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AMS Performance 1 Bar Wastegate Actuator Upgrade Porsche 996 TT | GT2 01-05[ALP.08.14.0101-1]


Description The 1 bar Wastegate Actuator Upgrade is a great way to add horsepower to your 996 Turbo. The OEM wastegate actuators are set at .7 bar which is fine on a stock vehicle but once the boost levels are raised, the OEM actuators will blow open under boost. This hurts performance by not allowing you to hold your target boost level to redline or even worse not allowing you to reach the desired level at all. By upgrading to the AMS units, you will eliminate the possibility of your wastegates opening prematurely, ensure maximum boost all the way to redline and allow for pre-load adjustment. These are completely bolt on and will work on any 996 based turbo that utilizes the stock wastegate actuators.

  • Allows turbos to achieve higher boost
  • Hold target boost to redline
  • Increased horsepower
  • Bolt on installation
  • Pre-load adjustment
  • Porsche 996 TT | GT2 2001-2005
  • Compatible with K16 & K24 turbos
  • These wastegate actuators are designed to maintain higher than stock boost levels, AMS performance insists that your vehicle be re-tuned when installing these units to prevent engine damage.
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