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Who is Bozz Speed?

Bozz Speed is considered as one of the most respected tuning shop company based in Japan. They are known for creating a variety of wild vehicle creations of very fast Mitsubishi GTO's, FTO, Subaru Impreza, and Lancer Evo. Their company motto, "live to drive," definitely tells you what their mission is all about. 

Focusing on performance parts, they were able to improve the car's performance by enhancing its aerodynamic design, which helps it become more stable at high speeds and cornering maneuverability. This is suitable especially for those who seek a much-spirited driving experience

All About Performance

There are a lot of tuners out there, but only a few have been recognized worldwide. Bozz Speed is one of them. Starting their success in the multiple tracks and mountain passes event's in Japan, they rose to fame when they began building track specific time attack cars such as Evolutions and Impreza. These cars have managed to set various records in different tracks.

Race-Proven Formula

Having that experience on the race track, Bozz Speed was able to create aero packages that work well on the track and the street. 

They have created a product with functionality in mind. All of Bozz Speed's products are not just about aesthetics but should also bring out the best in vehicle aerodynamics. Every vent in the hood, every curve, and shape of their aero package has its own purpose. This is what separates Bozz Speed against its competitors. 

Their products are made with either FRP or Carbon Fiber. And these are made by master craftsmen from Japan who have been building these parts for years. 

Purchase Bozz Speed at Vivid Racing

If you want to improve your car's performance and have that aggressive-looking body kit but still flow with the natural lines of your car, then Bozz Speed has the right product for you. All their products are genuine and shipped directly from Japan, meaning you will get the real deal in terms of Japanese performance technology.

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