Artisa ArtFormed Wheels

Artisa ArtFormed Wheels has recently developed into Anovia Wheels, which has created opportunities for producing various wheel designs, more bolt patterns, and even a unique multi-piece lineup. Artisa ArtFormed Wheels was established to bring a revolutionary change into the world of aftermarket wheels. The Artisa wheels team is passionate about creating a new standard for wheel designs getting inspiration from the amalgamated ideology of function and presence. Artisa Wheels has a mission to create, demand a presence, provide a function, and arouse a passion for sports cars.


  • Wheel Size: 18", 19"
  • Finish: Black | Silver | Blue | Bronze
  • Configuration: 5x100 | 5x108 | 5x112 | 5x114.3 | 5x120
  • Offset (mm): 7, 12, 15, 22, 25, 30, 35, 38, 40
  • Style: 5-Spoke | 6-Spoke | 7-Spoke | 10-Spoke
  • Tye: 1-Piece Forged

Wide Selection of Artisa ArtFormed Wheels

The Artisa ArtFormed wheels include the carrier wheel, which features a five-spoke directional design with center cutouts to reduce weight and shaving in the front edges. The Kinetic is designed for high-performance hatchback cars. Along with the five-spoke design, it has a huge brake clearance to adjust to cars like Ford Focus RS.

The Titan was named after Italian artist Titian Vecellio and was designed to adjust to the sport-coupe market. It Features a smaller number of spokes than some of its other models. The Titan is fixed on being a well-built, lightweight wheel that can suit big brakes and keep the directional styling that Artisa wheel is all about.

The Artisa ArtFormed Elder Wheel was the first design featuring the most theoretical design any wheel has had till now. It is the only wheel that has a unique Picassa blue finishing. Artisa wheels come in a great variety of sizes and offsets. It has the most detailed design and possesses similar features to its wheel design. It is one of the broadest and most lightweight wheels in the monoblock wheel market.

Anovia Wheels: State-of-the-Art Technology

It's what makes them who they are. The product of many engineering and design work focused on inspiring appearance and performance by every Anovia wheel is ArtFormed Technology paired with Deco Directional style. The purposes of all Anovia Wheels are to deliver an expertise that was formerly only available in the bespoke forged wheel industry, from the weight decreased barrel structure to the company?s directional conceptual design.

Lightweight and Durability

A bowl-cut hub design, back-pad pocketing, spoke millwork, and a barrel grain realignment are all used to reduce weight on Anovia wheels, made of A356+ aluminum alloy. Every wheel is made of A356+ aluminum and has a forged barrel that makes the wheels light while still providing maximum durability.

The ArtFormed technique balances the crystalline structure of aluminum, resulting in increased tensile strength. This procedure also lengthens each Anovia wheel, improving the flex threshold of all Anovia wheels and resulting in a body that can withstand any situation.

Forging Procedure With Rigidity in Mind

Quality is important in art. Anovia wheels are made with various forging processes, incorporating grain realignment, which results in a 3mm A356+ aluminum barrel. The grain realignment procedure removes pockets inside the aluminum to reinforce the barrel and minimize rotational weight. This is the purest kind of function. Wheels take a beating. All Anovia Wheels have a recessed wheel rim and are JWL approved to help with impact force redistribution while maintaining durability. Presence should never come at the expense of function.

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