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Active Autowerke Race Downpipes BMW M235|335|435 2014+

$349.00 Sale:$332.00

Active Autowerkes

Model #11-028

This product is for Racing Competition only and is not legal for use in highway or street vehicles or other non-racing competition off-road vehicles.

Purchasing this product requires you to sign our Vehicle Compliance Waiver here.

BMW introduced a new valvetronic, single turbo version of its direct-injection engine for the F-Chassis models beginning in 2012. The Active Autowerke N55 downpipe for the M235i, 335i, 435i and M2 helps unleash some of the potential that is restricted by the OEM downpipe.

Turbochargers are powered by spent exhaust gases created during the combustion process. The quicker these gases are evacuated, the better. Unfortunately, the factory down pipe in the N55 is quite restrictive, which results in slower exhaust gases and slower turbo spool.

The Active Autowerke F-Chassis N55 Signature down pipe utilizes 3.5 diameter stainless steel piping in order to provide more power, quicker spool, and extreme durability.

Our F-Chassis N55 downpipe is one of a kind! We've fabricated a 3.5" V-Band flange in the middle of it to create a truly modular design for any enthusiasts that would like to upgrade to a complete 3.5" exhaust later down the road. The OEM downpipe shrinks down to under 3" where it meets the stock exhaust. We've inserted our 3.5" flange so that if you have an M2 you can later upgrade to our complete 3.5" turbo back system, or if you have a M235i, 335i or 435i you'll have the option to create your own 3.5" turbo back system! Our downpipe is the perfect addition for any F-Chassis N55 and especially those with an upgraded turbo system!

    The speed of a turbo's impeller wheel is limited by exhaust back pressure. A larger down pipe relieves some of this pressure, resulting in quicker and more efficient spool. With Active Autowerke's Signature downpipe, your N55 can rev quicker, and deliver more horsepower and torque.

    Minimizing back pressure while remaining daily drive-ability was the goal of our N55 downpipe. Owners can now upgrade to a product that is affordable, reliable, and easy to install. Note:This product is designed for off-road or racing use only.

    After months of research and development, our engineers settled on a 3.5 diameter pipe which utilizes the least number of bends possible. However, the Signature N55 down pipe still fits easily into the OEM location, with a painless installation process.

    Constructed entirely from 304 stainless steel with 1.5MM wall thickness, we are confident that you'll be pleased with how robust and durable this down pipe is. Trouble-free installation and a long lifespan ensure that you'll enjoy many miles of performance with your N55!
  • Designed to be as unrestrictive as possible
  • 3.50" diameter piping allows for maximum power output
  • Quicker turbo spool
  • Easily bolts-on no cutting or welding required
  • Durable construction from 304 stainless steel
  • Precise fitment
  • Modular design for later upgrades
  • Fits all f-chassis N55 cars from 09/2013 up only
  • This downpipe system is designed for off road and racing applications only.
  • BMW N55 with this downpipe will throw a cel without an active autowerke software upgrade for off-road use only.
Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Vehicle Engine Notes
BMW 335i

BMW 435i

BMW M235i

Many rave reviews and magazine articles have been written about Active Autowerkes, and these kits and their many successors since have become well known for their durability, clever bolt-on engineering, affordable pricing – and their ability to breathe fire into the everyday BMW and its owner. No longer a brand known just around Florida, today’s Active Autowerke is known worldwide for its line of flawlessly engineered and manufactured performance parts for the entire Beemer.

As new models and challenges continue to be born, Active Autowerke continues to invent – and deliver – world class, new ideas and innovations that make them run better.

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