
    Stage 1-4 Edelbrock Filter
  • Faulty Fuel Injectors: Contact Hpf for return instructions to have fuel injectors flowed/tested.
  • Faulty Fuel Injector Driver Box: Contact Hpf for return instructions to have injector box tested.