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Who is Aeroworks Performance?

Aeroworks Performance is an aftermarket company that specializes in creating composite body panels and accessories for some of the most recognizable high-performance vehicles in the market today. They were able to create parts that are lighter compared to their stock counterparts. Hence, making it a favorite of tuners and racers that require a lightened platform.

Proven On Various Race Tracks

Aeroworks Performance has actively participated in motorsport racing and has been part of some of the fastest vehicles in various racing disciplines. They have cars that participated in drag racing, circuit racing, and even time attack events.

Choosing Only the Best Materials

The company uses some of the most exotic materials available in the market. Using carbon fiber and kevlar as their medium, they are able to create panels that are practically lighter and stronger than stock. These composites are commonly used by industries that require materials that can perform well on high-performance applications such as race cars, exotic cars, and the aviation industry.

Direct Bolt-On Product

What is good about their products is it was designed to fit exactly on the stock factory location. This provides a cleaner look and an easier installation process.

Purchase Aeroworks Performance at Vivid Racing

If performance is your thing, then check out what Aeroworks Performance has in store for you. They offer carbon fiber products for GTRs and EVOs. They have proven themselves to be a brand professional racers can trust. To know more about Aeroworks, visit Vivid Racing and check out their products that fit your requirement.