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Agency Power High Flow 3inch Y-Pipe Kit Porsche 996 TT/GT2 01-05


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Model #AP-996TT-102

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With the success of our VR825 kit on the Porsche 997TT, we revisited the 996 Turbo to see how we could make more bolt on performance.  Opening up the air flow of the intercooler pipe system is one way we achieved this on the 997TT.  So Agency Power set out to build a OEM replacement 3inch Y-Pipe that would work with the stock intercooler fittings and throttle body.  To begin the process, we got one of our customers modified 996 TT to the shop.  This car was already equipped with upgraded GT2860 turbos and all the trimmings to go along with it.  What it did have is stock GT2 intercoolers and a stock throttle body and plenum.  The development process was simple…  Build a product that would retain the stock airbox, flow better, use OEM parts, and look the part!  Our fabrication team begin building the product on the car using 6061 aluminum and basically building each piece on the vehicle.  Once completed, we had a finished part that was then powdercoated and ready for testing.  Since t HERE was no additional length added to the system compared to stock, we decided not to pressure drop test the system because of the complexity.  Pressure drop is usually a concern on cars such as the STI when you go from the factory top mount intercooler to a front mount intercooler adding feet of intercooler piping.  Based upon the dyno results, the cars spool did not change.

Using our Mustang all wheel drive dyno, this car came to us with a tank of 91 octane and low boost set at 1.2bar.  With fans moving fresh air to the intercoolers, we did a baseline on the car and achieved a starting point of 493whp and 477ft/lbs of torque.  Leaving the car strapped to the dyno, we removed the stock Y-Pipe and bolted on the fresh red Agency Power upgrade connecting to the F-Hose.  The new Y-Pipe gets rid of 70% of the stock boost hose length and reduces the bend by about 45 degrees for a straight shot to the intercooler.  For those running stock style intercoolers, a reducing coupler is supplied with a shorter fitting to clip into the intercooler end.  For those customers wanting maximum efficiency, we supply a 3inch piece of aluminum and a coupler to be welded to aftermarket endtanks.  With everything secured in place, we fired up the car to give it a run with the new Y-Pipe.  With absolutely NO changes to the cars configuration, the Y-Pipe added 21whp and 24ft/lbs of torque to the car.  This was quite an impressive bolt on gain that also added style and potential scalable performance to the car.

This part fits all 2001-2005 Porsche 996 Turbo, X50, and GT2.  The part has several options available.  Please select carefully.

All Agency Power products come with a LIMITED LIFETIME warranty when you fill out this form HERE.

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Porsche 996 TT/GT2

Who is Agency Power?

Agency Power Industries LLC was born from a need to bring quality, functional, and stylish racing products to market. The brand started out with sway bar end links for the Subaru WRX back in 2003, and has since grown to include over 300 part numbers for cars ranging from the Subaru STI, Mitsubishi EVO, BMW M3, Porsche 996, Scion TC, and more! In 2016, Agency Power further expanded its lineup to include UTV products and launched a comprehensive series of off-road parts two years later in 2018.

Based out of Gilbert, Arizona, Agency Power has established itself as a premier aftermarket company for niche tuner parts. The AP brand is constantly coming up with new functional and race-proven products for its customer base. Agency Power is globally recognized and trusted with dealers all around the world. Apart from the USA, AP can be found in Canada, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the European Union. 

What Does Agency Power Offer?

Agency Power offers an extensive lineup of high-quality products like multi-adjustable control arms, Valvetronic exhaust systems, and roto-molded intake kits. Agency Power takes pride in having an edge over the competition with top-rated products that truly make a difference in your performance vehicle. Some of AP’s most innovative products include STI fuel rails, RX8 pulley kits, EVO rear control arms, and 996TT boost hoses. What’s more, Agency Power’s full titanium mufflers catback exhausts, GT35R turbo kits, and adjustable sway bars help keep the brand at the forefront of the automotive aftermarket competition.

AP conducts extensive in-depth product testing, racing, and quality checks before releasing any items to market. That’s because the brand has a solid reputation to maintain. In fact, Agency Power parts have been spotlighted in several videos, competition events, and magazines like Super Street, Bimmer, Import Tuner, DSport, and Modified.

Why Choose Agency Power?

Agency Power takes great pride in providing top-level customer service and dealer support. AP’s highly knowledgeable team is always available to answer any questions and is there throughout the entire purchase process from before to after. Apart from having solid know-how, the team also owns some of the cars that the company makes products for. This helps the staff understand more of what customers could want or need for their own vehicles. Agency Power stands by all its products 100 percent of the way and offers a limited lifetime warranty.

All Agency Power parts have been proven on the dyno, in competition, and against the real test of time. AP products are all developed and manufactured by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. Before any product comes to market, Agency Power carries out in-depth research to see if a similar item is available or what the market may want. The brand then conducts a comparison to see where and how AP can fit in. The mission of Agency Power is to create products that the company and its customers are proud of, and ones that can be integrated seamlessly and used successfully.

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Vivid Racing carries a wide array of Agency Power products for various makes, models, and applications. Our AP inventory includes everything from aerodynamic body parts to performance-enhancing products and suspension components. We carry AP air filters, blow-off valves, catback exhausts, body kits, turbos, springs, sway bars, brake kits, and much, much more! If, by some chance, you cannot find exactly what you are looking for above, please contact Vivid Racing’s specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040.

Policies regarding warranty:
  • Agency Power offers a LIFETIME Limited Warranty against defects or failures.
  • Product Warranties are available for those who fill out the online warranty form on Agency Power.
  • Warranty is available with original Invoice showing purchase date.
  • Titanium exhausts and carbon fiber products carry a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase.

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