The Story Behind the Alpil Brand

To better understand the Alpil brand, we revisit its roots. Ikeda Akiyasu was born in Kyoto and loved to see the supercars at the Kyoto Tomita Auto when he was a young boy. When he entered high school, he joined the prestigious automobile department at Rakunan High School and aimed to become an automotive mechanic.

After graduating from high school, Akiyasu joined a subsidiary (MTD) of Tomita Auto. He found himself not thoroughly enjoying the handy work, so he turned to sales. It was as a parts sales representative of BMW Tuner (Hartge), where he first touch upon the appeal of European aerodynamic products. 

In 1987, he established a wheel company (CARVING) independently from his boss. CARVING manufactures and sells many original wheels, such as the European image wheel brand (Stark) and the American image wheel brand (Wilcox Head 40). The company was closed in 2001 as a result of certain circumstances of the president at that time.

In May 2002, NEWING was founded. Following that, the Alpil brand was introduced. It was a way to propose Volkswagen and Audi parts made in Japan that incorporate the strong points that Europe and America had learned thus far.

Alpil Parts from Vivid Racing

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