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Who is Bedslide?

Bedslide is an aftermarket company that specializes in creating accessories for various pickup trucks in the market. The company is known for creating an innovative way of loading and unloading your things from the back of your pickup truck. With the use of a sliding mechanism, it has changed the way pickup trucks can be loaded and has provided a better experience to its owners.

With more and more people wanting to explore the great outdoors, it has made Bedslide a popular brand for adventurous people everywhere.

Fits Any Pickup

Bedslide has a full line of products designed for pickup currently sold in the market today. Whether its a pickup made by Ford, Chevy, Toyota, or Nissan, they would definitely have the right product that would fit.  

High Quality

All their products are made using high-quality aluminum and composites. This allows Bedslide to create a lightweight product that is still durable to handle any weather conditions and carry loads with ease. 

Purchase Bedslide products at Vivid Racing

Are you tired of reaching at the back of your pick up truck just to get you to load on and off? Then Bedslide is the right company for you. They have created products designed for enthusiasts who want to maximize the use of their pickup beds. 

They also have products that help increase the capacity of your bed.  Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of Bedslide products that would fit your specific vehicle. All their customers are satisfied with their products. And we are sure you will be too.