What Is ADV Fiberglass?

ADV Fiberglass (formally known as Advanced Fiberglass Concepts) provides the gold standard in the research and development, design, and manufacture of fiberglass aftermarket automotive parts. All of the company’s molds are made in house in Costa Mesa, California, by some of the best designers in the industry. From its inception, ADV Fiberglass has designed, built, and serviced several different projects across a number of different industries.

While ADV Fiberglass offers a comprehensive lineup of aftermarket and offroad parts, it also specializes in custom projects. The company manufactures parts for Chevy, Ford, Dodge, GMC, Jeep, Nissan, and Toyota. Its list of services includes, but is not limited to, CNC machining, private label manufacturing, rapid prototypes, and 3D scanning. In addition to its line of polished products, ADV also offers the option of using colored gel coats and/or carbon fiber for special order occasions. 

Why Purchase ADV Fiberglass Parts?

When you purchase a part from Advanced Fiberglass Concept, you are getting quality that is backed by the brand’s expert craftsmanship. ADV Fiberglass takes great pride in the fact that all of its manufacturing is hand-laid right here in the United States. It uses only the best materials available to ensure precise fitment, ultimate durability, and proper functionality.

ADV Fiberglass is proud to have learned a great deal from those who paved the road before it. All ADV products are based on the tried and true ingenuity of those who understood the needs of the off-road racing industry before it was considered to be a “true sport.” ADV Fiberglass researched the industry and discovered that there was little being developed for daily drivers and weekend warriors who wanted the race truck and pre-runner style.

Now, ADV Fiberglass’s product line boasts more than 200 parts to meet every need of off-road enthusiasts and racers alike. Its fiberglass parts are built to endure even the harshest conditions that one can face out there in the desert and beyond. Many top off-road teams have used Advanced Fiberglass Concept products on their chase vehicles and race trucks because they enjoy the durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal that they offer. 

Find ADV Fiberglass at Vivid Racing

If you are looking to take your vehicle’s aesthetic to the next level, look no further than Advanced Fiberglass Concept. ADV Fiberglass has garnered a solid reputation for producing attractive aerodynamic products that boast perfect fitment, improved efficiency, and overall enhanced performance. All products are handcrafted right here in America to ensure the kind of quality, durability, and craftsmanship you've come to expect from Advanced Fiberglass Concepts.

Vivid Racing carries a long lineup of ADV Fiberglass products for a number of different SUVs and trucks. Our inventory of ADV parts includes fenders (flares and liners), diffusers, hoods, and complete body kits. If you have any questions about the items listed above or need help finding one, please do not hesitate to contact Vivid Racing’s specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040.