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Testimonials (8,057)

Kevin Kutz
Clutch is fairly rough for daily driving, but I expected that on purchase, and it has great high rpm shifting engagement at the drag strip. I didn't notice a difference in power gains because I replaced an Exedy twin disk with this clutch. Car did not have any issue getting the power to wheels, ever, and the clutch didn't slip under wide open throttle. Handled ~400hp like a dream. All in all, the clutch is fantastic for someone who makes more than stock horsepower, but still wants to drive their car on the street and not have a leg workout in traffic. Clutch is still on the car and I've put on about 4k miles now.

Michael Dazen
Your shipping processes are impeccable. Horsepowerfreaks are the finest people in the performance parts industry.

Clive McCalla
Very well packaged. Shows that you guys are very well concerned about the customer(s) getting their orders in tip top condition.

Brett Maugeri
Your representative Kirk was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed speaking with him. He has me scratching my head about your hopefully soon available 335i single turbo kit now :) I hope to purchase something through you guys again soon.

Mohammad Al-Marhoon
I would like to thank Kirk and Chris K for there great effort and customer service.

Ashley and Harvey
Hello. I was just sending an email to let you know how much we love your company and your products. We have had nothing but great experiences from your customer service to the products in general. I know everyone is quick to send an email or make a phone call when something goes wrong or is messed up but rarely do they pick up the phone or send an email when services and or products are good. Thanks again for all your support and keep up the Great work. Ashley and Harvey P.s. any coupons, samples, stickers, t-shirts (2x and Med), anything really you feel like sending would be awesome as well :) We also have our entire Car Club repping and using your products too. Any swag for them would rock also!! Thanks again so much. God Bless.

Eric Perla
Erik Getty was a great help in identifying the correct part for my car. He call the mfg to confirm.

Thomas Bene
Couldn't have helped me in any better way truly one of the best representatives/ online sales members i've ever encountered!