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For those wanting to run Garrett turbochargers with external wastegates to achieve 1000+ horsepower on the Porsche 997 Turbo, we now sell our hard parts kit that allows you to bolt on to your car.  This is the hard parts only, so there is no tuning, no fuel parts, no turbos, no wastegates.  The headers and dump tubes were designed to work with Tial 44mm wastegates and Garrett GT3076rs turbos.  Other turbos may be used but please consult with us first.

The use of these turbos and wastegates requires special headers as the fitment is different then stock. Our headers are hand built in-house using 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel that is TIG welded. Our thick water jetted flanges and custom made merge collector provides you the best performance. The headers bolt to the heads the same, except use a 4 bolt flange to mount the Garrett turbos and require an extension just off the collector for the external wastegate. In addition to the headers to mount the turbos, you must also change the oil and water lines. Porsche uses proprietary fittings for their oil and water lines to the VTG turbos. We supply new AN fittings, steel braided oil lines, coated water lines, and banjo bolt fittings to mount to the Garrett turbos. So customers can retain their stock mounted aftermarket exhausts with the Garrett turbos, we include steel black oxide coated exhaust adapters which mount to the turbos to bolt the exhaust too. This enables you to retain your favorite aftermarket exhaust sound and style with out having to get a custom one made.

Turbocharged vehicles need to receive air, and cool air for that matter. Because the stock air box or aftermarket intakes still do not provide the flow and cooler air temps we require, we have relocated the intakes to the fender ducts over the intercoolers. The custom made Agency Power aluminum intake pipes feature appropriate diameter and bends to give you the clearance and retain OEM trim pieces. Once installed, the filter sits on top of the intercoolers inside the modified plastic housing to receive direct and cool air away from the engine bay. The intake pipes include a 1-inch return port for the blow off valve to recirculate. Each intake pipe is connected to the turbo with a 90 degree reinforced silicone coupler. The OEM MAF tube which is removed from the stock intake fits between a high flow K&N cone filter and provided silicone coupler to complete the system.

Continuing with our cooling system, we modify the Agency Power high flow bar and plate intercoolers and include the lower 5ply silicone boost hoses that connect to the turbochargers. These intercoolers are 40% more efficient then the stock units. The modified intercoolers feature 76mm aluminum outlets going into the Y-Pipe. This allows us to maintain a full 76mm diameter all the way to the throttle body. The aluminum Y-Pipe features smoother transitions and an internal air guide to efficiently bring air into the engine. Since the stock VTG internal boost recirculation valves are deleted, we include dual Agency Power adjustable blow off valves off of the Y-Pipe. These valves are designed to vent 50/50. This means that 50% of the air is recirculating back into the intake pipe 50% is going to atmosphere. This keeps the MAF sensor happy eliminating any stalling or idle issues 100% vent BOV's cause while helping the turbos stay spooled between shifts by venting out 50% of the air. The Y-Pipe features a CNC machined mount for the stock MAP sensor.  The kit also includes a special laser jet aluminum plate to separate your moving pulleys and belts from anything that may fall in the way. Not only is this for safety, it also cleans up the engine bay. 

The GTSeries Kit Includes:

  • Custom Headers for Garrett Turbos
  • External Wastegate Dump Tubes
  • Turbo to OEM Style Exhaust Adapters
  • Solder-on Oil and Water Line Hoses and Fittings
  • High Flow YPipe with BOV Flanges - Gloss Black Powdercoat (Ypipe does not work with factory hydraulic spoiler)
  • Agency Power Modified Intercoolers
  • Agency Power Blow Off Valves
  • Fender Mount Intakes with Filters and Couplers - Gloss Black Powdercoat
  • BOV Return Silicone Hoses (supplied but requires you to cut)
  • Engine Tray Finished in Wrinkled Black Powdercoat

Installation photos from customer cars:

This product is for Racing Competition only and is not legal for use in highway or street vehicles or other non-racing competition off-road vehicles. Purchasing this product requires you to sign our Vehicle Compliance Waiver here.

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