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Asterisk, founded in 2000 and headquartered in Corona, California, is the world's largest maker of knee braces. Asterisk was established by a group of sportsmen, including numerous motocross riders with substantial experience in orthopedic device design and application. The purpose of the company's inception and growth was to deliver cutting-edge protection and performance-enhancing solutions directly to athletes.


Asterisk launched its first product, the Cell Knee Protection System, in April 2001 to address the need for high-level knee protection at an accessible price. Later on, Asterisk introduced the Germ Knee Protection System for children in May 2006. Asterisk's knee protection systems are a huge leap ahead in design and price, mirroring the form, fit, and function of the world's best orthopedic knee braces.


Asterisk is constantly striving to improve its production line. After years of feedback from professional athletes, they have improved their entire line of knee protection. Asterisk engineers developed all-new composite technologies to make knee protection stronger, lighter, and more comfortable than other companies do. Their commitment to quality begins with the latest manufacturing facility, where all Asterisk products are handcrafted with the utmost care. It continues with quality control procedures and the research and development of engineers.


Asterisk is the inventor of the Carbon Cell Knee Brace CC1, which is a game-changer in the realm of knee protection and bracing. Their commitment to producing the highest quality, most comfortable, and most effective knee braces on the market has resulted in the design and development of the CC1. The CC1 is constructed with Military Spec and Aerospace Grade carbon fiber manufactured in America. Asterisk's goal in designing and developing the CC1 was to create the world's slimmest, lightest, and most comfortable knee brace for their customersí needs.


The Asterisk Cell Knee Protection System is based on over a decade of time-tested and validated design principles. The cuff is fully adjustable for fit while remaining rigid; it features simple, low-profile strapping; a natural free-motion, a rolling-gliding hinge that mimics the natural movement of the knee; a carbon fiber matrix, tibial plateau-capturing frame design that provides strong yet lightweight protection; a brace-to-boot tether attachment that helps prevent lower leg rotation; and a full-time, full-coverage patella cup. With such a design full of details, Asterisk will never disappoint you. You can also get the Asterisk Cell Knee Protection in different models on our website.