Stock Injector Guide
Vehicle Injection Type Factory Flow Rating
Civic 88-91 Si/CRX SiPeak and Hold240cc
Civic 92-95 Si/EXSaturated240cc
Civic 96-00Saturated240cc
Integra 90-91 RS/LS/GSPeak and Hold240cc
Integra 92-00 LS/GSSaturated240cc
Prelude 92-96 Non-VTECPeak and Hold240cc
Prelude 92-96 VTECPeak and Hold345cc
Prelude 97-up VTEC H22Saturated280cc
Sentra 91-up SE-R/200SX SE-RSaturated265cc
MR2 91-up TurboPeak and Hold440cc
Supra 88-91 TurboPeak and Hold440cc
Supra 93-up Non-TurboSaturated315cc
Supra 93-up TurboPeak and Hold550cc
Celica 2000-up GT-SSaturated310cc
Miata 90-up 1.6LSaturated215cc
Miata 93-up 1.8LSaturated240cc
RX7 93-up Twin TurboSaturated550cc/850cc
300ZX 90-96 Twin TurboSaturated370cc
3000GT 91-up VR4Peak and Hold350cc
Eclipse 89-up TurboPeak and Hold450cc