AEM Intake

AEM intake offers the very best cold air intake systems on the market, providing drivers with everything they need to get the most out of their vehicle. At Vivid Racing, we are proud to offer our customers AEM cold air intake systems, providing this trusted and reliable brand to all types of drivers.

Whether you are part of a professional race team or just like to push your car to the limit, an AEM intake system is a welcome addition to your vehicle.

What Is an AEM Cold Air Intake System?

An AEM cold air intake system is specifically designed to increase the volume of cold air flowing into your engine as you drive. The thinking behind this is that cold air is much denser than warm air. Therefore, if there is more cold air in your engine, there is more air in general, which also means that there is more oxygen. A higher amount of oxygen present in a car engine increases the potency of combustion, which can increase the power and efficiency of your engine.

What Are the Benefits of an AEM Intake System?

An AEM intake kit maximizes the amount of power you can get from your engine. This increase in power will also help you conserve fuel and increase your fuel efficiency, saving you money at the gas station. In a sense, an AEM intake system helps your car and engine “breathe” more efficiently, allowing it to reach its full potential.

Why Should I Choose an AEM Intake Kit?

AEM is regarded as one of the best aftermarket intake systems on the market, combining quality materials, cutting-edge technology and reliable design to help drivers around the globe improve the power of their engine. All AEM cold air intake systems are engineered to increase your car’s torque and horsepower, and any AEM intake kit comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Purchase an AEM Cold Air Intake From Vivid Racing Today

Take your driving experience to the next level by purchasing an AEM cold air intake from Vivid Racing. We’ll help you find an AEM intake and air filter that perfectly fits your specific needs. To learn more or to order an AEM intake kit, contact Vivid Racing by calling (480) 966-3040.